A man was arrested at Kroger’s Saturday, for criminal trespass and theft. Detective Sgt. Sarah Simon was on patrol in the 1600 block of Burton when she observed 36 year old Albert James Solomon, of Orange walking in the parking lot of Kroger.

Officer Simon had knowledge that Solomon had been issued a criminal trespass warning for Kroger’s. Officer Simon observed Solomon walk into the store, and called the store to speak with the store manager.

The manager was informed that Solomon was inside the store and asked if she wished to pursue charges, she stated that she did.

Officer Simon waited in the parking lot for the defendant to exit the store. Once he exited the front door, police informed him that he was under arrest for Class B criminal trespass.

During a routine search of the man’s person, he was found to be in possession of an unopened pack of plastic spoons. The man voluntarily stated that he had stolen the spoons from the store and then offered to pay for them.

The manager told police she would like to also pursue charges for the stolen spoons.

Solomon was placed under arrest for charges of criminal trespass and theft.

The value of the spoons was placed at $3.99.