Wednesday, Jan. 11, Officer Patrick McDonald with the Orange Police Dept., responded to the 200 block of S. Farragut in reference to a stolen air conditioner.

Upon arrival about 10:00 am, Officer McDonald made contact with the complainant, who is an employee of ITEX Property. Chad Broussard told police that around 9:00 am, he received a call from a neighbor who told him that an air conditioner appeared to have been taken.

Broussard arrived on the scene and discovered the a/c unit missing. It is believed that the unit had been stolen sometime the previous night, and there was no suspect information.

The a/c unit, which is valued at $300, was described as a Copeland Scroll outside unit, and Broussard was able to provide police with both serial and model numbers.

Broussard advised that on behalf of the company, they would pursue charges.