An Orange woman was arrested Monday evening on charges of public intoxication after police responded to a call about a vehicle impeding traffic. Upon arrival in the area of FM 3247 and Hwy. 87, police located a Saturn Vue parked in the intersection.

The lone occupant of the vehicle, who was identified as Laurie Lee Revis, 39, of Orange, was found to be unsteady on her feet and had slurred speech, and red, glassy eyes. There was no odor of any alcoholic beverage on Revis’ person or breath, so it was believed that she was intoxicated on an unknown substance.

A prescription bottle of Soma, which was prescribed to Revis, was located, and Revis was asked if she had taken any of the Soma. She said she had taken two of the pills.

Due to the indications of intoxication, and fearing Revis would attempt to drive in her condition, she was placed under arrest for public intoxication (Class C), and transported to the Orange County Jail.