We got a little rain, then here come the high winds, cold weather with frost and dried everything up, also damaged some plants. Overall it’s predicted to be a warm, dry winter.*****Things are getting serious in Iran and could affect elections next November. I feel comfortable with Obama as Commander in Chief. He has the balls to do what needs doing when the time comes.*****Doctor Conrad Murray is sentenced to the maximum four years in prison for his part in the death of Michael Jackson.*****It looks like every week, as I get older, I fall further behind and have trouble making deadline. This stuff used to be a lot easier when my brain was much quicker than my hand. Now my hand waits for the next thought. Oh well, it beats the alternative. At lease the mind still works on a slow cruise.*****Best get going. Hop on and come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


After the Texas Republican State House gerrymandered, Texas was redistricted again. A federal court in San Antonio redrew the congressional districts. State attorney general, Greg Abbott and other Republicans will appeal the new district lines to the Supreme Count. Under both plans Orange County is still being minimized. We fall in a new district including Orange, Hardin, Jasper, Newton, Tyler, Polk, all of Liberty and Chambers counties and a part of Harris county. Without Polk and Harris counties, someone like Judge Carl Thibodeaux or another from Southeast Texas would have a good shot to represent our interest and not Houston’s.  The new district however does not include Montgomery County as it does now. If Con. Kevin Brady runs in this district it would mean he would represent a district other than the one he lives in. Now how much of a stepchild would that make us. Brady is polling both districts to see where he will run. He can live in the rich Houston suburbs of The Woodlands and represent Southeast Texas, as a carpetbagger, which is one way to have your cake and eat it too. Orange County will also no longer have a state representative. It looks like Rep. Mike Hamilton would no longer represent Orange County. He lives in Mauriceville and will have to change his residence to run in the new state representative’s district, that could pit him against  Rep. Joe Deshotel, who now represents the other half of Orange County. Hamilton is politicking in Jasper County, while Rep. Allan Ritter is working Orange County. He lives in Mid-County. When you boil it all down, we don’t have a local voice in state government unless someone files for the state representative office in Orange County. Years ago, before the Republicans and Rick Perry took over the state Orange County had a lot of clout. Today, it’s very minimal. Remember the big contracts that used to come our way creating jobs? That wasn’t by accident. Con. Charlie Wilson and Con. Jim Turner fought hard to get our fair share.


The Stangs beat Bullard 45 to 13 to advance in the playoffs. West Orange-Stark will take on Coldspring, who beat Bridge City 7-0, a game that B.C. Coach Chris Stump will relive for a longtime. The Mustangs will clash with the Trojans in region finals. The game will be played at 7:30 p.m., Friday, at Humble’s Turner Stadium. We wish Coach Thompson and his tough Mustangs a great victory and another notch towards the state championship.

Eight Years Ago-2003

The backyard of the Port of Orange administration buildings, on the shore of the Sabine River, saw a $200,000 facelift. It will also beautify and protect the shoreline. Gene Bouillion, port director, said the shoreline stabilization project came from reserve funds and will not affect the tax rate. The Orange Jaycees will sponsor its 55th annual Christmas parade, Dec. 5. *****Three Waterwood families opened their homes for the Christmas Rhapsody Home Tour to raise funds for the needy. Featured were the homes of C.O. and Cindy Wallet, Dr. Fred and Marla Zoch and Judge David and Betsy Dunn. (Editor’s note: I wonder if they still live in Waterwood?)*****Elizabeth Eddington, 12-year-old daughter of Page Olive, a Bridge City fourth grade teacher, wins English style horse riding contest in hunter-jumper competition held in Houston. Elizabeth came home with the over-all reserve championship.*****Edee Pratt joins The Record Newspapers as advertising executive.*****James Rainwater has kept his dad’s  radio show going. Brother Dewitt Rainwater passed away a few months ago. (Editor’s note: Eight years later and James still has his show going on Sunday at 8 a.m. on KOGT. Brother Rainwater was a Jimmy Rodgers style gospel singer and one heck of a great preacher.*****Patrick Earl Bishop died Nov. 29. Service was held Dec. 2 at Claybar’s Funeral Home.*****A good Christian lady, Bessie Morris, 87, passed away Nov. 19. Her sons are Gerald and Ronald Morris and daughters are Betty and Frances. Services held Dec. 2 at First Baptist Church in Bridge City.*****President George W. Bush makes a surprise visit to troops in Iraq on Thanksgiving Day.*****Tyler Bearden celebrated a birthday Nov. 29.*****A.J. Lapeyrolerie celebrates his day Dec. 2.*****Louis Dugas will be 75 on Dec. 12 and still going strong. (Editor’s note: Louis’ good health went down fast. He passed away a few years ago.)*****On Dec. 4, Flo and Gene Edgerly celebrate another anniversary. (Editor’s note: Eight years later they are still together more than 50 years. I would guess around 54. Here’s to continued good health and happiness. Judge Flo keeps Gene young by keeping him busy with “Honey Do’s.”*****Harry Stephens acquired a great big Elvis that he displays in his showroom window at Harry’s Appliance. It’s attracting many lookers.*****The Record’s “All Orange County Team” names Kerry Franks, West Orange-Stark MVP. Coach of the Year is Kevin Flanagan of Orangefield.

38 Years Ago-1972

West Orange Chiefs defeat Crosby Cougars 30-13 in 10-AAA playoff. The Chiefs will take on Henderson at Lamar. Last season Henderson beat the Chiefs 10-0.*****Several Orange County players were picked for “Coaches All Zone Team.” On offence: Ray Pousson, W.O., quaterback; Lanston Fall, B.C. running back; Roy Williams, W.O., running back; Lorance Wills, W.O. back; Randall Teate, W.O. end; Robert Moody, L.C.M., tackle; Victor Enard, W.O., tackle; Duane Callahan, W.O., center; Clint Belk, B.C., guard. Ray Pousson took home the “Offensive Player of the Year” award. On Defense: James Long, W.O., end; Paul Bingham, W.O., end; Mike McDonald, W.O., tackle; Kenny Brown, B.C., tackle; Randy Fults, B.C., nose-guard; Mark Dunn, B.C., middle linebacker; Larry Spears, W.O., linebacker; Charlie Hillebrandt, B.C., linebacker; Kenneth Stephenson, W.O., defensive back; Dale McCal, L.C.-M., safety; Bo Worrell, B.C., defensive back. Defensive “Player of the Year” was Larry Spears. MVP of the Year was Lanston Fall. Coach of the Year Glenn Green. (Editor’s note: A bunch of tough guys who let the hair go with the hide. I wonder how many are still in the area.)


Zenobia LeBlanc, Erin Evans, Jamie Applebach, Evelyn Brandon, Sandra Smith, Kenneth Manuel, Leah Vogt, Tish Garrett, Brad Braus, Howard Minor, Ricky Harper, Ryan Anderson, Vance Chauvin, Bill Hare, Stephen Clopp, John Garrison, Frank Welch, Kelsey Dardeau, Mitchell Backer, Wesley Duncan, Amanda George, Cheryl Fornols, Jake Glazner, Vergie Thomas, Lisa Walker, Beverly Blalack, Edd Brown, Eddie Robertson, Marie Moran, Wayne Scales, Barbara Blackwell, Sandra Huthison, Susan MacCammond, Todd Wilson, Trisha Anderson, Amber Franklin, Vincent Hoyt, Carolyn Andrus, Chris DeCuir, Slyvia Bland, Bill Force, Dana Simmons, Catherine Allen, Dick Jackson, Gwen Tallant, Stephanie Kreger, Francis Breaux, Belinda Force, Susie Collins, Mary Bridges, Rory Piccone, Shea Bolton, Steve Hightower, Debbie Bishop, Woody Carter, Cheryl Jones, Barbara Cartwright, Lois Cornwell, Mayme Bock, Richard Briggs, Emily Mangham and Michelle Potter.


Who Dat! Say dem Saints ain’t for real. Manning and the Giants’ 42-17 loss in New Orleans won’t be the last to feel the Brees coming out of South Louisiana down on the Mississippi River. Right now I would rate Drew Brees and Aaron Rogers neck and neck, with Tom Brady out-distancing Romo for the other two spots. If I had to draft one for the future, it would be Rogers because of his youth. For today however, I like Brees, plus, I like that he helped the Cowboys in Monday’s win.*****The dream college game would be a rematch between LSU and Alabama. The coliseum would be a television viewer record.*****Harry Stephens is back at work after 10 days in the hospital with pneumonia. He still doesn’t feel like a youngster.*****Meanwhile, Deborha Harmon got out of a Kansas City hospital Monday with the same thing. She then made the 12 hour auto ride back to Denver. A speedy recovery to both.*****Marlene Merritt has been grounded for a month after foot surgery. She’s going bananas not being able to travel but hopes to break free next week.*****Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said that the lady is lying about him unzipping his britches. For 13 years he was just helping her out. I wish them gals would quit messing with Herman, that will drive him out of the race or cost him an expensive divorce.***** The Lunch Bunch will meet at Navrozsky’s this week and Roberts next week.*****A few special folks we know celebrating their special day: On Nov. 29, Tyler Bearden, who is married to Brad and Carlis Roy’s  pretty daughter, son of Sharon and Carol Bearden and also the brother of Jim Sharon, celebrates.***Tyler’s mom, Carol celebrates on Dec. 13, which was also the birth date of Tyler’s late uncle J.B. Beardan.***Evelyn Brandon, our girl manning our website, celebrates Nov. 30.***Vance Chauvin, who runs with Ray Leleaux and Kee-Kee Dupuis and is married to Cindy, one of those pretty Scales girls, celebrates Nov. 30.***Bill Hare the boy from College Station and longtime Beall’s store manager, is a year older Dec. 1.***Gene Edgerly, “The Drummer Boy” in his youth is now too old to beat anything, puts another peg down the road of life on Dec. 1.***A good Catholic who raised a mess of good looking girls, Buster Lepeyrolerie, celebrates on Dec. 2.***Ms. Phyl’s only sibling, Jo Ann Huard, gets better with age on Dec. 3.***Richard Briggs is getting older right in front of our eyes. Yesterday he was a youngster but on Dec. 6, he’s a year older and a certified middle ager.*****Saturday, Dec. 3, Honky Tonk Texas, Hwy. 96 in Silsbee, will host its annual “Angel Tree of Hardin County” fundraiser. There will be a live auction, 50/50 riffle, washer tournament, live entertainment and lots of award winning gumbo and chili. Cover is $10 or a toy donation of equal or greater value. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday and a good cause.*****CREAUX’S TIP OF THE WEEK: You may already be doing this but to you who are not, it’s a great idea. Place fabric softener sheets in dresser drawers and your cloths will smell freshly washed for weeks to come. Also do this with towels and linen. Try it.*****CAJUN DEFINITION Lagniappe (Lan-Yap). This word is Cajun for a “Little something extra.” An unexpected surprise, like the extra donut in a bakers dozen.*****M.D. Anderson opens up new front in the fight on cancer by putting focus on drug development. Center officials announced the creation of the institute for Applied Cancer Science. The institute will be staffed by 28 scientist and plans are to employ 70 scientist within the next two years. M.D. Anderson, the world’s leading cancer center, now makes a big $3 billion assault on the disease.*****U.S. retail sales during the Thanksgiving weekend climbed 16 percent, a new record. Our local family of advertisers reported Monday that business was good right here at home. We appreciate you shopping with our advertisers. We urge you to shop our small, independent stores this holiday season. Small businesses are the backbone of this nation and they serve Orange County and our area well.*****Sunday night, as I was watching the football game, I got a call from Newt Gingrich. I guess I was one of many in Texas who got Newt’s message. He’s taking Rick Perry on in this state. Newt is not going anywhere, he’s looking for money. The $100 million he made peddling his influence will hurt him.*****Friday evening is the big, annual Orange Jaycee Christmas Parade. Coach Dan Ray Hooks is the Parade Marshal. I don’t know how Dan can be at two places at once. West Orange-Stark plays Coldspring in a playoff game at the same time. Even though Dan isn’t coaching, those are his boys. It will be hard for him not to be at that game and no one would blame him for going. *****Saturday night Bridge City holds it’s “Parade of Lights Holiday Parade.*****Good luck to Coach Clint Hartsfield and his Kelly Bulldogs, who play Nolan for the state TAPPS title. The game will be played at 2 p.m. in Temple. Clint, a Bridge City boy has had a great year at Kelly in his first head coaching job. Last Saturday, Kelly defeated Plano at A&M’s Kyle Field. *****Filing for political office started Monday, Nov. 28 and will continue through Dec. 15. *****Happy 50th anniversary to Judy and Don Shockley. Father Vincent married them at St. Henry Catholic Church, at 10:15 a.m., on Dec. 2, 1961. Now there’s a lady going to Heaven. *****Ole’ Harvey, at Paw-Paw’s, on Highway 1442, near Hwy. 105, took care of us for Thanksgiving with the best fried turkey I’ve ever had. I’m convinced that’s the only way to eat turkey. While there, we picked up on boudin and fried peanuts but it’s the cracklin’s that get to me. I ate up two bags and didn’t share a one. I intended to use the cracklin’s in cornbread but didn’t make it. I ate the whole thing.*****Billy Fisette stopped by. I was glad to see he was still alive. He said they built a new home in Bridge City and he’s doing a lot of nothing. I learned he and Glenn Oliver attended SFA together. Anyway, wife Joy hasn’t run him off yet.*****We talked to Doug Harrington also. He finally made it home to Crockett but comes in to Houston this week to see about Regina’s broken wrist. Doug says they will move into their new home in Spring before Christmas. He will be spending less time at the ranch now.


Retired attorney Wayne Peveto was at the counter in the County Clerk’s office last week. He looked great. He’s farming and ranching and enjoying every minute of it. He has around 700 head of cross-bred cattle and is also farming rye grass. He has about 3500 acres that keep him busy doing exactly what he loves to do.*****Democratic Party chairman Mark Carter, who had a tree fall on him recently, was being driven around by Party secretary Mary Terry on Monday, the first day of filing for candidates for the upcoming 2012 primaries. Mark says his wife and mother were not thrilled about him being up and about so soon. Democratic candidates can file their applications for candidacy at Atty. Ed Barton’s law office, 701 W. Park Ave. For information call Mark at 882-1922.*****County Clerk Karen Jo Vance visited with her family, the Wright clan, in Mauriceville over the Thanksgiving holiday. The special guest was her nephew Navy Petty Officer 1st. Class Adam Rodgers, son of John and Sharon Rodgers. Also attending as part of the Clan were Sam and Judy Lucia, Karen Jo’s sister.*****Visiting over the Thanksgiving Holidays with grandson Hazen, were Dist. Clerk Vickie Edgerly and husband Alvin. It seems that Hazen is very excited about having a new little brother, who is expected around Dec. 7. Hazen’s parents, Ryan and Erica, who live in Austin, have decided to name the new little one Rory.*****County Clerk Deputy Brandy Robertson’s baby, Nicholas, will turn 10 years old Monday, Dec. 12.*****Judge Pat Clark and Rosalee celebrated Thanksgiving with daughter Maryann and son-in-law Bruce Aven in Florida.*****Judge Pat’s court coordinator, Sandy Kaufman, visited with sons Ryan and Jeremy, and was also visited by her brother, from Washington State.*****Judge Pat’s bailiff, Trish Journeay, traveled to South Carolina to see son Blake Journeay graduate from Army Boot Camp.***** Mike White and Karen Jo were seen visiting. They talked a lot about always trying to put God first in their lives. Mike’s health has improved over the past year. He’s lost weight and gained peace and joy.


Ben Stiller will be 46 on Nov. 30; Clay Aiken, 33 and Billy Idol, 56.***On Dec. 1, Woody Allen will be 76; Bette Midler, 66; Nestor Carbonell, 44 and Lee Trevino, 72.***Britney Spears will be 30 on Dec. 2; Nelly Furtado, 33; Lucy Liu, 43 and Sarah Silverman, 40.***Ozzy Osbourne will be 63 on Dec. 3; Daryl Hannah, 51 and Brendan Fraser, 43.***Jeff Bridges will be 62 on Dec. 4; Jay-Z, 42; Marisa Tomei, 47 and Tyra Banks, 38.***Little Richard will be 79 on Dec. 5; Frankie Muniz, 26 and Nick Stahl, 32.


Clotile Comeaux, 52, is an old maid her. She’s not no beauty but she don’t look so bad. For years she tried to get herself a man. While visiting her sister Alma, in New Orleans, she was sitting on this park bench wen dis man come sit on da bench him.
 She axed, “Are you a stranger here?”
“No,” he replied, “I lived here a long time ago.”
Clotile say, “Where were you da last few years?”
Da stranger replied, “In prison.”
“Wat for,” Clotile axe.
Da man looks at her and very quietly and said, “I killed my wife.”
“Oh,” said Coltile, “So you single you hanh?”


As I wind up this column, my mind goes back to political years of the past. Politics have gotten way too nasty. It may help candidates in the short run but I believe it hurts voter turnout in the long haul. A lot of people today are turned off by politics. I recall when it wasn’t that way. *****Barney Frank, an openly gay congressman from Massachusetts, is leaving, retiring. He got caught up in redistricting adding 300,000 new voters to his district but says representing his people, the working class, is not fun anymore. Government has gotten way to partisan. The GOP votes against employee tax breaks that would mean $1,500 a year to working families, while insisting on tax breaks for the wealthy.*****A friend from Dallas emails me that the Republican primaries are on life support with a different flavor each month. He says if Jeb Bush jumped in right now he would blow the others away. He also says unemployment will be down to eight percent by election time. I don’t know about that. If it is Obama is a magician because he’s surely not getting any help. One other thing people switching parties haven’t thought about is that four years from now, Obama won’t be at the top of the ticket and it will be a brand new ball game in Texas.*****I’ve overrun my time again. Thanks for yours. Please shop our family of advertisers. If anyone wants to grow their business, the very best advertising media for our trade area are The Record Newspapers, two for the price of one. Call us and visit us daily for up to the minute news on Have a good week. Take care and God bless.