It could

soon be Orange County’s biggest transportation milestone. Transportation

engineers have announced that the last section of the original I-10 in Orange

County will soon be rebuilt. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)

says the project involves major reconstruction of the interstate from near Adams

Bayou to the Louisiana State line.

The project includes new

bridges, redesigned entrance and exit ramps and concrete pavement. Another

major improvement includes a continuous frontage road across the Union Pacific

railroad tracks at SH 87 (16th Street).

Transportation experts

will hold an “open house” style public meeting from 5:30 to 7:30 on Tuesday

(January 17) showcasing the proposed project. The meeting will be held at the

City of Orange council chambers. TxDOT is hoping to get opinions and comments

from the public concerning the changes. Engineers, including TxDOT designers

and staff, will be available to answer questions.

The $41 million project,

scheduled to go to construction in the spring of 2013, will be one of the last

sections of I-10 to be rebuilt since its original construction more than 50

years ago. Approximately 50,000 vehicles travel the stretch of highway every