Over the years, young men and women have chosen, for many reasons, to serve, starting with the Revolutionary War. On Nov. 11, we stop to observe and honor our vets, the real American heroes. For years, besides volunteers, the United States had a draft. Many served at a time when it put a stress on their families. Today, we have an all-volunteer military. Every generation has produced a new generation of heroes. WWII vets are referred to as “The Greatest Generation” but they are no greater than the youngsters today, in Iraq, Afghanistan and serving around the world. The real backbone of this country since it’s independence has been, and will continue to be, the men and women who serve to protect this great nation. We salute every veteran who has ever worn the uniform of the red, white and blue, the greatest troops the world has even known.***** Our week started on a sad note. Sharon Tucker, 48, one of our distribution supervisors, died of a massive heart attack at her home Sunday, Nov. 6. She was in charge of several newspaper routes. Our condolences to her husband Bobby Tucker, son Joshua Doyle and their family. Visitation will be held at Dorman Funeral Home, Thursday, Nov. 10, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Service to be held Friday, 11 a.m. at Dorman’s. Sharon was a nice lady, a great mother and wife and a friend to everyone. May she rest in peace. *****Well, I have to move on. Please come along, it won’t do you no harm.


As long as I can remember, going back to Kinard, Louis Dugas, Clyde Haynes, Wayne Peveto, Ron Lewis and Mike Hamilton, Orange County has always had a state representative from our county. If the new state representative district stands, Orange County will no longer have it’s own state rep. Over and over, the Republican controlled state has treated us like unwanted stepchildren. Our state senator and area congressional delegation are all from the Houston area. Our state representatives seat will be held by Allan Ritter of Nederland. He’s a nice enough guy that I’ve known a long time, but that’s not the point. For the first time we don’t have a choice for state representative. Someone needs to run from Orange County. It doesn’t matter much if he’s Republican or Democratic, what’s most important is that he or she is an Orange Countian. A Democrat would have a better chance running against an incumbent Republican. If Orange County supported them and the Port Arthur Jefferson County Democrats supported them, they would have a good chance.  Here at home, citizens would have to forget party affiliation, which doesn’t matter that much, and vote for a local representative, then we would have a pretty good chance of electing our own. Otherwise, for the first time we won’t have anyone whose first interest is Orange County. Filing deadline is Dec. 12. It will have to be a good candidate but it’s doable. Romney won’t excite many Orange County voters. Neither will Obama, so it’s a trade off. With a light vote a local guy could get there with loyal support. Our own state representative is far more important then you think. Is there a candidate out there?

Eight Years Ago-2003

Sims Elementary first graders Katelyn Potter and Skylar Kahla captalized on unseasonably warm, early November weather with a cool commodity grown in Kahla’s yard. With lemons the size of grapefruit the two friends began a joint venture, a lemonade stand. (Editor’s note: Since that day the girls have grown into young ladies and the lemon tree, which froze last winter, is making a comeback and should bare fruit in a few years.)*****Orange County sailor Eddie Parks marries Michigan Marine, Jennifer “Jenn” Patterson, on Nov. 9 at Brown Center. The couple will remain in the service. They had known each other over three years and met in Kuwait. (Editor’s note: I wonder if they are still in the service and still married?)*****All State Jessica Lemoine, a Bridge City  baseball catcher, has received a full scholarship in sports and academics from the University of Louisianan at Lafayette. She is the daughter of Jody and Wendie Lemoine and the granddaughter of Billye Minter and Louis and Mildred Lemoine. Her brother Jordan is a freshman at Bridge City. *****Year of the Bobcats. Orangefield Bobcats, Bayou Bowl champs, are the county’s only football playoff representatives. Coach Flanagan’s team has had a fantastic year. They will meet Liberty in the first playoff game. They lost to them last year and are looking to return the favor. ***** A LITTLE ABOUT THE PROFESSIONALS. The folks at Bridge City Bank are Jerry Davidson, president; Keith Fontenot, vice president, Phyllis Brint, vice president, Ben D. Organ, Jr., commercial lender, Thad Angelle, lender, Mike McGee, lender. *****Dal Sasso Realty is going strong with Tony Dal Sasso, Chrisleigh Dal Sasso, Brent Dearing, Donna Thomas, Kelly Price, Ted Miller and Gerald Eddleman. *****Realtors at Jerry Hughes Realty are Jerry, Loretta and Debbie Hughes, Gertie Ewing, Sherry Hommel, Pat Caillavet, Darla Bertrand, Reba Miller, Charles Cessac and Mike Barras. ******A NEW RESTAURANT OPENS: Robert Raminez, owner of Robert’s Meat Market, opens a new restaurant and steak house in Pinehurst adjacent to his store. The restaurant will open its doors Nov. 17. A few featured steaks on the menu will be 32 oz. Porterhouse, 20 oz. T-Bones and a 12 oz. Filet Mignon. (Editor’s note: Fast forward eight years and Robert’s Restaurant, today, is one of the area’s leading restaurants, not only featuring fine dining but also offers a nutritious daily lunch buffet.)*****For the second year in a row, despite winning 16 games and losing only four, two each season, Dan Hooks and his Mustangs didn’t make the playoffs. Next season West Orange-Stark will drop down to 3-A. The Mustangs are loaded and will be looking for a state 3-A championship. ***** Big News: Jade Mitchell Saucier turns 40 on Nov. 17.

38 Years Ago-1973

Bridge City football Coach H.W. “Chief” Wilson has coached his last season. He had high hopes to return to the state playoffs but missed by one game. He said this group was his best since the 1966 state championship team. The majority of senior Cardinals have been playing together since the Peewee days. The seniors say they are like brothers. They are Kenny Brown, Mark Truncle, Bo Worrell, Terry Bridgers, John Clinton, Steve Trevino, Jimmy Lacomb, Steve Culp, Lanston Fall, Chuck Majors, Clint Belk, Jimmy Talbert, David Guidry, Mark Dunn, Craig Turner, Mark Flanagan, Darell Melancon and David Smith. (Editor’s note: Those were a great bunch of youngsters but on the field they were tough. I don’t remember a team at Bridge City so rugged. A bunch of poor boys that came up rough. They are one of the top defenses Bridge City ever produced. They didn’t allow a point in their first seven games. Back then only one team out of a district went to the playoffs. West Orange-Stark beat the “Wild Bunch” in the last game of the season and went on to represent the district.)*****Seniors at Little Cypress-Mauriceville who played for Coach Jim Crossland were Mike Watts, Robert Dunn, Robert Jacobs, David McKinley, George Mortimer, Hunter White, Mark Patten, Steve Pachuca, Donnie Harmon, Tommy Barrett, Gary Wilson, Ted Seago, Danny Haliburton, Tab Finchum, Larry Lunsford, Benny Woodcock, Jerry Person, Don McClain, Jimmy Reaves, Chris Tiger, Scott Morrison, Robert Mandy and Tommy Martin. *****Twirlers at Bridge City High are Tracy Stout, Sharon Primeaux, Jonell Chauvin, Debbie Newsom, Sharon Clark, Melanie McClain, Mary Henderson and Debbie Voohries. *****Annie Hargrave makes great candy. She made a box full that she sent to Tommy Segura, Miss Ann’s little boy stationed overseas in Uncle Sam’s Air Force. *****(Editor’s note: I knew a majority of the youngsters mentioned in this column. It’s hard to believe that 38 years have flown by. Some of those kids are still around; some of the girls married those senior boys. The vast majority left the area, some never to be heard of again. Time moves on. Today’s youngsters will be tomorrows past and on to the senior years. Quicker than one’s mind can imagine.)


Jim Reid, Madalyn Carpenter, Sue Barnes, Eric Meadows, Linda Faulk, Pauline Chatelain, Keith Royal, Susan Veillon, Cecil Welborn, Charlotte Wooten, Donna Bradley, L.C. Boudreaux, Rana Miller, Steve Carlton, Troy Crochet, Della Buxton, Jean Levingston, Jeff Bland, Judy Hunt, Joann Alford, Patricia Kemp, Karen Clopp, Trey Todora, George Roberts, Lora Hanks, Lois Davis, Greg LeBlanc, Michael Fisette, Cynthia Dupuis, Michelle Brown, Ryan Pickering, Allison Ball, Bree Hanks, Edee Risher, Gerald DeLeon, Jeanelle Cochran, Jeanne Blacksher, Tina Duncan, Kathy Reeves, Larry Gunter, Liz Briggs, Matthew Ethredge, Norma Rampmaier, Phillip Kimbrow, Sharon Sims, Shelby Newton, Cyndi Longlois, Steve Fisher, Carol Ware, Charmaine Faircloth, Clara Edwards, Crystal Jones, Pat Stanton, Don Stanton, Danielle Graffagnino, Karla Holden, Kimberly Ray, Mary Cassidy, Michele Fontenot, Karen Schrieber, Carol Lopez, Sidney LeBlanc, Tim Johnson, Cecilia Broussard, Daniel Chesson,  Darla Murphy, Donald Miller, Cody Edgerton, Paul Smith, Katie Hoffpauir, Ruby Wimberley, Kristina Schisler, Lauren Fruge, Ella Jo Gosset, Lauren Peet, Traci Birmingham, Mary Dixon, Pat Gifford, Susie Riedel, Vicci Milligan, Anna Cappandona, Casey Smith, Dana Perkins, Fred Fuselier, Hattie Arnold, Judie Wilson, Julian Oceguera, Cynthia Graham, Julie Smith, Glenda Dixon, Stuart Bertles, Kelli Peery, Lindsey Franklin, Nikki Courtney, Shane Preston, Travis Sheppard, Wade Barron, Wally Sieck, Carol Izer, Chris Ford, Cora Betzen, Elton Myers and Madison Miller.


Congratulations to County footballers. Three teams are headed to the playoffs. Vidor, coached by former Bridge City player Jason Mathews, will meet Crosby at 7 p.m. Thursday at Lamar. ***Coach Thompson’s West Orange-Stark Mustangs will meet Cleveland at 1 p.m. Saturday in Baytown. ***Coach Chris Stump’s Bridge City Cardinals advance to take on Coldspring at 6 p.m. Saturday in Barbers Hill. If you like high school football it’s possible to attend all three games. Bring home the bacon. *****At Bridge City Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 2:10 p.m., three Cardinal baseball players will sign to play college baseball. Cameron Dishon, Ole’ Miss, Jacob Lemoine, U. of Houston and Matt Menard will take his baseball talent to Baylor. Parents invite everyone to attend the ceremony. *****Dr. Conrad Murray, 58, was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson, “King of Pop.” Murray was accused of giving Jackson a lethal dose of a powerful anesthetic. He could get four years in prison. I look for him to be out in 18 months. *****We were sorry to hear about the death of Smokin’ Joe Frazier, 67, who lost his battle with cancer. I will never forget “The Thrilla in Manilla” when Joe beat Muhammad Ali. Frazier was a great heavy weight-boxing champion and a great class guy but spent his life in the shadow of Ali. He died Monday, Nov. 7, after a brief battle with liver cancer. *****Cong. Kevin Brady made a u-turn after holding town hall meetings in what he believed would be his new district. He reversed his course after it appears the Federal Courts would strike down the new district lines but leave the old lines for now. That put Brady in high gear to get back in this district. Skipping his congressional work in Washington, he rushed through the district with five town hall meetings, three in Orange on Monday. *****The death of Andy Rooney, 92, is another loss of one of our national treasures. His kind doesn’t come around but once in a lifetime. He was an original, going back to WWII. ******A few special folks we know who are celebrating their special day. Attorney Steve Carlton moves one step closer to becoming a senior citizen on Nov. 10. ***One of Patty Hank’s lovely daughters, Bree, is a year older on Nov. 11 and still very sexy. ***The beautiful Jeanne Blacksher celebrates Nov. 12. ***One of our best buddies, a great youngster, always nice to be around, Sean Cade Gros turns 21 on Nov. 12. Best wishes. ***Charmaine Faircloth, the gal with the great personality, celebrates Nov. 12. ***Also second grade teacher, pretty Ms. Pat Stanton and her father-in-law, Don, celebrate on the same day, Nov. 12. So much for being born under the same sign. ***A special lady, Ruby Wimberly celebrates her special day on Nov. 14. ***A dear lady we know Pat Kibbie Gifford will also celebrate on Nov. 14. Happy birthday to all.*****Happy anniversary to Shirley and Kirk Roccaforte, who celebrate their 33rd on Nov. 10. What a love story that is. Best wishes for good health and many more happy years. *****I found the following interesting. In 1948, A.F. Burns compiled the following information for the Chamber of Commerce directory, “Orange, the Gateway to Texas, the City of Your Future.” Population in the 1940 U.S. census, 7,472, estimate in 1947, 35,000. That was after the war years. During the war, up to 1945, the population was estimated to be over 70,000. Climate: annual temperature 68.26 degrees F. Here is what might surprise you. The annual rainfall 48.7 inches. What is significant is that in the last 30 years our annual rainfall has ranged from 63 inches to 77 inches a year. It might be that we are not in a drought but just returning to what is normal, somewhere around 50 inches of rain a year. The last few decades we have been getting way more rain than we should have. I certainly like it better when it rains too much but I understand it will be several years before we’re abnormal in rainfall again. So get used to normal rainfall, about 20 inches less of rain annually. *****Congrats to Bree Fontenot, Bridge City Cross Country runner. Bree, who came in second at regional, is the only Orange County runner to make it to the state meet. All of us wish her the best. “Go get that medal girl!”*****Commissioner’s Court honored Virgie Scales, age 100, with a proclamation this week. Ms. Virgie, who was a Mansfield from Duncan Woods, is the sister of the late County Commissioner Asa Mansfield and also married into the Scales family, Orange Oilfield pioneers. Congrats and happy 100th birthday. *****We were glad to hear that our buddy, attorney Sharon Bearden, got a good report in Houston and is good to go and left Friday for the deer hunt Friday. *****Our friend Doug Harrington took his last radiation treatment Monday and headed home to Crockett. *****We received an email from Bobby Taylor’s daughter, Kayci Donnaud, and I misplaced it. Sorry, but I understand Bobby, who has been taking treatments at M.D. Anderson, is doing much better. Hopefully he will be coming home soon. I know he and Barbara must be tired of living out of a suitcase. *****The women of St. Mary’s Alter Society will hold it’s annual gift shop and luncheon on Thursday, Nov. 17, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at St. Mary Parish Hall, 912 Cherry St. Gumbo will be served from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. It promises to be a big day with great bargains, homemade food goods, silent auction, etc. Mark your calendar. I plan to be there and enjoy all the good cooking. *****CREAUX’S TIP OF THE WEEK: Spray a bit of perfume on the light bulb in any room to create a lovely light scent when the light is turned on. Works as well as burning a candle. *****CAJUN DEFINITION: Courtbouillion, pronounced coo-vee-yon. Rich, spicy, tomato based stew made with fish fillets, onions and sometimes mixed vegetables. I like it best with extra veggies. *****With Herman Cain on the hot seat, I don’t know what the Tea Party will do. They will stay home before voting for Romney. Why haven’t the allegations come out on Cain before now? I know one thing, anytime the leech, attorney Gloria Allred, gets involved, there is money in the making. Now the sex claims against Herman has become a shake down. *****Gisla Houseman is attending the Country Music Awards this year. She is sponsoring local reports from the show by Gary Lee Love. The CMA is the best award show. It will air Wednesday night. My guess is “Entertainer of the Year” will be Jason Aldean, “Male Vocalist” Blake Shelton, “Female Vocalist” Miranda Lambert, “Vocal Group” Lady Antebellum and “Vocal Duo” Sugarland. *****Freedom Communications, Channel 6, KFDM, is selling to Sinclair. Now it is clear why station manager “Uncle Larry,” took his retirement marbles and went to the house. Sinclair is one of the country’s largest and may have a different retirement plan. *****Special thanks to Ray Pousson for the homegrown sweet potatoes, orange meat and very sweet. Thanks also to Neighbor Cox for the saddle blanket mustard greens and Ms. Vivian for the great homemade cake. *****President Bill Clinton has a new book out this week, “Back to Work.” He says you’re always better off doing something. I buy that; I bet that’s what our Boy Al is thinking also. *****Chris “Hardball” Matthews also has a new book out on Jack Kennedy. I’d like to have that one. *****On Nov. 8, 1960, John F. Kennedy, 43, defeated Richard Nixon to become the youngest and first and only Catholic president. *****Gregg, at La Uno Taxi, in Orange, is offering special cab rates for the holidays. He’s a good, safe designated driver. Keep him in mind. 409-460-0835. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s Restaurant this week. Everyone is invited to join a great group of folks. Good food, good folks. Next week, the Bunch will meet at Novrozsky’s.


Nick Lachey will be 38 on Nov. 9; Vanessa Minnillo, 31; Brendan Gleeson, 56 and Sisgo, 33. ***Miranda Lambert will be 28, Nov. 10; MacKenzie Phillips, 52; Tracy Morgan, 43 and Ellen Pompeo. ***Dami Moore will be 49 Nov. 11; Calista Flockhart, 47, Leonardo Di Caprio, 37 and Neil Young, 66. ***Danny Sosa, 43 on Nov. 12; David Schwimmer, 45; Craig Parker, 41; Tonya Hardin, 41 and Ryan Gosling, 31. ***Woopie Goldberg will be 57 on Nov. 13; Jimmy Kimmel, 44; Gerard Butler, 42 and Chris North, 57. ***Prince Charles, 63 on Nov. 14; Yanni, 57; Josh Duhamel, 39 and Travis Baker, 36. ***On Nov. 15, Sam Waterston will be 71.


Wen Brother Nolan Gaspard, a Penicostal preacher in Abbeville, go visit a new family in town he always has a meal wit dem. He brings hot sauce, Tabasco and a few green Cayenne peppers and such.
On dis Sunday, Brother Gaspard visit a new family from up North, from Cleveland, Ohio. Wen dey set da meal, da Preacher, he load his food down wit his Louisiana hot stuff.
Da Yankee family dem, mama, papa and dere teenage boy, figure dey should go along wit da Preacher so dey load dere food down wit Gaspard’s hot sauce. It was so hot dey couldn’t eat it dem.
Da boy axe da Preacher, “You preach hell fire and brimstone and damnation and all dat you?”
“I sure do,” said da Preacher, “Dat’s my duty to show da peoples wats gonna happen to dem.”
Da boy him, say,  “Well, I’ve heard dat all my life but you da first preacher I ever saw dat took his samples along wit him.”


Of all the happenings around the country none upsets me more than the sexual abuse of children by assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky at Penn State. We trust our children to those people. If a big, husky coach abuses my 10 years old son, I would want to kill him myself with a two-by-four, beat him to death. That makes my blood boil. Sandusky, accused of sexually abusing boys, for the past six years, operated a series of youth sports camps at a satellite campus after he was prohibited from taking kids to the main campus by the A.D. and a vice president at Penn State.  Both have been charged with failing to report what they knew to police. Coach Joe Paterno, 84 years old, is not charged. He did report what he knew to his bosses but to me, that doesn’t seem like he did enough to stop the abuse of children. I believe Coach Paterno, winnest Division I coach, had a moral obligation to speak up knowing sexual things were taking place with children. He did the legal thing but he should have gone an extra step. Don’t mess with our kids and our elderly, that’s when I’m for capital punishment. *****Mark is back from Massachusetts where a snow blizzard and two other snow days came along. He enjoyed the visit with daughter Jenna, Robby and the grandkids however. *****Allen has returned from Tulsa where he experienced the earthquake and tornados in the area. For once he was glad to get home to the mosquitoes. *****Nicole, our Girl Friday, left Wednesday for Oklahoma City to attend the wedding of her best friend and a week’s vacation. As for us, we are promised the best rain we’ve had in seven months. I’ll be looking forward to it but not betting. *****Well, I’m about done all the damage I can do for this week. Please read us cover to cover and shop our family of advertisers. Tell those who don’t advertise with us they are missing the best vehicle to get their message out to the most consumers in our trade area. Everyone reads the Record. Have a nice week, take care and God bless.