Thursday morning at 10:40, Officer Michael Roush was dispatched to Red’s Liquor, in the 2900 block of 16 th St. in reference to possible fraud. Upon arrival, Officer Roush met with employee Xavier King,

King advised police that on Dec. 2 and Dec. 14, he accepted checks from a suspect who also gave an ID. King also told police that both checks had been returned unpaid from Orange Savings Bank, advising that the checks had been altered.

King contacted the police department to say that he would file charges on the suspect, He also stated that the suspect is on the store’s security video.

Copies of the checks were gathered, and being kept as evidence

A short time later, Officer Roush was dispatched to Market Basket in the 3700 block of 16th St. in reference to possible forgery.

Upon his arrival at 11:21 am, Officer Roush met with employee Kimberly Harrison who advised that five checks were returned unpaid to Market Basket, from Chase Bank. The checks had been returned due to them being altered, or fictitious.

It was unknown what was altered or fictitious on the checks, but Harrison provided copies of the checks to police and advised she would press charges if a suspect is located.

Harrison also had information that the Beaumont Police Dept. may have a suspect in custody.