Wednesday morning, at about 3:00 am, Officer Michael Roush, with the Orange Police Dept., was on patrol when he heard West Orange police receive a call from dispatch regarding a broken window alarm at Danny’s Super Foods in the 2000 block of Western Ave.

Officer Roush responded to the area from MacArthur Dr., and arrived on the scene at about 3:05 am. Roush observed one of the front windows was broken, with a large concrete block lying a few feet away,

Officer Hankins, with the WOPD, arrived on the scene shortly after Officer Roush arrived, with an employee of Danny’s arriving shortly after. The employee was able to review the security video of the incident.

After viewing the video, Officer Roush returned to service. At 4:11 am, Officer Roush observed the suspect who matched the subject in the security video walking in the middle of Edgar Brown Dr. The suspect, who was later identified as Brendon Ryan Holland, 19, was stopped and detained for the offense of walking in the roadway where a sidewalk is provided.

Holland was advised by Officer Roush that he was a suspect in an attempted burglary and criminal mischief. Officer Roush did not ask Holland any questions, but detained him until Officer Hankins arrived on scene.

Once Hankins arrived on the scene, Holland was read and advised of his statutory rights. Holland stated he understood his rights, and admitted to breaking the window at Danny’s in an attempt to get a pack of cigarettes from inside the store.

Holland was placed into custody and transported to the Orange County Jail.