Christian Women’s Job Corps (CWJC, “offering a hand up not a hand out”), serving the Golden Triangle, will be having Orientation Day at the Orange site, located at 2300 41st St. (room 37) in Orange. Spring classes will resume Feb. 15, at 10:00 am.

The organization, which was started in 1997, has had a tremendous success rate of helping women from all walks of life improve their quality. We have been in the Golden Triangle since 2005 and the modern Orange site is a wonderful job skill site, offering job skills, such as computer skills, resume writing, interview techniques, job etiquette, business and banking and crafts.

There is also a Bible study, with a graduation ceremony complete with certificate at completion. Each student will also be assigned a personal mentor to accompany them in their journey to wholeness.

For information, contact Trish Hinson at 883-9100.