For the first time in many months I saw water sitting in the yard and the ditches half full. Monday nearly three inches of rain fell. It was welcomed but came too late to save many of the trees that will have to be cut down come spring.*****Our lake water is our most valuable asset and if we’re not careful it will end up in Houston or Dallas. A company wants a 99-year deal to purchase 200 billion gallons a year from Toledo Bend. Louisiana must sign off on it but that’s just another move to acquire East Texas water. Some say this may leave us begging for some of our own water back some day.*****Around my tee-pee we’ve been watching the GOP traveling circus and way too much football for the eyeballs. It’s been one football party after another. The Texans beat the Bengals 31-10 and take on the Ravens Sunday, 12 noon on CBS. The other big game for us was Drew Brees and the Saints who took on the Detroit Lions 45-28. It’s a sure bet we’ll have a Saint’s party when they head west to take on the 49ers, Saturday, 3:30 p.m. on FOX.***The surprise pro game was Denver’s Tebow beating Big Ben and the Steelers with a miracle pass to Demaryius Thomas, who took it to the house, 80 yards in 11 seconds of overtime for the win. Denver travels to New England where Tom Brady waits for the 7 p.m. clash on Saturday on CBS.***The Giants beat Matt Bryant and the Falcons. Manning and company will try to upset Aaron Rogers and the Packers, Sunday, 3:30 p.m. on Fox. ***The biggest disappointment at our Monday night party was LSU being skunked 21-0 by Alabama. It was the first shutout in a BCS National Championship game. ***There you are and the above is why I’m so far behind on this column. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.


Last week, before the results from the Iowa caucus were reported, this column was the only newspaper column to say that Gov. Rick Perry would bypass New Hampshire and make his stand in South Carolina. He said he would return to Texas and think about the future of his campaign. He never returned to Texas. The following morning, he announced he would invade South Carolina. A couple of things probably happened. A super-pac called and said “We’ve got money” but more likely, Perry, who had hopes of being a vice-presidential candidate when he entered the race saw those hopes go down the drain. The Perry brand was damaged badly in Iowa and he hopes in South Caroline he can repair some of the bad taste and restore some creditability. At least enough to be a speaker at the Tea Party venues, which would pay him big bucks to speak. In the last two debates on Saturday and Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” he laid the groundwork by accusing Republicans of putting the country in the mess it’s in. Of course Obama can’t straighten it out but he, Perry, could. He did two things with that approach, he got back at the Bushes and set himself up to make plenty of money talking to Tea Party groups. Such as Sarah Palin did. He’s right about who drove the bus into the ditch but he will preach that only Tea Party values can fix the country. My belief is that in a couple of years the Tea Party will be history. As far as the future of the GOP, Mitt Romney will be nominated but he brings baggage as a corporate raider. Born with a gold spoon in his mouth, he has a hard time getting down to the level of the common folks. If elected, he would be the first billionaire president. Watching the debates we learned that each candidate says the other is not qualified to be president. Romney should win New Hampshire big. Jon Huntsman, the best candidate as far as I can see, will come up some but not enough. Rick Santorum is last week’s news. Newt will blow his wad in S.C. to further damage Mitt. Perry will spend his dough downing the Republican Party to set himself up to make bucks before leaving his sinking ship.


We were sorry to hear about the death of Dick Lea, 84, who passed away Jan. 4. We had known Dick, the younger brother of Bill, Johnny, Spiv and Hugh. Bill, Hugh and Dick were all attorneys. At one time Bill served as district attorney in Jefferson County. Back in the early 60’s, Hugh and Dick maintained a law office on Short Six Street, near Farmer’s Mercantile, in the same building that later housed the Opportunity Valley Newspaper. Dick left here and went to work for NASA, at Johnson Space Center. Brother Hugh moved to East Texas where he married Johnny Horton and Hank William’s widow. She was also the sister of David Houston. Bill later moved to the beach. Their dad had been a very popular mayor of Orange who was instrumental in the building of the Rainbow Bridge. They were kin to many who were prominent in the history of Orange and their roots ran deep in Orange society. My friendship with the Lea brothers goes back a long way. Our condolences to wife Jean, daughter Brette and the family. The Lea boys are all gone now but the Lea family left it’s mark. May he rest in peace. Please see obit.

10 Years Ago-2001

Gage Michael Martinez, born at Baptist Hospital in Orange at 1:08 p.m., Jan. 2, is Orange County’s first born of 2002. The son of April and Joseph Martinez, of Bridge City, weighed in at eight pounds, two ounces and was 19 inches long. *****Recently appointed Bridge City High counselor, Glen Prince, an Orange County native, was born in Orange, grew up in B.C. and lived in Little Cypress. Glen will also announce the football games, a job he inherited from Terry Steubing, who was named High School principal.*****Jo-El Sonnier and Gatemouth Brown will headline the 15th annual Janis Joplin bash Sat., Jan. 19. Sonnier and Brown will also be inducted into the Museum of the Gulf Coast Music Hall of Fame.*****Lou Raburn is named Bridge City “Citizen of the Year.” Serving on the committee to name citizen were Marialeice Saucier, Caroline Sheppard and Don Peters.*****John “Jack” Dorman, 74, died Jan. 4. Jack had suffered a stroke in 1993 that left him immobile. Service was held at Claybar Funeral Home, Jan. 7. He leaves behind wife Vivian, daughter Donna Scales, sons Johnny and Larry Dale and several grandchildren. (Editor’s note: Since Jack’s death, Ms. Vivian has also passed away.)*****Singer Wayland Jennings recently had a foot amputation, resulting from diabetes. Waylon was a member of Buddy Holly’s band. He gave up his seat to J.P. Richardson on the plane that crashed and killed all passengers, including Holly. *****Everyone is talking about Van Choate’s Cajun Cookery being the place to eat the best seafood buffet. *****Two Bridge City football players, Matt Peebles and Joe Khoury, were nominated for the Willie Ray Smith award. *****Pretty Karen Jo Vance, county clerk, announces her candidacy for re-election. She was elected to the office in 1998. She started in the clerk’s office in 1976, then served under Sallie Frazier and Molly Theriot before being elected with 75 percent of the vote. She was born in Kentucky on Dec. 28, 1954. In 1955, her parents, Jack and Mary Lee Wright, moved to Texas where she grew up in Roselawn. Both of her parents passed away in 2001. She graduated from Stark High and married her high school sweetheart, Robert Vance, in Sept. 1973. (Editor’s note: Karen Jo is still pretty, still married to Robert and oh yea, she is still our excellent county clerk.)

35 Years Ago-1977

Barry Wiseman had knee surgery again to repair an old football injury.*****Sue Pate was selected “Woman of the Year” by the Bridge City B&PW.*****Dr. Mark Messer is the new Bridge City chamber president.*****Flo and Gene Edgerly attended a reception in Austin for new senator Carl Parker and governor Dolph Briscoe.*****Harry Hubbard, state president of AFL-CIO, will be the feature speaker at the Bridge City Chamber banquet.*****Attorney Sharon Bearden and police chief Wilson Roberts go on their annual new year’s diet. Friends expect the same results they have had over the last 15 years.*****The temperature hits a low 17 degrees this week.*****Dick Bivens is remodeling his Texas Ave Grocery store. The lovely young lady up front at the checkout stand is his daughter Betty. What a doll.


This week, we are proud to welcome David Ball, a noted writer, to our staff. David will be covering happenings around the county and also calling on the advertising market to help our business customers design a better advertising program. Give David a call at 886-7183.


Ann Olliff, Ashley Rion, Davie Thompson, Fermin Brown, Grant Gilson, John Craus, Madeline Dawn Evans, Teresa Franklin,
Beth Lindner, Donald Edgerton, Bill Braus, Charles Pou, Dana Sandlin, David Pendergast, Jimmie Allen, Lynnette Lothman, Susan LeBlanc, Kent Hannegan, JoLynn Sholmire, Lyndia Permenter, Jack Stout, Mandy Jaarah, Patricia Coppage, Chris Williams,
Brittany Trantham, Joan Lyons, Mel Campbell, Rob Fisher, Tommy Thompson, Bill Pryor, Don Thompson, LaDonna Bell, Brennan Broussard, Carson Peet, Joy Hughes, Margaret Cavanaugh, Tyler Reves, Dee Culpepper, Don Bailey, Jon Mott, Gary Dearing,
Clayton Gearhart, Joel Meyers, Glenn Oliver, Jerry Ashby, John Green III, Matthew Lee, Milly Arnold, Gail Meadows, Tanner Wilson and Bob Couser.


We ran into Donna Riley, one of our favorite people we’ve known since she was a teenage D.E. student at Bridge City High. Through all those years, she’s done to ride the range with. She’s not only nice and sweet she is always so accommodating. Donna says she and husband David, visited Roy and AnnaBelle Rost’s hometown of Abbeville and spoke of how unique the Cajun town is and about the great food they ate.*****Speaking of good food, it’s hard to beat Gary’s Café for breakfast or anytime. I’ve never gotten a bad meal at Gary’s. They no longer allow smoking. For years they did not have a No Smoking zone.*****The Orange Democratic Party is having a big get together Saturday at V.F.W., 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. There will be good food, music and lots of fun. Children are welcome. See ad in this paper.*****Judge David Peck and Patsy visited Ms. Ed Parker, now living in Branson. She is the widow of the late sheriff. While there the Judge came across some great peanut brittle however, what he was most excited about was some Boudreaux cracklins. They really are just pork skins but he sure bragged about those Cajun Boudreanx’s cracklins. Boudreaux must have left South Louisiana because it says right on the package, Manufactured by BFC Inc., Bartlett, Tennessee. Dat Boudreaux ain’t no Cajun him.*****Now here’s a real deal if you want the world’s best citrus, oranges and grapefruit, grown right here in Orange County. There are several growers in the area but the one I’m most familiar with is John Heard. John says he has plenty of juicy citrus left. Give him a call at 988-5231.*****Friday, Jan. 13, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., a gathering will be held for Linda Cupit, who is retiring after 31 years with Sabine Federal Credit Union (Dupont). Everyone is invited to come by and say goodbye. We wish her the best and Linda keep us working stiffs in mind while out playing.*****Our buddy Dr. Lee Brown, founder of Brown Hearing Aids, has been under the weather and hospitalized. Here’s hoping he’s on the mend. God speed.*****We ran into our longtime buddy, CPA Larry Webb, the other day. I can report Larry is big and healthy. He bought a place on Strapper Dr. in Bridge City and has remolded it. He has a million dollar view of the marshland and the Rainbow and Memorial bridges.*****On Jan. 10, George Foreman turns 63 and Naomi Judd will be 66 on the next day. Two people who have lived the American dream.*****Speaking of having a dream, Jan. 16 is Martin Luther King Day. It’s a national holiday which means another Monday with banks and etc. closed.*****Our 93-year-old friend, King Dunn, has been under the weather and we pray for him.*****Some special folks celebrating their special day. City councilman/plumber, Bill Mello, is a year older Jan. 11.***A nice, pretty and sweet lady, Lyndia Permenter, celebrates her special day Jan. 13. She’s the lovely bride of mayor J.W. Permenter.***Mel Kemp Campbell, a lovely child we’ve known since right after diapers, is now a beautiful middle-aged lady. Happy birthday, Jan. 13.***Bridge City councilman, Robert Simonton, marks another year Jan. 14.***Ms. Ruth Berry turns 92 on Jan. 14. Best wishes for many more healthy ones.***A special friend and great guy, Glenn Oliver, marks another year on Jan. 16.***Former councillady, Gail Meadows, celebrates Jan. 17.***Pattie’s oldest, Erin Hanks, celebrates Jan. 17. A Vegas resident, she’s in the right place to celebrate.***Our buddy, attorney Jack Smith, is a year older Jan. 17.***Happy 31st. anniversary to Doug and Regina Harrington. They moved into their new home in Spring a couple of weeks ago. Thirty-one years went by fast. I remember when they came by to tell us they were engaged. Seems like only a dozen years ago.*****CREAUX’S TIP OF THE WEEK: Cure for a headache. Take a lime, cut it in half and rub it on your forehead. The throbbing will stop, just go away. I don’t know why it works but it does.*****CAJUN DEFINITION: Beignet (ben-yea), Cajun French for “French Donut,” A delicious, sweet doughnut, square shaped and minus the hole, lavishly sprinkled with powdered sugar. Sometime served with chicory flavored café au Lait coffee and steamed milk like Café’ Demond serves in New Orleans. As a kid my grandmother made beignets often and we ate them with Steen syrup. Sop it up.*****


Mary J. Blige will be 41 on Jan. 11; Stanley Tucci, 52 and Amanda Peet, 40.***Rush Limbaugh will be 61 on Jan. 12; Howard Stern, 58; Kirstie Alley, 57 and Heather Mills, 44.***Julia Louis-Dreyfus will be 51 on Jan. 13; Trace Adkins, 50; Patrick Dempsey, 46 and Orlando Bloom, 35.***On Jan. 14, Faye Dunaway will be 71; LL Cool J, 44 and Jason Bateman, 43.***On Jan. 15, Mario Van Peebles will be 55; and Kate Moss, 38.***Betty White will be 90 on Jan. 17; James Earl Jones, 81; Muhammad Ali, 73; Robert Kennedy Jr., 58; Michelle Obama, 48; Kid Rock, 41 and Ray J, 31.


Old people have problems that younger people haven’t considered yet. Eight-five year old J.C. “Tee-Nonk” Boudreaux was requested by Dr. DeVille, as part of his physical exam, a sperm count. Dr. DeVille said, “Take dis jar home and bring back a semen count sample tomorrow.
“Okay, I do dat me, said Tee-Nonk.
Da nex day, Tee-Nock came to da doctor’s office and gave Dr. DeVille da jar, wat was clean and empty.
Dr. DeVille axe, “Wat happen Tee-Nonk?”
Tee Nonk say, “Well, it’s like dis, first I tried with my right and den my left but nutten happen. Den I axe my wife Blanche for help. She tried wit boat hands, den she tried wit her mouth, wit her teets in and wit dem out, still nutten.”
Blanche call our neighbor Agnes and she tried too, first wit boat hands and den her arm pit but still nutten.”
Dr. DeVille was shocked him, “You axe you neighbor?”
Eighty-five year old Tee-Nonk answer, “Sure did and none of us couldn’t open dat darn jar.”
Editor’s note: Containers should be easier for old folks to open.


Here’s what is coming down the pike. After the U.S. Congress has said “NO” to everything, sitting on their hands, acting as obstructionist and keeping their own speaker hostage for two years, they will scream foul. President Obama says okay guys, I’ll bypass you and go directly to the American people and let them deal with you. Now congressmen, who have only a 9 percent to 11 percent approval rate are accusing the President of not working with Congress. Those with opponents are worried he won’t give them a chance to improve their image while he’s running against them. They left him no choice; from day one their goal has been to defeat him. Now they don’t believe what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will gather at Novrozsky’s this week and Robert’s next. Everyone is welcome.*****Well, a cool front is here and that’s good. I’ve gotta get out of here. Please read us cover to cover and shop our family of advertisers. Take care and God bless.