Thursday night police were patrolling in the 300 block of Morrell, when a black male was observed to be walking in the roadway on 2nd St. where traffic was present.

Police made contact with the man, who was identified as 34 year old Martin Lawayne Issac, of Orange. While an officer spoke with Issac, he kept putting his hand in his front left pants pocket, so police asked permission to pat him down for weapons.

When the officer attempted to pat Issac down, he became resistant and began to fight the officer. He was also attempting to escape detention, by shoving the police officer and pulling away from him. At one point Issac was trying to get out of his hooded sweat shirt to escape the police officer’s grip.

Issac was given verbal commands to stop resisting and to get on the ground. Issac did not follow any verbal warnings, and continued to resist. The officer then gave Issac the warning that he had a taser, and intended to stun Issac with it if he didn’t cooperate.

When all efforts to detain Issac had been exhausted, the officer “drive stunned” Issac in the back with the taser. At this time, Issac began cooperating and following orders.

After Issac had been placed in handcuffs, police searched his pockets and found a small plastic bag with several white chalky rocks inside. Also inside the plastic bag was another plastic bag with a white powdery substance in it.

Along with the eight grams of cocaine, Issac was also carrying over $900 on his person.

Issac was placed into a patrol car to be transported to the Orange County Jail. Before placing him in the car, police checked the seat and found it clean of any debris.

Upon arrival to the OC Jail, Issac got out of the back seat and police observed a white chalky substance on his hands and pants.

It is believed that Issac crushed the remainder of the evidence that was on his person while he was in the back seat of the patrol car while he was en route to the jail.

Issac’s fingernails, hands and clothing all had a white powdery substance on them, which was not present on him when he was initially placed into the patrol car.

Issac is in the Orange County Jail on charges of resisting arrest, felony possession of cocaine, and tampering with evidence, which is also a felony.