Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between Dec. 9, 10, 11, and the morning of Dec. 12:

Burglary, forced entry, residence, 904 Cooper

Assault, Class A, 120 Dewey

Process service, warrant, 1900 MacArthur

Stolen vehicle, auto, 1106 16th/807 10th

Controlled substance, cocaine, sell, Orange city limits

Process service, warrant, 2310 Alden

Theft, other, 1404 Park

Miscellaneous incidents, FM 105 by Orangefield Elementary

Larceny, from vehicle, 1306 W. Park

Other crimes against society, retaliation, 811 Strickland

Damaged property, private, 2308 Butler

Process service, warrant, 1600 16th St.

Controlled substance, possession of cocaine, 2210 Simmons

Process service, warrant, 1200 block Burton,

Process service, warrant, Sabine River bridge,

Miscellaneous incidents, 201 8th/3710 N.

Traffic accident, injury, Green and 8th

Public service, other, 2224 Crosslane

Public intoxication, warrant service, 1408 N 16th/Walgreens

Miscellaneous incidents, 2231 Elmira

Theft, other, 1600 16th St.

Process service, warrant, 702 Center

Miscellaneous incidents, natural death, 1801 W. Decker

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, 5600 block Old Hwy. 90

Miscellaneous incidents, 608 Strickland

Controlled substance, other, 1509 Sholars

Process service, warrant, 10th at Green

Assault, aggravated assault, non-family, weapon, 1407 14th

Domestic problem, child neglect, 2819 Meeks

Crimes against society, other, evading detention, 3rd at Burton

Traffic accident, injury, S. Hwy. 87 at Airport

Miscellaneous incident, emergency commitment/Baptist Orange

Process Service, warrant, 201 8th