Police were called out Monday morning to the 1200 block of 16th St., in reference to theft of two air conditioning units. When Officer Troy Tyson arrived at about 9:45 am at Best Pawn, he met with the victim Shawn Buchanan, who advised that he checked his air condition units in the back of his business. The units were in a locked fence, and they were not damaged at that time.

Buchanan stated that he left and returned to the business at about 10:15 am to begin work. A short time later, the owner of Dan’s Alternator came into the store and informed Buchanan that his air conditioning units were missing.

Buchanan said he walked to the back of his business and noticed that an unknown suspect had climbed into the fenced area and took both of his 3-ton AC/heating units. At this time, he provided police with the makes, models and serial numbers of the units.

Officer Tyson observed the area where the AC units were, and the gate to the fenced area was still locked. Tyson observed that the AC units appeared to have been taken apart and lifted over the top of the fence.

Buchanan advised police that he would press charges if a suspect is located.

The estimated cost to replace the units is approximately $5,000 per unit.