Patsy Peck
Special To The Record

Just letting you know how our trip went to Charleston:
We had 43 travelers including Ellen and myself. We had five who had to drop out at the last minute (Karen and Robert Vance due to chipped bone in her foot), Sherry Manning and Judy South, and Sandra Cash.

Everyone had a great time in a beautiful city! We stayed at the French Quarter Inn which is listed at the top of Trip Advisers for good reason. It was a beautiful hotel in a perfect location of Charleston. They served champagne and lady fingers at our arrival and continued through the whole stay; wine, cheese, crackers and fruit was served daily in the evening and followed up with fresh baked cookies and milk, hot chocolate, etc. before bedtime ( I think some even enjoyed champagne before bedtime). They also served wonderful breakfast choices each morning. I’m sure they were glad to see this group go because we didn’t miss any of these amenities each day.

We had a real southern lady as our tour guide, Martha who had a wealth of information about the history of Charleston. I’ve included a picture of her and our driver. We had wonderful meals and saw lots of sights and shopped and shopped.

The only hiccup was with our transfer back to Orange after the trip. The driver couldn’t get one of the luggage doors underneath closed. With some help from two of our guys on the trip (Larry Rice and Scott Ballard) and Larry’s pocket knife, we were on our way back to Orange. The only casualty was Larry’s pocket knife which was used to take care of the problem. Ellen and I are going to buy him a new one although he said it was no big deal. We’ll have to get with Karen, his wife and find out what to get as he wouldn’t say.

Ellen and I feel very blessed to work together on our group trips. She’s heading up our Mediterranean Cruise next October which is filling up fast.

Travelers were Rebecca Flickinger, Louie and Carolyn Jeanis, Joseph and Yvonne Jeanis, Betty Harmon, Gisela Houseman, Phyllis Stephenson, Kaylard LeBouef, Kitty Mazzola, Camille Fuller, Francis Lewis, Ramona Darnley, Pat Stracener, Pam Dionne, Maddy Nicolas, Mary Lobb, Irene Garrett, Margaret Jeffcote, Carolyn Ward, Becky Nichols, Cheryl Puntes, Janet Bland, Peggy Felchek, Kay Hall, Vicky Derese, Linda Brown, Cheryl Stone, Charlotte Broussard, Janell Scroggs, Lou and Sharon Davis, Larry and Karen Rice, Randy and Kathy Brown, Scott and Rita Ballard, Linda Ballard, Jimmy and Linda Womack, Ellen Ray and myself.