I always know Thanksgiving is just around the corner when, a few days before Thanksgiving Day, throughout the years, I get my annual Happy Thanksgiving Card from Beverly and Sen. Carl Parker. It’s always a personalized card, with artwork on the cover drawn by their youngsters and as time went by, the grandkids. My card arrived today. It is titled “A Ballerina.” It is a hand drawn picture of a turkey dressed as a ballerina. The artwork is by their 12-year-old granddaughter, Peyton Elizabeth Parker. I always look forward to my card from the Parkers. It would not be Thanksgiving without one. That thought makes me thankful for all my friends, customers and the kind people who read this column every week and support our Record Newspapers. For over 50 years, we have been the community newspapers, brought to your door free of charge. We plan on being around for many more years. We are back on the grow thanks to God and our advertisers, who realize we are the best vehicle to reach the most consumers. Remember everyone reads “The Record.” After Ike, we went through some difficult times like most businesses but one thing we never lost was your loyal readership. With your support, it’s foolish for any business not to use us as their advertising media. As you can see, the Lord has been good to us. We have plenty to be thankful for. We wish you and yours a great Thanksgiving Day. Our paper is loaded with great Black Friday bargains, many ad specials and several sale papers. Take advantage of the bargains, let the folks know we sent you.*****I’ve gotta get going. I have just a little time left so I’ll get as much done as I can, hopefully a little something for everyone. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


The Bush/Cheney recession, the worse since the great depression, hit in 2007 and lasted one year into the Obama Administration. The recession was reversed when the auto industry was saved from collapse and the banking industry was propped up. The Bush recession was deep, unemployment was growing, so in order to create jobs, the Bush Administration created a tax package to the super rich that was suppose to be temporary. The jobs weren’t created. In fact, it went the other way. Eight million jobs were lost. Obama inherited a country in deep recession and jobs being lost in record numbers. To let the super rich tax package run out is not raising taxes, it’s just not extending the Bush’s gift to them. Instead of creating jobs with the gift tax, they gave themselves $8, $10, $14 million bonuses, bought bigger yachts and more homes. The working class was left to pick up the slack. In a nutshell, that’s it. Now the Republican congress wants to extend the tax break to the rich or no deal on anything. Eighty-five percent of the American people say the rich tax break package shouldn’t be extended. So why is the congress, that has only eight percent approval, holding the country hostage? Why would they go against 85 percent of the people? Doesn’t make sense does it. Well, here’s why; they are beholding to a lobbyist named Grover Norquist, who holds 279 pledges from congressmen and senators that they will not vote for any tax increases period, including tax gift renewal to the wealthiest.  Tax cuts passed by the Bush Administration will expire at the end of 2012, putting that gift money into the economy through much needed work on the country’s infrastructure and other job creation. It makes more sense than giving money to those who don’t need it. The country is struggling and the congress says “No” to anything that would help move it forward. The failure of the “Super Committee” to reach an agreement also threatens to tilt the nation back into a recession by raising taxes on almost everyone, while reducing government spending on almost everything, military, education, healthcare and etc. beginning next fall. The government is being held hostage by one lobbyist, Grover Norquist who has congress by the throat.


The “Stangs” hope to take one more step up the ladder Saturday when they take on Bullard in a 2 p.m. match up at the Woodlands. Bullard is coached by Shannon Wilson and have an overall 8-4-0 record. The Panthers’ colors are red/blue/white. This is a game coach Thompson’s Mustangs should win if the team stays focused on what their goals are. You win them one at a time. Orange County supports the Mustangs.

Eight Years Ago-2003

Donald Gunn is scheduled to have open-heart surgery Monday, Dec. 1, at St. Elizabeth. The A-value will be repaired or replaced. His personal nurse, longtime bride Mary Ann, will be by his side. (Editor’s note: Donald passed away sometime after that.)*****Joe Burke celebrated his 85th birthday Nov. 22 with friends in Newton. He also attended Joel Steirman’s 60th birthday party. A complete Mexican dinner, catered by Robert’s Restaurant, was served. The party was held at the Boat Club in Orange. *****The Orangefield Bobcats were just one minute and 19 yards away from victory but then disaster struck. Coach Kevin Flanagan’s Bobcats, with two seconds left on the clock, lost to LaGrange 17-14. *****Dereck Cloeren and Shon Landry, of Little Cypress-Mauriceville, signed baseball scholarships. Cloeren signed with Northwestern and Landry with McNeese. *****Bridge City grad is named top player of Texas A&M Commerce. Jared Williams, a 1999 B.C. grad, was chosen as the number one player in the Lone Star Conference All Star Team. *****Real estate salespeople at First Realty are Sleepy Smith, Betty Derrick, Gale Beckett and Marie Trimm. *****Orangefield High School junior, Angela Ledford, 17, will compete for Miss Texas Teen USA in Houston. *****Earl and Ruth Davis are promoting better relations with Israel by making several trips to the Holy Land with the “Bridges for Peace” organization.

38 Years Ago-1973

An overflow crowd attended the “Shoot Out” Saturday at West Orange between the Bridge City Cardinals and the West Orange Chiefs; both teams were playing for the district championship. The winner went on in the playoffs. The Cardinals had a 14-14 tie on their record; the Chiefs were undefeated with a 9-0 record. The Cards were 8-0-1. In the previous season B.C. had beaten the Chiefs but not out of the playoffs. This was coach Chief Wilson’s final game as coach. Even if the Cards lost, Wilson had been the most successful coach at Bridge City by winning the state championship. The Chiefs won the game 34-13, doubling the amount of points the Cards had allowed all season. Standouts for the Chiefs were Ray Pousson, Roy Williams, Lorance Wills, Randal Tate and Barney Duhon, who all scored. (Editor’s note: Over the years, coach Wilson, who retired from coaching after that game, has always spoken highly of the 1973 Cardinals, the team he had hoped to return to state with. Only one team advanced back then, even with an 8-1-1 record.)


John-Charles Newcomer, Christina Tallant, Haylie Belcher, J.O. McCune, Ann Caples, Ernest Swanson, Rodney Petty, Scott Mackey, Steven James, Cindy McLaughlin, Dae Leigh Sandlin, Thomas Hutchison, Jeff Hollis, Candace Todora, Jessica Stark, Justin McCarthy, James Crocker, Kim Hubbard, Debbie Hughes, Joel Gilbert, Rebecca McLemore, Sherry Hickman, Serena Simonton, Vivienne Mathews, Amber Permar, Christie Smith, Sherry Hommel, Kelly Stanley, Michael Chapman, Lana McCracken, Holly McKinley, Christi Nelson, Mason Grizzaffi, Shelly Hollier, Taryn Hubbard, Katie Deal, Wanda Ferguson, Wanda Monogue, Colby Daville, Juantia Schilcher, Dana Bryant, Emily Fischer, “D.J. “”Ace”” Amodeo”, Eric Andrus, Jessica Harkness, John Kimbrough, Mark Bourgeois, Melissa Fisher, “James “”Red”” Powell”, Nick Miller, Bobby Adams, Sharon Gregory, Tena Kenney, Abby Floyd, Betty Simonton, Cindy Huckabay, Don North, Mildred Frank, Georgietta Daves, Barbara Peveto, Russell Dillow, Andrea Tupper, Jerry Childress, Bette Smith, Haley Barlow, Lynda Walther, Preston Shuford, David Fusilier, Tiffany Osborn, Cappy Ricks, Cassandra Carpenter, Drew Craft, Barbara Peveto, Jade Seibert, Melissa Jenkins, Keith Lange, Sharon Evans, Troy Manuel, Abby Reynolds, Shirley Beaudion, Angela Harkness, Angela Webb, Carrisa Guidry, Freda Riley, Erik Tutt and Jim Bob Aven.


Folks were wondering what became of John Heard Saturday morning when he didn’t show up with his oranges and grapefruit at the Farmer’s Market. Now we know he had emergency gall bladder surgery. I’m sure he’ll be up and about soon. To purchase citrus call 409-886-4125 or 409-988-5231. *****Our friend Doug Harrington took his last treatment but before he could go home from his daughter’s, he was admitted to the hospital with a possible stroke. He says it was just the effect of the radiation and is now home in Crockett. Meanwhile, Doug’s wife Regina fell down a flight of stairs and broke her thumb.*****Sleepy Smith goes back to Houston this week for a check up on his pacemaker. He says he is doing fine. *****Our buddy Harry Stephens is on the rebound after a stay in the hospital with phenomena. His nurse, Margie, never left his side. *****Rev. Leo will survive after a bad bout with flu over the weekend. *****We noticed while going through Jasper County that State Representative Mike Hamilton has some large billboards saying he will be glad to serve them. Mike will be running in a new district. *****When Preston Fuller lost his cell phone he retraced his all-day steps and finally, at Dairy Queen, called his number and in the distance could hear it ringing. It was in the dumpster. He retrieved it, the phone worth the digging. *****I went to visit Owen and Nelda Burton Saturday but they had locked up and gone. Must have heard I was coming. I had heard Owen had made sausage the Saturday before and I was just checking on how that came out. I talked to his two mules and left. They didn’t know anything about the sausage making. *****Next Sunday, Nov. 27, the Catholic Church will usher in Mass changes as they move closer to Latin. For decades, whenever the Priest said, “The Lord be with you,” the congregation responded, “And also with you,” but not anymore. “Also with you,” becomes “And with your spirit.” I just wanted to tip off some of the Catholic boys at St. Henry’s, H.D. Pate, Moe Litton, Don Shockley, Mark Dunn, Mike Moreau, Larry Judice and the other guys so they will be on the know. The new English translation sounds richer, more reverent and it better matches the versions being used by other languages. *****A few special people we know who are celebrating their special day. Kim Hubbard and Debbie Hughes, to lovely ladies celebrate this week on Nov. 24. ***Longtime friend Howard Morse celebrates Nov. 25. The former grocery man is still on the Bridge City Bank board. ***The one and only D.J. “Ace” Amodeo hits number 87 on Nov. 26. Ace spends his days in the nursing home but will breakout for a big Thanksgiving birthday celebration with his twin daughters. Plenty of home cooked food is what he’s looking forward to. ***Also celebrating on Nov. 26 is Eric Andrus, who is doing a great job with Central Office Supply after taking over the store from his granddad, Bill Smith. Good folks to do business with. ***Our district attorney John Kimbrough, a special guy who doesn’t get near the credit he deserves for the outstanding job he and his staff do, celebrates Nov. 26. John is not a bad sports annalist either, at least for a guy that was a former referee. ***One of the most beautiful girls to come out of Bridge City, Sharon Gregory, marks another birthday Nov. 27. We knew her many years ago before she won the Miss USA Teen Pageant. She rejected the crown over issues she found not to be above board. Last we heard she was still a television anchor in Florida. Her pretty mom June still lives in Bridge City. ***Russell Dillow, who is doing a great job with the Orange Sears store, and is married to lovely Linda, celebrates on Nov. 28. Check his sales paper out this week for great “Black Friday” buys. ***Our longtime buddy, Jerry Childress, celebrates Nov. 28. We haven’t heard from him and Barbie in a long time and would like to. ***Debbie’s husband of 36 years, David Fusilier, is a year older Nov. 28 and just a few pounds heavier thanks to Deb’s cooking. ***Shirley Kogas, Roy’s sister, who has been having health issues, celebrates her birthday Nov. 27. We wish her God’s speed. Happy birthday to all. (See complete of birthdays.)*****Kirk Pace and Melinda Holley have opened the D’Lis Floral Shop on Hwy. 87, near Bridge City, next to Coastal Welding and across from the cemetery. They offer a complete flower shop from weddings to funerals and everything in between. You’ll love doing business with them. *****Our neighbors, Harmon’s Pre-owned Cars, have just gotten in a bunch of nice, low mileage cars and trucks. You can’t buy a nicer auto for less. They pass their low overhead cost on to the buyer. They also finance. Come look these great cars and trucks over. *****Speaking of the Harmon’s, Deborah Harmon was flying home to Denver after attending Sandra Black and her son’s funeral in Winnie. The Blacks died a few days apart. Anyway, Deborah became really ill, the plane landed in Kansas City, Missouri, where she was admitted to the hospital. It turns out she had double phenomena. She is stable and looks forward to being released and getting to go home to Denver.*****We knew Sandra many years ago when she was married to “Speedy” Black, manager of GSU Sabine Station Power Plant. A speedy recovery to Deb. *****Shell Oil’s 9,627 foot Gulf well sets a global record for deep water, beating previous record by 271 feet, also a Shell project in the Gulf. *****Now days a congressional gimmick is a mess of congressmen introducing balance budget amendments, which would mean Social Security, Medicare, unemployment benefits etc. would be out the window. Not even enough Republicans would vote for that so it’s just a re-election gimmick. So far, 18 congressmen have introduced their version of the bill they knew would never pass or be signed by the President.


On Nov. 23, Miley Cyrus will be 19 and Steve Harvey, 55. ***Katherine Heigl will be 38 on Nov. 24; Colin Hanks, 34 and Billy Connolly, 69. ***On Nov. 25, Amy Grant will be 51; Barbara and Jenna Bush-Hager will be 30 and Christina Applegate, 40. ***Tina Turner will be 72 on Nov. 26 and Natasha Bedingfield, 30. ***On Nov. 27, Twista will be 38; Alec Newman, 37, Michael Vartan, 43 and Jaleel White, 35. ***John Legend will be 33 on Nov. 28; Ed Harris, 61 and Jon Stewart, 49. ***Garry Shandling will be 62 on Nov. 29; Don Cheadle, 47; Jonathan Knight, 43 and Lucas Black, 29.


Oris Broussard and his wife Agnes have a neighbor, Clovis Broudeaux, what works evenings. Wit out fail, Boudreaux comes home at exactly 12.20 a.m. and wen he turns into his driveway, his headlights would light up Oris and Agnes’ bedroom. Da bright light always wake Oris up and he cuss and accuse Boudreaux of being inconsiderate, a no good, low life.
One night Agnes was woke up by Oris’ tossing and turning. She ax him, “Are you sick babe?”
“No,” Oris answer.
“Well, wats wrong dats keeping you awake?” Agnes ax.
“Well, it’s nearly 2:30 a.m. and Boudreaux, him, hasn’t come home yet and I’m worried bout him.”


Since I started this column, we got some rain, not a drought buster but it gave plants a drink. The county mosquito plane just flew over doing its thing. *****I see on T.V. where Mitt Romney is being called to the carpet for being dishonest by running a television commercial calling the recession President Obama’s recession and taking his words out of context. Obama didn’t start the recession. Romney is blaming his staff. *****Chris Mathews and Michael Steele, former Republican chairman, are criticizing Rush Limbaugh for using the word “Uppity” in a racial tone. *****The Republican debate on foreign policy is coming soon so I’d best wind this up and go watch that calamity. I’m also an hour over deadline. Here’s wishing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. Read us cover to cover, take care and God bless.