Divorces issued by the office of Vickie Edgerly, Orange County District Clerk for the week Oct. 14 through Oct. 21:

Ann M. Fontenot and Warren J. Fontenot;

Angel L. Keath and Christopher E. Keath;

Jessica J. Moore and Joshua W. Moore;

Oscar D. Culbreth Jr. and Krista B. Culbreth;

Rosa M. Chavelz and Christopher Johnson;

Carrie S. Cockrell and Douglas W. Cockrell;

Magan M. Chapman and Joseph M. Chapman;

Robin D. Roy and Joseph D. Maglothin;

Rendi R. Hufford and Justin E. Hufford;

Kimberly A. Thompson and John T. Thompson;

Rita J. McClelland Gordon and Tommy R. Gordon.