Pearl Harbor United The Nation

On this day, Dec. 7, 1941, 70 years ago, just before 8 a.m. our time, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Nearly 2,200 were killed and over 1,700 others wounded. This is the one event that mostly stands out in my lifetime. That’s also true for most people who were around when the attack occurred. The other two surprise events were the unexpected assassination of President John Kennedy in Dallas and the 9-11 terrorist attack on the New York Twin Towers and Pentagon. Everyone who lived through World War II, ignited by Pearl Harbor, have their own memories of the war. Think about it, over 16 million men and women served, over 400,000 died and many thousands of others were wounded. Compare that to less than 5,000 Americans killed in Iraq. One life would have been too many but it shows the magnitude of hand-to-hand combat. Just 23 years earlier we were involved in World War I, which took thousands of lives on the battlefield, and many more died from influenza. In between the two wars, the Great Depression hit us. Thanks to President FDR and his CC camps and WPA, he put people back to work. WWII added 20 million to the workforce but over five million were women. At the time of the Pearl Harbor attack the U.S. had less than 135 million citizens. We still have some of our great veterans from that war with us but over 1500 are dying daily. To me they are the favorite heroes of my day and I honor every one of them who are still with us. America entering that war after Pearl Harbor made us a nation united. We forgot if we were Democrats or Republicans, we were all in to together. That Pearl Harbor event changed America. We had a sense of urgency and purpose. Unfortunately this great country has changed drastically. We have gotten away from the values that were forced on us at Pearl Harbor that made our country one, with everyone in the same boat. If one of those dead soldiers returned today, he would be shocked at our nation’s failings, hate and selfishness. Several views of Pearl Harbor appear in these pages. Roy’s Down Life’s Highway, Kent Conwell, Mike Louvier’s interview with Joe Rougeau, a Pearl Harbor survivor, and Ms. Pearl’s “Pearl Harbor” poem. Take time to read them. *****I must be going. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


The presidential campaign of Herman Cain came to an end Saturday. He had been accused of sexually harassing several women and having a 13-year affair with another. He denied the allegations. By not quitting and just suspending his candidacy, he can keep raising money and donating the money to any candidate he wants to. The word is that he will endorse Newt Gingrich. It’s only fitting that he would since Newt was guilty of some of the things Cain is accused of. Twice divorced, he was having an affair with a young office staffer while voting to impeach President Clinton for the Monica affair. He later married his debutant but its been expensive. Recently he paid off a half million dollar jewelry bill at Tiffany Jewelry. Newt was charged with 87 ethics infractions and shamed out of office. Then he went and made $100 million by not registering as a lobbyist but going through the back door and being paid by Freddie Mac to influence legislation. That was 20 years ago. He’s betting folks have forgotten but Axelrod and the boys in Chicago haven’t. I bet they’re licking their chops hoping Newt wins the GOP nomination. By the way, Newt was in New York Monday meeting with the kingpin, Donald Trump. He has set up a debate and he will be the moderator. Trump has called Republican Ron Paul and Gov. John Huntsman “Joke Candidates” because they won’t participate. Huntsman responded to this remark by saying, “I’m not going to kiss Trump’s ring and any other part of his anatomy.” Paul said about Trump, “I didn’t know he had the ability to lay on hands and anoint people.” Karl Rove said, “What the heck are Republican candidates doing showing up at a debate thrown by this guy, who says if he doesn’t like what he hears he’ll run as an Independent? Republicans strategist, Mike Murphy said, “GOP candidates would be foolish to show up at Trump’s clown circus debate.” Chris Mathews had the quote of the week. “Trump is the ring master of a political clown show.” So far Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and Michele Bachman haven’t committed. I think Trump is just trying to get back on the “Birther” issue. I wonder which network will carry the debate and who will show up at Trump Tower, next door to Tiffany’s on Dec. 27. Thanks Herman for the memories. Good show.


Instead of running the “Out of the Past” column this week I’m diverting because I got a note from a cousin who has been out of work and facing hard times. He says it is time to go back to killing game for food. He asked if I still knew how to make squirrel sauce piquante. I sure do. Game is plentiful right now so you might want to try it. It’s good anytime not just hard times.
2 squirrels, cut up
Salt, red pepper and black pepper
2 medium onions, chopped
1/2 cut of chopped green peppers
1 tablespoon of flour
1/2 cup of tomato sauce
1. Rub squirrels well with salt and pepper
2. Cover bottom of Dutch Oven with one-fourth-inch of shortening: when heated, brown pieces of meat well on all sides
3. Remove meat: lower heat to medium and sauté onions, green pepper and flour in same pan until brown
4. Return squirrel to the pan: add tomato sauce and enough water to cover the meat
5. Cover with tight-fitting lid: simmer an hour and a half or until meat is tender. Serve over rice.
(Rabbit may be substituted for squirrel)
As a variation, add one-half-pound of pure pork sausage, fresh or lightly smoked, cut in one-inch pieces, with the onions and green peppers.


Vianna Miller, Jim Keith, Tracey Gilliam, Buddy Sheppard, Lois Boehme, Randy Philpott, Channing Larkin, C.R. Dick Davis, Samantha Peveto, Barry McKenzie, Bobby Couthran, Eryk Gibbs, Hazel Hooper, Elissa Kern, Jay Fuss, Mark Braus, Sharon Johnson, Doris Peveto, Michelle Watson, Shelly Motts, Bonnie Hopperton, Sean Ureta, David Claybar, Monica Placette, Cindy Briggs, Karri Piccone, Jo Lynn Mott, Kent Sarver, Kristine Cortez, Jim Sands, Terry Fall, Leslie Lyons, Cody Caples, Tara Fountain, Nathan Vogt, Rob Clark, Shelby Hebert, Zackery Anderson, Arielle Foster, Joel Fruge, Scott Derouen, Bonnie Albright, Daniel Bates, Melissa Poydence, Hazel Smith, Melinda Swares, Kristy Kidwell, Dennis Lee, Hailey Tally, Jenny Duncan.


Congrats to the West Orange-Stark Mustangs. Coach Thompson, his coaching staff and a great bunch of players deserve our congratulations on a great season. The future looks good for the Stangs even thought they fell to Coldspring 35-13 in the state quarter-finals. Thompson was also named as Coach of the Year on the 21-3A Coaches All District Football Team two of his players, Britton Lindsey and Daniel Woodson were named MVP Offense and MVP Defense respectively*****Congratulations also go to Matt Menard from Bridge City being named MVP District on the All District Team*****Congratulations to Bridge City native, Coach Clint Hartsfield, who in his first year as head coach brought his Kelly Bulldogs all the way to the TAPPS state championship game. They lost to Fort Worth Nolan, 27-10 but had a great season.***** Over the last week I ate pretty good thanks to some local friends and some products not off the grocery shelf. Capt. Chuck Uzzle provided us with fresh killed ducks that after cleaning we put to good use. Neighbor Cox furnished us some of his saddle blanket mustard greens and a mess of eggplant that turned into great eggplant dressing. Judge Derry Dunn, again this year, provided one of my favorite foods, peanut butter. Not your common kind of peanut butter. He helped put up this homemade peanut butter for Family Canning Welfare Services of Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s the best I’ve ever eaten and I’m a connoisseur of peanut butter. I’m glad I’m on the judge’s welfare list.*****A great gift also came from John Heard who brought a mess of locally grown Navel oranges and Ruby Red grapefruit. There is none better than Orange County grown citrus. To purchase some for your use or to give as Christmas gifts, contact John at 988-5231.*****I’ve yet to get any deer meat or sausage, always a winter treat. Maybe one of my friends will get lucky and kill a buck or big doe. Mostly all I’ve heard is about the big one that got away.*****Matt Bryant, our Bridge City boy in the NFL, and his Atlanta Falcons, came to Houston for a match up Sunday with the Texans. About three-dozen local friends were guest of Matt’s at the game. The game started with Matt having 19 of 20 field goals. He had never kicked a field goal against the Texans but he kicked his 20 of 21 for the season in the Falcon’s 17-10 loss.*****We welcome Liz Hogan Insurance Agency to our advertising family. If in need of insurance, give her a call for a quote. She’s a nice friendly lady who will welcome your call.*****We were sorry to learn that Rev. Leo Anderson has been in the hospital battling pneumonia. His wife was recently in the hospital as well, now it’s his turn. We wish him a speedy recovery. We miss him.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s Restaurant this week then Novrozsky’s next. Don’t forget Robert’s if you’re going to book a holiday party. He has a great facility, can cater or do a turn key party. Don’t delay, dates are filling up fast.*****CREAUX’S TIP OF THE WEEK: Celery is expensive right now so here’s a way to prolong it. Wrap the celery in aluminum foil when putting it in the refrigerator. It will keep fresh for weeks. Do not use plastic or zip locks.*****CAJUN DEFINITION: Fais Do Do (Fay-doe-doe), the name for a party where traditional Cajun dance is performed. This phrase literally means “To Make Sleep” although parties are the liveliest of occasions with food, music and dancing. *****A lot of local guys are batching after their wives are off on one of Patsy Peck’s great trips. Corky says Betty left him a gallon of bean soup to live on. It guarantees he won’t run out of gas for a week. Judge Peck is probably eating everything forbidden.*****Quincy Procell, our longtime friend going back to when we were youngsters, came by. He’s an ok guy. The kind you want watching your back. He was a union Democrat when being Democrat was cool.***** A few special folks we know who are having birthdays. Some of you may not know him as Thomas Austin Gunn, born to Marilou and Donald Gunn, on Pearl Harbor Day, Dec. 7. Most folks know him as Attorney Tommy Gunn, a good lawyer, good guy and good friend. He’s married to Kathy, a lovely Bridge City girl. Happy birthday Tommy.***Our buddy, Jim Keith, who moved away from Bridge City, marks another birthday on Dec. 7, Pearl Harbor day.***Nicole Gibbs, our girl Friday, who keeps these publications in the middle of the road and out of the ditch, has a two year old son Eryk Gibbs, who celebrates on Dec. 9.***David Claybar has another birthday on Dec. 10. Your guess which David.***Sid Caillavet turns 81 on Dec. 9. The years have flown and he’s turned into his dad, Judge Sid, county judge and former mayor of Orange.*****Dec. 13, marks the birthday of Carol Bearden, a nice, industrious lady. She always has the neatest yard in the neighborhood.*****Please see Birthdays for more of this week’s birthdays.*****Rosie O’Donnell is engaged to be married again. Her bride-to-be is a very attractive 40-year-old., Michelle Rounds, a headhunter for a technology company. O’Donnell and Kelli Carpenter, who have four children, divorced after a big public wedding in San Francisco in 2004. When I started in this business I never would have dreamed that the day would come when I would write the above. *****Gov. Rick Perry’s out of state trips have cost taxpayers nearly $800,000 already in security tabs, air fares, food and lodging. It’s putting money in a gar hole. He ain’t going nowhere. *****The Heisman Trophy ceremony will be held in New York Saturday. My guess is that Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin will get it but all the candidates are worthy. They are Andrew Luck, Stanford quarterback, a last year finalist; Tyrann Mathieu, LSU corner back; Alabama’s running back Trent Richardson, the nation’s most exciting punt returner and Montee Ball, Wisconsin running back. It’s a tough pick. They are all winners.


Aaron Carter will be 24 on Dec. 7; Emily Browning, 23 and Damien Rice, 41.***Kim Basinger will be 58 on Dec. 8; Teri Hatcher, 47; Sinead Oconnor, 45 and Wendell Pierce, 49.***On Dec. 9, Beau Bridges will be 70; John Malkovich, 58; Felicity Huffman, 49 and Jakob Dylan, 42.***Raven Symone will be 26 on Dec. 10; Summer Phoenix, 33; Michael McShane, 54 and George Newbern, 47.***On Dec. 11, John Kerry will be 68; Jermaine Jackson, 57 and Rider Strong, 32.***On Dec. Dionne Warwick will be 71; Jennifer Connelly, 41 and Bob Barker, 88.***Dick Van Dyke will be 86 on Dec. 13; Ted Nugent, 63; Steve Buscemi, 54, Jamie Foxx, 44 and Taylor Swift, 22.


Joe and Ethel Badeaux was invited to a swanky Halloween party dem. Ethel get a terrible headache and told Joe to go to da party alone. She said she would take some aspirin her, and go to bed. So Joe, even though he didn’t want to go along, took his costume and went.
After sleeping soundly for one hour Ethel woke up wit no pain. She decided to go to da party. Joe didn’t know wat her costume looked like so she decided she would have some fun by watching Joe and seeing how he acted when she was not around her. She soon spotted Joe’s costume on da dance floor. He was dancing wit every nice chick he could. So Ethel sided up to him and being a seductive babe herself he left his partner and devoted his time to da new stuff.
Ethel let him go as far as he wished since he was her husband. Soon, off dey went to da car and had a little fling.
Jus before unmasking at midnight, she slipped away, went home and crawled in bed. She was sitting up reading wen Joe came home him.
“Did you have a good time Honey?” she axe.
“You know I never have a good time, me, wen you’re not dere Babe,” he answer.
“Did you dance much Joe?” she axe.
Joe replied, “I’ll tell you Babe, I never dance even one dance. Wen I got dere, I met Pete Comeaux, Joe Desormeanx, Clarence Hardy and some utta guys and we went into da den and played poker all evening. But I’ll tell you, Oris Boudreaux, da guy I loaned my costume to, sure had a real good time him, plus he made out in da backseat of my car wit a real hot gal.”


Hard to believe that it will be Christmas in just over a couple of weeks. A new year arrives in three weeks. Winter starts Dec. 21 and we’ve come on another full moon. Winter this week will get here a little early. A deep freeze is expected Thursday morning. The countryside is filled with colorful foliage.*****Thanks to our family of advertisers who allow us to bring you this newspaper, delivered to your door, free of charge. Read us cover to cover and check us out regularly on our web site,*****Thanks for your loyalty and please shop our advertisers. Take care and God bless.