Fond memories were brought back Monday night while viewing Mel Brooks’ musical version of “Young Frankenstein” at the Lutcher Theater.

“Putting on the Ritz” was the only musical number in the black and white original film in 1975. Brooks put music and lyrics to the story line for Broadway, but kept most of the original dialogue and gags, throwing in an updated line occasionally.

Mel Brooks has always had an interesting sense of humor. Extremely bawdy jokes, but with only the occasional use of a curse word. The show is not really intended for children, though there were a few in the audience.

The young Dr. Frankenstein (pronounced Fránk•en•steen) was played by A.J. Holmes. The grandson of Victor Von Frankenstein who has spent his whole life trying to live down his grandfather’s legacy. Igor (pronounced eye•gore) was played by Christopher Timson. He really did Marty Feldman justice. It’s hard to imagine anyone else in that role, but Timson did a great job. Frankenstein’s assistant, Inga was played by Elizabeth Pawlowski, the young hot body anxious to fulfill all the doctor’s needs and wants. A roll in the hay in song and dance.

Pat Sibley played Frau Blucher (Is that the sound of horses I hear?) Rory Donovan did a great job as the monster.

There were two cast changes for the night. Elizabeth, the fiance’ of Frederick Frankenstein, was played Monday by Caitlin Maloney. Caitlin’s usual parts were covered by Lauren Kadel.

It was a fun romp through the Transylvania countryside what was filled with eccentricities that only Mel Brooks can provide. The doctor got the girl, the monster got the fiancé and the housekeeper got the blind hermit. It was love in the air!

Jim Clark has another fun filled season lined up at the Lutcher with “Shrek the Musical” up next on Nov. 6 at 3 and 7:30 p.m.

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