Monday morning, Officer Charles Stephenson was on patrol in the parking lot of Motel 6, when he pulled around to the east side of the parking lot, a woman flagged him down.

The woman, who is from Tennessee, told Officer Stephenson that she had parked her pick-up truck in the parking area outside her hotel room the night before, and when she last saw it the night before, it was intact.

The woman stated that she and her daughter were going to go fishing. Upon making their way to the truck, she observed a cell phone mount lying in the parking lot, and recognized it to be from her truck.

There was nothing else found to be missing from inside the truck, but two Shakespeare rods with open faced reels, along with a tan tackle box, and a small monofilament cast net, were gone from the bed of the truck.

The victim told police that she would press charges if a suspect were found and identified.