I stayed up too late but it was worth t. I watched the wildly entertaining Fiesta Bowl. Stanford beat themselves in a 41-38 loss to Oklahoma State. Stanford’s Andrew Luck is everything he’s billed as. It’s easy to see why he would be the number one pick in the NFL draft. It just doesn’t seem fair if he goes to the Colts and has to sit out a few years behind Payton Manning. He’s ready for the big time on day one. The Colts can get a bunch for him. Listen up Jerry Jones, give ‘um Romo and throw in coaches Jasen Garretts, Brother Ryan and a few million. Quarterback Brandon Weeden was impressive for OSU. He threw for 399 yards and three touchdowns. OSU won on a field goal and two missed field goals by Stanford. The big game left is LSU vs. Alabama in the national championship Jan. 9. If LSU gets beat, Oklahoma State can stake a claim at being number one. We’re having a party to pull LS&U through Sha and when the Texans fall, we’ll pull for the Saints to go all the way. *****Like most everyone else, this holiday season put me way behind. It was nice being lazy for a few days but it’s playing double time trying to catch up. I’ve laid around and watched plenty of football and the political GOP circus in Iowa. Results are after my deadline but I’ll bet no one is head and shoulders above the other. That Iowa deal is the country’s best chamber of commerce gimmick. It’s only a show to prove who is the least popular. Candidates and news outlets however, pour a billion dollars in that poor state.*****I’m short on news but here I go with what I’ve got. Hopefully, a little something for everyone. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


The curtain has shut on the Iowa caucus for another four years. Many millions of dollars have been left in the state over the last few months. Biggest spenders were Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, who left $4 million in the state. Meanwhile, the state of Texas has spent over $900,000 for Perry security and such. Of all the candidates, Perry is the only one who will still have a job when he leaves the race. He’s collecting $7,600 a month retirement, his salary as governor and is furnished a $10,000 a month mansion and all the perks. He’s really not gambling anything; he has nothing to lose. He and Romney had the two largest organizations in Iowa. New Hampshire will be bombarded next on Jan. 10.  Only five percent of the voters participated in the Iowa caucus Tuesday. Iowa voted for President Obama in the last presidential election and he figures to carry the state again in November. Romney is the big favorite in New Hampshire. Perry’s next stand will be in South Carolina. If he doesn’t place at least third he should pack up and come home. Some bitter feelings have come out of Iowa between Romney and Newt. A Romney super pack spent millions bashing Newt and he has vowed to retaliate, even if he has to spend his $9 million to see that Mitt never becomes president. Rick Santorum has picked up the self described Evangelicals but like Mike Huckabee that won’t get him the nomination, plus he can’t raise the money to go all the way. Ron Paul can hang around a longtime but will never be nominated. He could remain a thorn for the GOP as an Independent candidate. Soon Michelle Bachmann will have to fold her tent. In the end, I still believe Romney will be the nominee but like Sen. John McCain, he will be a weak candidate, even with Gov. Joe Christi on the ticket. If an Independent runs, he has no chance. President Obama won’t do as good this time around but he won’t need to. It’s all about the Electoral College. Texas won’t play a part in picking the GOP nominee; they set their own traps with the redistricting gerrymandering and won’t participate in the March Super Tuesday. By April, it will all be over but the shouting. I look for a very low voter turnout in the Texas primaries. President Obama doesn’t have an opponent and the race is over for the GOP. It will be up to the U.S. senatorial candidates replacing Kay Bailey to pull the wagon. Not much interest there. *****On the local scene, there will be two Republican contested races for the first time ever. Their biggest job will be trying to get voters to the polls in a low turnout. They will have to create excitement and that costs money.*****Locally, Orange County is still very much Democratic. The presidential election, in November, will be a horse race but neither Romney or Obama will set the woods on fire. A fair turnout, not a record turnout is expected. I believe between Obama and Romney, it will be mostly a trade off in southern states.*****Final thought, people in Iowa scrambled to take pictures with the candidates and waited in line to get their autograph and like McCain, Huckabee and all those before, next year those people won’t walk across the street to shake their hands.


It’s not often things slip by me but maybe because of the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season I did not hear of the death of Curtis Lee, a friend of 50 years, who died the day after Christmas, Dec. 26. Services were held Thursday, Dec. 29, handled by Grammier-Oberle funeral Home in Port Arthur. Curtis worked for them a long time and I guess that had something to do with not being aware of his death. If it had been a local funeral home I would have known. They send us up to the hour death notices. Curtis was one of the hardest working guys I’ve ever known. He was a pioneer in Bridge City having opened the Dip-O Drive Inn Restaurant back in the early 70s and was longtime owner of Curtis Lee Texaco station and other businesses. He was very involved with the Eagles organization and was a charter member of the Bridge City club. In later years he was very active in the Orange group. Over the years we got to do many things together and there was a period when he visited us every Sunday morning at the Creaux’s Nest, our old Bridge City location. He was a good man. W.T. Oliver always called Curtis, because of his Indian heritage, “Kemosabe” which means faithful friend. He was always available for any community project W.T. had going. Another of our good ones has fallen. May he rest in peace.  


The job market ended the year better than it began. Unemployment benefits have dropped and are at the lowest level in three years. Factory output is rising. Business owners say they’re more optimistic and consumer confidence has jumped to its highest level since April. The housing market is looking slightly better. Most analysts forecast a stronger economy and job growth in 2012. Analysts now say another recession is unlikely. This year should be better for hiring. Thirty-six economists say they expect an average of about 175,000 new jobs per month in 2012. Local sale tax receipts to the city and county governments were up from last report and are expected to be up 10 percent to 15 percent over last year. All in all, we have reason to be optimistic but we must be patient. The deep-rooted economic problems occured over a period of years and will take time to dig out but we’re on the right track according to the latest economic reports.

10 Years Ago-2002

Boy hasn’t the last 10 years flown by. The lid has shut on a year that will be remembered throughout the ages. Kids old enough will remember where they were on 9-11, 2001. Terrorists, led by Bin Laden, commandeered four commercial airplanes and brought havoc on our country. They also awakened the pride, patriotism and strength of America. (Editor’s note: Bin Laden was killed in 2011 on orders given by President Barack Obama. Most of the leaders of the terrorist group have since been killed.)*****Kim and Jason Mathews have a new baby girl, Baylee Noel, born Dec. 15. She shares a birthday with her beautiful grandmother Debbie Judice Roy. Jason is with the Tennessee Titans football team. (Editor’s note: Baylee is 10 years old today. Jason has retired and I’m not sure where he and Kim are living and what he’s doing.)*****Brian “Red” LaSalle, 44, was found dead at his home Dec. 24 by his brother, Burl. Services were held Dec. 26 in Woodville. *****Roy and Ms. Phyl celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary Dec. 31. *****Sue Bearden, C.J. Huckaby and Owen Burton are running for County Commissioner, Pct. 2. *****The Justice of the Peace, Pct. 2 race is crowded with Roy Derry Dunn, Ralph D. Cooper and Ed Barton. Cimmeron Campbell is a Republican incumbent J.P.*****Judge Carl Thibodeaux is challenged by former judge Pete Runnels. *****Former Dallas Cowboy Harvey Martin died at age 51. *****Coach Bud Tomlin, 89, coach at Thomas Jefferson and Bishop Byrne, also died. *****Celebrities who died in 2001 were Jack Lemmon, Carroll O’Conner, Anthony Quinn, John Lee Hooker, Foster Brooks, Troy Donahue, Imogene Coca, Dale Evans, George Harrison, Chet Atkins, Les Brown, Perry Como, Johnny Russell, Morton Downey Jr. and Cajun, Justin Wilson, just to mention a few. *****Orange County Commissioner John Dubose proposes courthouse security solutions that will cut cost from $350,000 to $100,000. He developed the plan after meeting with the district judges, Sheriff White and County Judge Thibodeaux. *****Attorney Alan Sanders is appointed chairman of “POST” Partnership of Southeast Texas. *****Orange city council seeks new city manager. Manager Chuck Pinto leaves Jan. 16, Police Chief Sam Kittrell will serve as interim manager over the next few months.

35 Years Ago-1977

Cecil Wingate, member of a large pioneer family and father of 18 children, died Saturday, Dec. 30. *****Richard Corder celebrates a birthday Jan. 4. *****Barbara Gillis returns to her old job as court reporter in the county court at law. The past four years she has been a court reporter in Jefferson County. (Editor’s note: About 20 years ago, Barbara went to Las Vegas and never came back.)*****Phyllis and Roy Dunn celebrated their 22nd anniversary with a big New Year‘s Eve party at their home. Ann Lieby, who attended with Tim, said the guest attending was a list of “Who’s Who” in Orange County. Also attending was Sen. Carl Parker and friends from Jefferson County. *****Barbara Mandrell and the Do-Rites will play for a dance at the VFW Hall on Jan. 11. (Editor’s note: That was before she was a star. She later came back to the Lutcher Theater as a star.)


Devin Force, Lillian Wray, Mary Williams, Nancy Lapeyrolerie, Marilou Pachar Gunn, Catherine Young, Deborah Schlicher, Malinda Vail, Patsy Dowder, Clint Reves, Louise Dubose, Jeff Peveto, Sherry Morgan, Marvin Ziller, Skipper Free, Max Geldard, Micah McFarlane, Betty Jagen, Carl Floyd, Jo Green, Libby Campbell, Michael Collins, Ted Arnold, Teresa Collins, Mike Comeaux, Joey Halliburton, Nadine Whitsett, Philipp Hunt, Sandra Cole, Sean Brinson, Harold Williams, Chad Meadows, Ken Steppe, Pat Gunstream, Ralph Buker, Susan Kelly, Evelyn Duncan, Frank Skeeler, Sandy Uzzle, Collin Gros, Scott Gerrald and Emily Breaux.


Homeboy, free safety Early Thomas, with the Seattle Seahawks, was named to start in the Pro Bowl. Thomas, a West Orange-Stark grad and University of Texas star, is the only Seahawk named. He is completing only his second year in the pros. This Orange County star is always quick to praise and give recognition to his hometown, Orange, Texas, the place that raised him.*****Matt Bryant, another Orange Countian and Bridge City native, is headed to the playoffs with the Atlanta Falcons. The place kicker has one of the best field goal averages in the pros. I’m surprised he wasn’t invited to the Pro Bowl. Both of these young men make us proud.*****Up and running is West Orange Mayor Roy McDonald after having gall bladder surgery last Friday. He’s not exactly running but he’s home, healing well and will be running soon. You can book it. He’s a nice guy and serves his town well. We wish him the best.*****”Wait until next year,” should be the Dallas Cowboy’s slogan. The last few years they stole it from the Aggies. We kept waiting but got the same old thing. I’m afraid it will continue until changes are made. Unfortunately, the problems start with the ownership and you can’t do anything about Jerry. The Cowboys have never won a playoff game under Romo. Coach Jason has the best talent in the league that just can’t seem to jell.*****Attendance was down last week at the Wednesday Lunch Bunch. The holidays found a lot of folks gone. Those in attendance at Novrozsky’s were Judge Janice Menard, Judge David Peck, Constable Chris Humble, city administrator at Pinehurst judge Joe Parkhurst, Sheriff Keith Merritt and Marlene, King Dunn, postmaster retired, Roy Dunn, no kin, Judge Claude Wimberly and Chief Jerry Wimberly and also breaking bread with the Bunch was Mandy Rogers, assistant district attorney. Judge Derry Dunn, King’s son, was in Georgia visiting his daughter. This week the Bunch will dine at Roberts and attendance should pick up. Everyone is welcome.  *****Special folks celebrating their special day. Our longtime friend, a beautiful, kind lady, Vivian Holbrooks, widow of the late Fain, celebrates Jan. 5. ***Another beautiful lady we’ve known for 50 years, Marilou Gunn, widow of the late Donald Gunn, marks her special day Jan. 5. ***One of our great friends, Skipper Free, born at Shangri La 78 years ago, celebrates Jan. 6. She’s a special and different kind of character. Where Skipper is, you’ll find that’s where the action is. ***Joan Trevino turns 80 on Jan. 6. Like Skipper she was born on the day of Epiphany, which is celebrated in Canada. Joan’s dad was Ellis Carter, a well-known businessman who owned three ABC grocery stores in the area. One is now the Danny’s store in West Orange.***A young man we’ve known since Little league, Bridge City High and Lamar football stardom, Lanston Fall, celebrates his big “55” Jan. 8. ***Sean Brinson, Darryl and Greta’s boy celebrate on Jan. 8.***One of our favorite young guys, Collin Slade Gros, “Billy Jack” to some of us, turns 17 years old on Jan. 10. It seems just the other day old “Lefty” was three-year-old “Blue Eyed Bill.” Happy birthday and best wishes to all. ***Happy 26th anniversary to Margie and Harry Stephens. They married in Vegas at midnight so they celebrate on the 10th and also 11th. Best wishes for good health and happiness. *****CREAUX’S TIP OF THE WEEK: Here’s a neat way to be organized. Use empty toilet paper rolls to store appliance cords. You never have to guess which cord goes with what. It keeps them neat, stores easily and you can write on the roll what appliance it belongs to. *****CAJUN DEFINITION: Pain Perdu (pan-pear-doo) or lost bread. A breakfast treat made by soaking bread going stale in an egg batter, then frying and topping with cane syrup or powdered or regular sugar. A very popular meal for Cajun families during years past. I still enjoy it. I like using the heel of the bread. I also put a little vanilla in the egg mix.*****Elly May Clampett, actress Donna Douglas, has settled a lawsuit with Mattel Toy makers and CBS over a Barbie doll that uses the character’s name and likeness. You might remember Elly May back in the 1960’s and 70’s. She was a shapely tomboy who loved critters. The Clampetts moved to Beverly Hills after striking oil in Arkansas. It was a favorite weekly show of mine. The writer had a great imagination.*****Wynonna Judd to marry for the third time. Cactus Moser, drummer with Highway 101, popped the question on Christmas Eve. They have been dating since 2009. She has two teenage children.*****Michael Jordan is engaged to longtime girlfriend Yvette Prieto, a Cuban-American model. He and Juanita Vanoy have three children. They divorced in 2006.*****It probably won’t ever happen but, scientists and economists propose a new permanent calendar. Each 12-month period will be the same year to year so holidays always fall on the same day of the week. Christmas would always fall on Sunday; Halloween would become Oct. 30 and always fall on Monday. The Hanke-Henry permanent calendar was proposed in December. New Year’s Day would always be on the same day.*****United States industry closes year on high growth and promised an even better year in 2012. Just two years ago Detroit automakers, Chrysler and General Motors filed for bankruptcy protection. A government bailout saved the carmakers and a domino effect that could have put the country in a depression. G.M. and Chrysler have repaid the bailout. *****A year ago on local radio, Con. Kevin Brady was spinning that the Obama oil policies would cost the loss of over 100,000 jobs, many thousand in our congressional district, and also increase our dependency on foreign oil. Monday, the Texas state network reported that production is up from last year. Other sources report the highest production of gas and oil ever. Oil companies are short of hands and are advertising for oil worker employees. The future looks bright for domestic oil and gas.*****The Texas and national unemployment are now tied and slowly coming down.


Patty Loveless will be 55 on Jan. 4; Michael Stipe, 52 and Deana Carter, 46.***Robert Duvall will be 81 on Jan. 5; Diane Keaton, 66; Bradley Cooper, 37 and January Jones, 34.***Katie Couric will be 55 on Jan. 7; Nicolas Cage, 48; David Caruso, 56 and Kenny Loggins, 64.***R Kelly will be 45 on Jan. 8; David Bowie, 65 and Sean Paul, 39.***Judith Krantz will be 75 on Jan. 9; Joan Baez, 71; Catherine, duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) will be 30 and Howie Long, 52.***Frank Sinatra Jr. will be 68 on Jan. 10; Rod Stewart, 67; George Foreman, 63 and Pat Benatar, 59.


When Agness Comeaux, a blond Cajun girl, boarded a small two-seater Cessna airoplane at da Esterwood grass airstrip. After taking off and approaching Lafayette, da pilot him, dies. Agness her, not knowing how to fly a plane grab da radio and say, “Mayday, Mayday, dis is Agness from Rayne, my pilot Sostan Thibodeaux done died him, help, help.”
Da air controllet answers back, “Don’t worry madam, me, I’ll talk you down. Jus do as I say.”
Angess answer, “Okay.”
Da controller say, “First I need for you to give me your height and position.”
Very nervous, Agness answer, “Me, I’m five foot two and I’m sitting in da right front seat.”
Ground control came back and say, “Lordy, Ms. Agness, repeat after me, Our Father which art in Heaven–”


This is special to Donna Scales, Christy Khoury and Shirley Zimmerman. They don’t seem to know how old age works. Some day, hopefully, they will learn what it’s like to live life one day at a time. To answer your questions, even though I’m young at heart, I’m slightly older in other places. Not young, not dead, somewhere in between. It’s true I can’t get started until I’ve had a piping hot pot of coffee in the morning. Oh yes, I’ve tried other enemas. You’re darn right I believe in having sex on the first date. At my age there may not be a second. I don’t buy green bananas either. Yes, you can say I’m retired. I was tired yesterday and the day before and I’m tired again today. Now all of that is not just great but it beats the alternative, so cut me some slack.*****Here’s hoping that so far your new year is going great. Please shop our family of advertisers and read us cover to cover. Check us out on the web, also, therecordlive.com. My time is up, thanks for yours. Take care and God bless.