The Bobcats

clawed at the Cardinals all night long, but to no avail. When the dust settled

the Cardinals had won the Bayou Bowl by a score of 34-0 giving them the ninth

victory and the fifth shutout of the Bobcats since the 2000 rivalry started.

Winning the

game gave the Cards a playoff berth and will make their next opponent the

Trojans of Coldspring-Oakhurst High School. The Trojans are undefeated this

season. The

Trojans are ranked 52 in the state and average 378 yards rushing and 75

yards passing. They ended their season by defeating the Liberty Panthers 68-13.

“We played

Coldspring last year and they are a very fast team. We will have our work cut

out for us,” said Cardinals coach Cris Stump. “I was proud of our kids tonight,

they played hard, we came to win and we did.”

From the

opening kickoff, the Cardinals dominated the game. Taking the ball on the 44

yard line, they made two first downs with the first two plays.

Matt Menard

handed the ball off, kept the ball, and passed the ball and in seven plays used

a quarterback sneak to score the first touchdown with 9:25 on the first quarter



Truncale took the kick for the Bobcats and was tackled on the 33 yard line by

Cardinal Malachi Busby. The ‘Cats made two first downs on their first two

plays, ran the ball several times and were looking at a second and two

situation on their eighth play when there was a fumble and Cameron Coulter

recovered the ball for the Cardinals.

The Cards

kept the ball moving for eight plays and then on play number nine, Menard kept

the ball and made a 25 yard dash across the goal line for touchdown number two.

A good PAT put the score at 14-0.

After three

plays the Bobcats quarterback Wesley Ackerman rolled out and passed the ball.

Mitchel Hubbard of the Cardinals was the receptor of the ball, giving the Cards

possession with 1:07 remaining in the quarter. Two plays later the quarter

ended. The Cards had made nine first downs.

On the

fourth play, Menard kept the ball and gained yardage that looked close enough

for a first down, but on the measurement it was short and the ball went to the


A handoff

from Ackerman to Ty Johnson gave the Bobcats a gain of five. Ackerman handed

off to Carmichael Wiley for a gain of four. Another handoff to Wiley gained a

first down. Four plays later the ‘Cats had to punt out of trouble.

On the Cards

possession, Menard kept the ball three times and came up just short of another

first down. From the Power I formation Menard passed to Hubbard for the first


The Bobcat

defense kept the pressure on the Cards and kept another first down off the

books. After four plays the Cards booted the ball back to the Bobcats with 2:57

on the clock.

The Bobcat

offense kept the ball for the last ten plays of the half. Ackerman handed to

ball off to every back on the team. There were some gains on nearly every play

and three first downs, but the Cardinal defense was able to keep the Bobcats

off of the scoreboard. The half ended with the Bobcats 15 yards short of the

goal line.

Second half

play started with the Bobcats taking the ball on the 35 yard line. The

possession was a series of running plays with Ackerman handing the ball to

Jeromey Watkins, Wiley, and Justin Bradley.

On the fifth play Dustin Verrett had the ball, but was faced with a sea

of red and no place to go. Faced with a fourth and long play, the ‘Cats kicked

the ball.

On the first

play for the cards, Menard carried the ball for a gain of seven yards. On the

second and three play Menard handed the ball to Hunter Clark. Clark evaded

several Bobcat tacklers and made a 55 yard run to the 16 yard line.

On the next

play Tyler Roberts made a run up the middle and scored. Unfortunately there was

a flag on the play. Holding was the call and the ball was brought back to the

40 yard line with 7:40 on the clock. This was only the second penalty of the

night and the first for the Cardinals.


Cardinals shook off the penalty and five plays later Menard scored his third

touchdown. Daniel Faulk boot the ball across the cross members and the score

was 21-0 with 5:21 on the clock.

Starting on

the 35 yard line the Bobcats fought hard, but were just held back by the

Cardinal defense. After eight plays they lost possession and the Cardinals

started their play on the 29 yard line.

With less

than a minute remaining in the quarter, Menard handed the ball to Clark and

Clark dashed across the goal for the fourth touchdown. Faulk made his fourth

PAT and put the score at 28-0.

With 15

seconds of play left in the third quarter, the Bobcats took possession on the

50 yard line.

In the

beginning of the fourth quarter, Wiley carried the ball for a gain of four

yards. Watkins made a first down four plays later. A play later Ackerman

completed a pass to Mason Sonnier for a first down.

On the first

and ten play Jakob Brown made a run to the left side and was blasted by Dylan

Sams of the Cardinal defense. The hit was so intense that Brown was taken out

for the remainder of the game.

Needing 14

yards for a first down and on the Cardinal 36 yard line, Ackerman tried a pass.

Hubbard of the Cards tipped the ball away and the Cardinals took over the ball.

In seven

plays Menard took the ball across the goal from the 11 yard line for his fourth

touchdown. The PAT went wide to the right and the score was 34-0 with 4:43 left

in the game.

On the

Bobcats first play after the tackle two exuberant Cardinals jumped together and

bumped chests. The officials blew whistles and threw flags and penalized the

Cards five yards for the action.


failing to make a first down, the ball went to the Cards. On the third down

play the Cards fumbled and the Bobcats recovered. With 56 seconds of play left

in the game a pass was intercepted to give the Cardinals possession.


Cardinals let the clock run out and another Bayou Bowl was history with a final

score of 34-0, Cardinals.