Pinehurst is on the move. City offices will be closed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week to move into the new location of Pinehurst City Hall at 2497 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. Look for the green roof. It is located across the street from Subway and next door to State Farm.

Harry Vine, the code enforcement officer for Pinehurst is excited about his new office. “I’m just trying to get everything moved in here. This is a nice upgrade for me, because I was out in the back, the building behind city hall, so I was out in the garage.” Vine said he had pictures and other stuff in storage that he would be able to display in his new office. Vine is relatively new at Pinehurst, hiring on in February. He said his wife is from the Orange area.

Chief of Police Fred Hanauer was overseeing the instillation of the new 911 dispatch center. He said state of the art furniture was being installed that would allow the dispatch officer to raise or lower the command center if they chose to stand instead of sit.

During the closing, emergency calls can be made through 911. Bridge City Police Department will dispatch and handle all the calls.

Offices will re-open in the new location Monday, Dec. 5

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