Second grade students in Mrs. Sullivan’s second grade class have kept a Christmas tradition alive for the 21st year by performing “The Shoemaker and the Elves” for their community and peers.

It is a charming story in which a poor and overworked shoemaker, Hans (Gunner Grimes) and his wife Gretchen (Shelby Eason), are blessed by acts of kindness of elves who appear nightly and make beautiful shoes for them to sale. The play put the spirit of Christmas in both young and old!

Pictured are: back row, from left to right: Cade Smith, Isaac Sipes and Ethan Meads; third row: Jed Welch, Ayla Merindino and Kaine Humberson; second row: Brandon Hignet, Alex Garrett and Drew Tran; first row: Gracie Elkins and Cody Strause.

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