“Shrek” took to the stage at the Lutcher Theater Sunday afternoon and evening. As promised by Merritt David Janes, who played Lord Farquaad, there was something for everyone. Adults chuckled more than the youngsters in the audience.

Janes did an amazing job as the vertically challenged Farquaad. It was hilarious to watch him dance around the stage on his knees. The appliance he had to wear really animated the character’s legs. He was over the top in his characterization.

Donkey, played by André Jordan, was also an exceptional performance. At times you would swear he was channeling Eddie Murphy, who is the voice of Donkey in the movies.
Princess Fiona was played by Liz Shivener, while Shrek was played by Lukas Poost. Both gave great performances. All of the vocals in the entire show were phenomenal, including Dragon, performed by Kelly Teal Goyette.

It was interesting how they portrayed Dragon. It was a huge puppet controlled by four puppeteers dressed in black.

The musical version of Shrek was as much fun as the movies. They did include “I’m a Believer” at the end, just like it is in the movie.

After intermission, lots of Shrek ears could be seen worn by youngsters in the audience.
It was a great evening at the Lutcher.

Leaving the theater, long time educator and Lutcher Theater sponsor Ken Wernig could be seen with his grandchildren. “Wasn’t that great!” He exclaimed. “Lord Farquaad and the Dragon!” His face lit up with the exuberance that anyone knowing Wernig can easily picture. He would make a good Farquaad… or Donkey… with the level of animation he delivers in his daily life.

Next on the marquee is Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “South Pacific” scheduled for Nov. 20. Two shows are scheduled for 1:30 and 6:30 p.m. Go to www.lutcher.org to purchase tickets. See you at the show!

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