Friday morning about 1:48 am, Officer Robert Campbell was dispatched to the Sun Mart, located in the 300 block of Lutcher Dr. While en route, dispatch was not able to give many details about the incident as a result of a language barrier.

Upon arrival, Officer Campbell was advised that the suspect, a black male, was last seen running south across the parking lot toward Simmons Dr.

The clerk told police that the man entered the store while the clerk was in the restroom, and that he was the only clerk working in the store, and there were no other customers at that time. The clerk explained that as he exited the restroom, he observed the suspect attempting to take money from the cash register on the counter.

The clerk grabbed the suspect in a “bear hug” type hold, which caused the suspect to drop the cash register. The suspect and the clerk struggled inside the store briefly, before going outside the store.

The suspect was able to slip out of his gray hoodie sweatshirt, and also lost his knit cap and a right shoe. The clerk advised that nothing had been taken in the attempter robbery, and that he was uninjured.

The incident was captured by the store’s surveillance video. A copy of the video was not available at the time, but had been saved to the system