The Detail Shop was chosen as the Business of the Month for December by the Bridge City Chamber of Commerce. However due to unforeseen circumstances owner April McGee was unable to attend chamber’s monthly networking coffee to receive the award. She was with her husband in the hospital and would like her story shared with the community to bring awareness of an incident that could have happened to anyone.

April’s husband, Jason McGee, only 37 years old and father to four boys was hospitalized because he had been a victim of a stabbing incident just west of the Rainbow Bridge on Highway 87, following a minor vehicle collision.

It was about 6 p.m. and still daylight on the busy highway that day when Jason nearly lost his life with one stab wound to the chest from a complete stranger. As April watched the man drive away, she was in disbelief of what she had just witnessed and how this had happened to them. After an ambulance ride to the Medical Center and thinking Jason would be stitched up and home that night to tell the scary story to the boys.

However, once at the hospital and after several tests, x-rays & scans, the doctors determined a need to do open heart surgery. The knife had penetrated through his sternum, into the pericardium with a nick into the outer layer of his heart, only about a millimeter away from his coronary artery. Had this artery been nicked by the knife, he would have bled to death on the side of the highway, while people were passing by driving home from work. This bizarre event could have happened to anyone!

Jason was going through his probationary period at work and therefore was not covered by health insurance. His doctor restricted him from driving for at least six weeks and from work for an undetermined period of time. Friends recently held a benefit in Winnie to help with medical and living expenses while he has been unable to work and provide for his family.

Meanwhile, April and her gang at The Detail Shop continue to give that one on one attention everyone wants in their hair salon which is one of the very reasons they were chosen as the recipient of the business of the month award. The facility is clean and has a relaxing, kick back atmosphere with two flat screen TV’s for customers to enjoy. The cheerful hair stylists pay attention to detail and keep records of their customers’ hair styles so there is no guess work the next time a customer visits the shop. The Detail Shop has also started doing feather extensions.

April McGee goes above and beyond to support the local schools and activities and Bridge City is her home.

The Detail Shop was presented with the Business of the Month Award Certificate, one free VIP pass to Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City and an oil change from David Self Ford.