Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School has again been recognized by Special Olympics. LCM HS Life Skills Teacher, Terrie Parker, Activities Director, Stacey Smith, and students Clyde Jones and Dallas Lopez have been invited to attend a Project UNIFY workshop from Feb. 21 to 23 in Portland, Ore.

Each participating state program had the opportunity to select facilitating teachers and one pair of students from one of their active high school groups, with Project UNIFY paying all expenses, including travel, meals and hotel.

LCM’s selection is a result of activities such as the Bear Bowl and the student council’s campaign race and win for Texas Association of Student Council (TASC) office on the “Erase the R-Word” platform. LCM HS was named an “Ideal Inclusion School” by the National Special Olympics Headquarters in Washington, D.C., and is referred to as a model school by Special Olympics trainers around the State.

According to Dr. Terri Estes, LCMHS Principal, “Many things that we do on a daily basis and sometimes take for granted, like Life Skills students eating lunch with “typically developing” students in the cafeteria, do not happen in other schools. Texas Special Olympics office frequently uses LCM High School as a model for others to emulate as they develop their program across Texas and the nation. “LCM HS is honored to be selected for this workshop opportunity,” said Estes.