Orange County Judge Carl Thibodeaux has created a birdhouse in the shape of a football helmet for each of the local school teams in Orange County. He said if each helmet was created from start to finish at one time, it would be at least 40 hours of work.

“These are the actual decals that are on team helmets.” Thibodeaux said each school was nice enough to give him the decals.

He started the project with West Orange-Stark; as a memorial to Reggie Garrett, but then decided to do one for each of the teams. “Now Community Christian has started playing ball, too,” said Thibodeaux, acknowledging he also has a helmet in the works for the Lions.

Don’t bother calling the judge to order one. “I only do one of a kind of something.” One toy, one anything. He said someone offered him $1,000 to recreate the Thomas the Train toy box he did for his grandson. Once he completes all the helmets, he will build no more.

He said the schools are free to do with the birdhouses as they please. Thibodeaux said they would be good to help raise money for Project Graduation or some other cause.

The helmets pictured are being presented to the schools this week.

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