Pearl Burgess
Special To The Record

A gentle snow was falling. It was Christmas Eve night. Every street was decorated, homes with glowing lights, candles in windows and wreaths hanging on doors. Nativity scenes, Santa Claus and reindeer were seen on lawns. Carolers were singing, lifting their voices with “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem” as they walked the neighborhood. Tomorrow would be Christmas day!

Everyone at Tommy’s house was anticipating tomorrow. Family and friends would gather together, opening gifts piled under the brightly lit tree. They would soon be sitting around the dinner table, eating, laughing, enjoying this special day. Uncle Bert, Aunt Ruth and Cousin John would arrive early Christmas morning to visit with Papa, Momma, and Tommy. It would be hard to sleep on Christmas Eve with so much to look forward to.

Sitting around the warm, inviting fireplace, drinking Momma’s hot chocolate, Tommy asked Papa, “Why do we celebrate Christmas?” Papa quickly answered, “Son, let me tell you a true story.”

“A long time ago in the town of Nazareth, a young girl named Mary was engaged to a man named Joseph. One night God sent an angel to tell Mary that she would become pregnant by the Holy Spirit. It would be a virgin birth. The angel further told her that her child would be the Son of God and she was to name him Jesus.”

“During this time, Caesar Augustus ruled that all people would have to be registered in their own town. Because Joseph was from the line of King David, he took Mary to the town of Bethlehem to fulfill his duty. When they arrived, Bethlehem was so crowded with people they could not find a place to stay. Because Mary was close to giving birth, they were forced to stay in a cave where animals were kept with feeding mangers and straw.”

“That night Mary gave birth to her son. She laid him in a manger for his bed, and named him Jesus, as God had instructed. Nearby, shepherds were in the fields tending their sheep when an angel came to them and announced, ‘A Savior has been born in David’s town. He is Christ the Lord!’ A host of angels sang, praising God and saying, ‘Peace on Earth, good will to men who please God.’ When the angels left, the shepherds found baby Jesus and were filled with joy and thanked God for what they had seen.”

“In the East, wise men heard about this miraculous event and decided to seek this child out. They traveled with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to present to the Christ child. A bright star led them to Jesus. Upon their arrival, they bowed down to Him and presented their gifts. They returned home and told the great news of what they had witnessed.”

Papa continued by saying, “Jesus came into this world to save people from their sins.”

Tommy spoke, “Papa, I believe in Jesus, and I want to tell everyone this amazing story.”

Papa agreed, “Son, that’s what we should all do. Go and tell.”

Outside, the carolers were singing, “Silent Night, Holy Night, Christ the Savior is born.”

What a blessing to all mankind, God’s gift of His only Son. Go and tell the Good News and wish all a Merry, Holy Christmas!