Monday morning officer Veronica Woodle, with the Orange Police Dept., responded to the police station in reference to a man wanting to file a harassment report. The victim told police that he has an ongoing issue with the boyfriend of his ex-wife.

The man told Officer Woodle that he met his ex-wife in the 5700 block of Meeks Dr., to deliver his children back to their mother. As he was handing the youngest baby to the woman, the boyfriend started an argument with him.

The victim said that he and the suspect exchanged words, be the boyfriend became violent and threatened the man in a violent manner. The victim said he got into his car and drove to the police station to report the incident.

The victim also told police that the suspect gets upset every time he returns his children to the ex-wife. The victim also feels like the suspect’s anger is getting worse, and that the next time an offense could occur.

The victim went on to tell police that he is unsure of the suspect’s last name or date of birth.