Thursday, Orange police were dispatched to the 1050 block of Ruby Ln., in reference to an assault. Officer Michael Roush responded to the scene at 10:56 pm.

Upon arrival, Officer Roush met with a man who told police he had been assaulted by his wife in the 1400 block of 15th St.

While police were speaking with the victim, police could smell the strong odor of alcohol coming from his person. The man was observed to have red, glassy eyes, and had trouble controlling his emotions. The man was believed to be intoxicated.

The man told police that he did not wish to press charges against his wife, and he didn’t go into detail regarding the incident. He said he wanted to report the incident before his wife did.

The victim went on to tell police that while at his residence, an argument was started between he and his wife. He said that the argument escalated when his wife picked up a wine bottle and struck him across the face. He pushed the woman back to keep her from hitting him again, and went to the kitchen.

The man told Officer Roush that his wife then grabbed a round shaped grill from the stove, and struck the man in the face again. The man left the residence when other family members also attempted to assault him.

The man then went to the Ruby Ln. address to a cousin’s house to get away from his wife. Family members contacted the police department due to the man having injuries.

The victim was observed to have a laceration to his right nostril and upper lip. The man was bleeding and it looked as though the man needed stitches, but he refused medical treatment at the scene, and said he would seek medical treatment on his own.