Orange police responded to a call from Waffle House on Lutcher Dr., in reference to a disturbance Wednesday evening. Officer Christopher Cowart had been advised that a white male and a black male were causing problems with the staff of Waffle House.

Upon arrival, Officer Cowart observed a white Chevrolet truck in the parking lot. The same vehicle had been checked through dispatch on Nov. 29, and was being driven by Keith Thibodeaux, 29, of Orange.

When police entered the Waffle House, a staff member said that the two males had walked to Gary’s Coffee Shop. Officers Cowart, Woodle and Bernard made contact with the males inside Gary’s, and told them that they were not wanted on the property, and they were asked to leave.

According to police, the black male politely left the property, and Thibodeaux started walking back to the Waffle House parking lot. Thibodeaux was informed that he would be issued a trespass warning for the property of the Waffle House. At this time, Thibodeaux gave police his date of birth for the trespass warning.

Officers had dispatch check Thibodeaux for a valid driver’s license, and was notified that his license was not valid for operation of a motor vehicle. At this time, Thibodeaux was instructed to park his vehicle in the adjacent parking lot, but he did not comply.

Instead, Thibodeaux drove onto the North IH-10 service road, in a westerly direction. When police tried to stop Thibodeaux, he refused to stop. Police caught up to Thibodeaux at the intersection of 16th St. and the south IH-10 service road, but he refused to stop.

Police continued to follow the vehicle south on 16th St., where he was seen to look in his mirror several times, but never made an effort to comply with the traffic stop.

Capt. Smith was traveling north on 16th St. and forced Thibodeaux to stop at 16 th and Burton Ave., where Thibodeaux was removed from the vehicle, handcuffed and placed into a patrol car.

Thibodeaux was transported to the Orange County Jail, where he was booked for evading arrest/detention with a vehicle.