Orange County Judge Carl Thibodeaux was absent from the special meeting of Commissioners Court Monday. County Commissioner Precinct 3 John Dubose presided in the last planned meeting of 2011. Barring an emergency need for a meeting, there will be no court held next week between the Christmas and New Year holiday, which is a tradition in the court. The first session of 2012 will be held Tuesday, Jan. 3. Orange County will observe Monday, Jan. 2 as the New Year holiday.

The county received a direct deposit from the state comptroller’s office in the amount of $300,792.34 which are funds from the half cent sales and use tax for the month of October. Commissioners accepted the payment into the general fund.

Commissioners paid bills including: $9, 611.05 to Cleveland Construction Inc. for the Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 facility;$21,652.83 to U.T.M.B. for a contract payment; and $241, 822.06 all from the general fund; road and bridge, $9,479.63; mosquito control, $51, 914.00; adult probation, $6,549.01; other sources, $1,721.70; for a total of $311,486.40.

M. J. Girlinghouse and David Roberts were reappointed to a two (2) year term as commissioners on the Orange County Emergency Services District # 4 while Spencer Fuss was appointed to fill a vacant position for a two (2) year term all beginning Jan. 1. Arthur Hickey was appointed as an honorary commissioner.

“We have a commissioner that is in very ill health,” said Commissioner Precinct 2 Owen Burton, speaking of Hickey. “He [has provided a] long time service, that is why we’ve done the honorary thing.”

John Dubose thanked Burton for suggesting the honorary position. “I know him personally. He’s a very fine man.”

Appointed as commissioners, also for two year terms, for Emergency Services District 1 were Wyatt Boyett and retired city manager Dan Graves.

During discussions on accepting bids for theCIAP Grant installation of on-site sewage facilities for the Orange County locations, Commissioner Precinct 4 Jody Crump questioned Joel Ardoin why some of the estimates were so high compared to others.

“It depends on the location,” said Ardoin. “They may have to run some lines for an extended distance or if it is a drip system compared to a spray.” He said the cost is usually double for a drip system.

Commissioners decided to table the issue until Ardoin could double check the figures on the projects in question.

Bids on the CIAP Grant instillation in Vidor were approved.

Commissioners wished everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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