In one of

the hardest played games of the year, the Mustangs lost to the Coldspring

Trojans in the fourth round of the state playoffs. Numbers are cold and do not

tell the complete story. Seeing the game and feeling the emotion is a different

story. The score of 35-13 and the stats do not tell the complete story of how

hard the Mustangs played Friday night and how hard they worked to overcome the

adversity of the early part of the season.

In a pregame

interview Coach Cornell Thompson said, “This week was too short. We needed a

lot of time to work on this game. Coldspring has a strong offense and they have

a defense that has had five shutouts this season. They have three players that

can cause us a lot of problems. Their defensive line is the best we will have

faced this year.”


Gilbert would go into the game with close to 2000 yards rushing. Quarterback

Alfred Scott needs to be kept under strong pressure, and Colton Monroe can

block and run hard,” said Thompson.


concerns began to come true early in the first quarter when on the Mustang’s first

offense series their first play was a pass intercepted by Sherman Gilbert.

Gilbert made a 50 yard run for a touchdown. A good PAT put the score at 7-0

with 9:30 on the clock.

De Carlos

Renfro took the kickoff and ran it from the 16 yard line to the 39 yard line.

On the fifth play Mustangs quarterback Jimmy Salter tossed the ball to

Nathaniel Colbert. Colbert made a good run, a sidestep to avoid a Trojan and

crossed the goal line for the Mustang’s first touchdown. Jerquis Beasley went

to the sideline and put on his kicking shoe, came back, booted the ball across

the goal post and evened the score at 7-7.

The Trojans

kept the ball for three plays. On the fourth play the Trojans fumbled and the

Mustangs recovered and started to move the ball. The possession only lasted for

four plays and resulted in Salter being sacked two times. Faced with a fourth

and 26 yard situation the Mustangs were forced to punt.

The Chain

Gang defense of the Mustangs kept the pressure on quarterback Scott and put

them in a fourth and 10 situation on the 44 yard line. Kaleb Morrison punted

the ball and the Mustangs took over.

On the first

play Salter handed the ball to Britton Lindsey and Lindsey made a run up the

middle for a first down. Lindsey made another run up the middle and gained

three or so yards. Salter passed to Colbert for another first down. A run by

Lindsey resulted in a three yard loss and on the next play the snap went low

and even though Salter was able to pick it up, it resulted in a rushed pass

attempt and the ball was intercepted by J.T. Wilson, a Trojan’s strong safety.

Salter was banged up on the play and limped off of the field.

The Trojans

took the ball with 40 seconds on the clock and played all out. By the time the

quarter ended they had earned two first downs.

In the

opening minutes of the second quarter the trio of Scott, Gilbert, and Monroe

and caused the Chain Gang problems. They gained yardage on every play and in

spite of drawing a penalty, with less than 10 minutes on the clock they scored

another touchdown, made a good PAT and pulled ahead. The score went to 14-0.

Salter came

back in the game, but Renfro was at quarterback. On his first play the Trojan

defense blew through the line and dropped him for a loss of nine yards. Renfro gained

two yards on a keeper, then, Salter took over at quarterback. A pass to Larry

Sonnier gained enough yardage for a first down. On a keeper Salter was dropped

in the pocket for a loss. Two plays later he connected with Colbert for a nice

12 yard gain. Lindsey went up the middle to gain three yards and the next play

was a razzle-dazzle reverse that faked out the Trojan defense. Lindsey made a

17 yard touchdown from the reverse. The PAT went wide and the score was 14-13,



Monroe, and Scott teamed up to gain yardage in spite of the best efforts of the

Chain Gang. On the seventh play of the possession a handoff from Scott to

Gilbert resulted in a touchdown and a good PAT. The Trojans widened the lead to


The Mustangs

had trouble with overthrows and a pass attempt that the referee called “uncatchable.”

With the ball on the 20 yard line, Beasley attempted a field goal, but the ball

went wide to the right side.

When the

clock ran out for the first half the Trojans had gained 237 yards, the Mustangs

126. The Trojans had earned 11 first downs, the Mustangs 9.

In the

opening of the second half the Mustang’s offense kept the ball for four plays

and had to punt on the fifth play. J’Marcus Rhodes punted the ball and the

Trojans took over on the 18 yard line.

The Trojans

spent the night going into quick formation with little or no time in the

huddle. They moved the ball, but not enough and after 10 plays had to punt out

of trouble. Faced with a fourth and 12, they punted. Colbert caught the ball on

the 25 yard line with 4:42 left to play in the third quarter.


came back at quarterback and Salter took the ball for a run. A holding penalty

cost the Mustangs 10 yards. On the next play Abear Simien carried for a four

yard gain. Salter made two passes to Colbert that gained enough for a first

down. Salter ran a keeper for another first down. Things started to go bad for

the Mustangs and faced with a fourth and long situation from the 49 yard line,

Rhodes punted to the Trojans with 1:01 left in the quarter.

The third

quarter ended with neither team scoring.


quarter play started with the Mustangs holding the Trojan offense to small

gains. Pushed back into the trouble zone, the Trojans attempted a field goal

from the 10 yard line. The ball went wide right for no score.

The Mustangs

were not able to move like they needed and wanted to. Lindsey was held to small

gains. Salter had two incomplete pass attempts and they drew a penalty for an

illegal snap. Rhodes punted on a fourth and 14 situation and the Trojans took

the ball on the 50 yard line.

With 6:08 on

the clock, the Trojans scored for the first score of the half and put the score

at 27-13.

The kick was

an onside kick and resulted in a Mustang touching and fumbling and the Trojans

recovering the ball.

On the

Trojans third play, Gilbert crossed the goal again. The Trojans went into a

Power I formation and crossed the goal line for two points. The score was

35-13, Trojans.

Both teams

made great offensive and defensive efforts. The Trojans kept the Mustangs from

crossing the goal line and the Mustangs made the closing minutes hard for the

Trojans. The closing score would be 35-13 with the Trojans passing to the next

round of the playoffs.

The final

yardages were 482 for the Trojans and 215 for the Mustangs.

This game

marked the first time since 2005 that the Mustangs had advanced this far in the


“We were

faced with a quality football team and we knew it coming into this game. All of

us knew it would be a hard fought battle. No one thought we would come this

far, but our kids played hard, we made some mistakes, but the kids came

through. We overcame a lot of things this season. At one time we had seven

starters out and we lost kids through eligibility and one quit the team. We had

a lot to overcome, but the kids did a fantastic job and we are really proud of

them,” said Thompson.