Orange County Commissioners’ Court held a special session on Monday.

The county received $272,212.77 from the State Comptroller for sales tax allocation for the month of September.

Bills approved for payment by the court totaled just under $315,000, including $3,288.38 to Schaumbrug and Polk, Inc from the general fund for shelter of last resort payment number 16 and $2,300 to Memorial Funeral Home of Vidor for indigent funeral expenses.

The burn ban is still lifted. “We’re in very good shape again this week,” said Jeff Kelley, director of Orange County Emergency Management. “With the level of rain we’ve received over the last couple of weeks and the overnight recovery again is high, it’s kept the fire danger down.”

Orange County Sheriff’s Department was given permission by the court to sale a seized 5th wheel trailer to the Orange County Drainage District for $1. Sheriff Keith Merritt said the trailer was acquired two years ago. “We had no use for it at the time it was seized. We only had one truck that was able to pull it. Ever since we’ve had it, the drainage district has utilized it,” said Merritt. The sheriff’s department wanted to get the trailer removed from their inventory. Selling it to the drainage district is the method the County Attorney Doug Manning suggested.

Mark Wimberley, maintenance director was given permission to receive applications and hire a full time employee in the housekeeping department to replace an employee that resigned last week.

Also reported Monday, the transportation department has installed a 60,000 gallon propane tank. Contract negotiations are almost complete with Sabine Aviation. Road and Bridge and the airport manager are working on the removal of two trees at the Orange County Airport that have been identified as obstructions on runways four and 13, which may be preventing larger planes from using the airport. Kelley also said they are looking at the possibility of grant funds available, which they became aware of after an FAA conference.

Eighty-five to 95 percent of the buy-out program following Hurricane Ike is complete. There are only three homes left to be purchased reported Kelley.

Judge Carl Thibodeaux expressed holiday wishes at court. “I’d just like to wish everyone a good Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy your families. It’s a good time of year to start reflecting on all your blessings that you may have and it starts with family. Enjoy your holiday season.”

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