Well, I’ve rolled up on another week. They sure do come around quicker than they did 30 years ago. I haven’t been up to speed the last few weeks so time is traveling faster than I am. I have to rush my mind to catch up but it still falls behind. Sometimes old folks get too much on their plate. Deadline and old age don’t go hand in hand. I need to find out what the old man at the parks secret is, but then maybe that’s exactly what I don’t need, I’m just half alive now. I’m four hours away from deadline and I’ll never make it if I don’t get started. I would appreciate it if you came along. I promise it won’t do you no harm. We have a little something for everyone. Take what you want, throw the other out. Remember It’s just me and Creaux letting you in on the know. Now it’s time to go.


Experts predict a housing turnaround is near and the housing industry is nearing a bottom. The housing outlook is brightening, with signs of a better economy. United States employers are adding jobs, unemployment is slowly moving down. Today it’s the lowest in three years. There is now more evidence of improvement in the economy and housing follows the economy. Moody predicts single-family housing starts will rise 37 percent this year.*****Natural gas prices are plummeting at a pace which has even caught the experts off guard. The country is flush with natural gas, with the surplus growing, even as the country burns record amounts. Winter’s warm weather was the fourth warmest in the last 177 years. Cheap natural gas is mainly a good thing for the economy. Offsetting heat and electric cost cushions the high gasoline prices. So why is it that gasoline prices at the pump are so high? For the first time in six decades, the U.S. is exporting more gasoline and diesel fuel than it imports. Six hundred thousand barrels a day of refined products, mostly gasoline and diesel fuel are exported. However the oil companies are gouging us at the pump. We have no oil shortage. Their latest excuse is problems with Iran that might occur. Watch the profit report for oil companies to go through the roof, yet they are talking about $4 a gallon gasoline. Who’s raping us? Who’s making it difficult on the working class? If prices don’t come down by September or October, Obama will get the blame so he had better have a plan.


It seems so strange to me to be saying goodbye to Gene Goza, 74, who left us on Jan. 10. A longtime loyal friend, Gene was one of this publications biggest fans but he was so much more. Gene was a fun loving, colorful character who brought laughter and smiles because his own was so contagious. He loved to entertain but just as much, enjoyed good entertainment and was close to many who did it professionally. He had a handsome face but a rubber-like face that he could turn into the worlds ugliest, a fun loving gimmick. Fifty-one years on the same job at Firestone, his goal was 55. He was a survivor after tragedies. His first wife was killed in a wreck, his daughter Misty murdered. Just five days before his death Christy Koury visited with her uncle. He was as usual upbeat, with his hearty laugh. She said he had nothing but praise for The Record Newspapers and the services they render to the local community. We feel the same about the life and goodwill Gene spread. We have lost another of our beautiful, unique characters. Rest in peace our friend.


Gov. Rick Perry’s ace in the hole got beat by a straight flush. His ace was that he had set it up for the Religious Right leaders to meet at Judge Paul Pressler’s ranch in Brenham. All the Evangelical leaders that attended, including Tom Perkins, Dr. James Dobson, Gary Bauer and Don Wildmon, reached a strong consensus to support Rick Santorum on their third ballot. Their focus was on who they felt best represented the conservative movement and who had the best chance to succeed. Roughly 150 people from around the country attended; they prayed and heard passionate speeches on behalf of candidates.  They threw Perry out on the first ballot and didn’t even consider Mitt Romney. In the final ballot, 114 voted. Eighty-nine votes for Santorum and 25 voted for Newt Gingrich. Perry is the big loser. He needed the boost the Evangelicals could have provided. He had met with the leaders last fall in Fredericksburg and thought he had the endorsement locked in. Perkins said the group was driven by the desire to oust President Obama and who they felt could best do that. “There were some concern because of Perry’s stumbles, his missteps ended up being too troublesome,” said Perkins. The backing should mean public endorsements, fundraising and support by religious activist for Santorum. They don’t want to repeat 2008, when Sen. John McCain was nominated. This is a stop Romney move. I don’t believe they can make it happen. Huntsman has dropped out and it won’t be long now before Perry is full time in Austin. His ride in the national limelight was a big dollar Texas taxpayer blunder. Perry confirmed what many around the country think of Texans. He never was prime time material and he didn’t improve the Perry brand, not even with the Evangelicals he had set up. My bet is even with the religious leaders’ best efforts, they can’t stop Mitt, and if they don’t even have a chance at beating Obama, they will have to join him or wait four more years for Jeb Bush. Laura Bush said the family wanted him to run this time. The quote of the week came from George Will, “The country won’t fall in love with Mitt.” Not if the Religious Right has anything to do with it. The race will be left with one Mormon, two Catholics and Ron Paul, as the only protestant. For the first time in decades the Southern Baptist Fundamentalist and Evangelicals won’t have a protestant running for president. Strange how things turn out in politics. Sometimes they deal from the bottom of the deck and come up with a dead horse. By the way, if you’re wondering why Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh came down hard on Rick Perry’s vulture comment on Bain Capital, it’s because Bain’s portfolio includes syndicating their radio shows. Now you know the rest of the story. The vultures did get Perry.

10 Years Ago-2002

The Nelda C and H.J. Lutcher Stark Foundation is providing nearly $50,000 to help Ducks Unlimited restore 1,531 acres of habitat on two conservation projects, on private land near Bridge City. Texas Parks and Wildlife and Ducks Unlimited launched the conservation plan*****Betty Harmon, Gerald Ehrman, United State Rep. Jim Turner and Judge Carl Thibodeaux cut the ribbon to the new Hwy. 87 overpass, near Wal-Mart Thursday, Jan. 10, 2002.*****Dolly Parton turns 56 on Jan. 19. That could also be her bust size. Many of us saw her with Porter Wagner in Beaumont when she was in her early 20’s. Her measurements have grown since those days. (Editor’s note: This week, she turns 66 and is still carrying that load up front.)*****The Record Newspapers names All Orange County Football Team. Bridge City Coach James Conway was named “Coach of the Year.”***On offense, Bridge City’s Luke Wolfford, was named “Most Valuable Player,” Matt Peebles “Two-way Player of the Year and Jamey Knight “Versatility Player of the Year.”*** “Defensive Player of the Year,” was Aaron Williams of Orangefield.***“Special Team Player” was Robert Melich, of B.C.***Best Newcomers Jonathan Teat-LC-M, Kerry Franks, WO-S, Josh Chagois, LC-M, Sean O’Bannion, Vidor, Dwayne Breaux, B.C., Luke Agerton, Orangefield.***Wide Receivers named were Kendrick Wiley, LC-M, Luther Sanders, B.C., Colby Walton, Orangefield, Eric Enard, WO-S and Eric West, WO-S.***Tight Ends named were Tyler Bridges, B.C. and Justin Hall, Vidor. Linemen named were Chris Harvey, B.C., Aaron Mitchel, B.C., Mark Cole, Vidor, Pat Godwin, B.C., Dustin Dyer, LC-M. and Aaron McGuire, B.C.***Kicker named was Brett Barclay, W.O.-S.***On defense: Linemen Justin Cruse, B.C., Tyrone Brown, WO-S, Keith Ingle, Vidor, Adam Woods, LC-M, Thomas Raley, Vidor, Jeff Pollock, LC-M, Kaleb Faulk, B.C. and Jonathan Morrow, WO-S.***Linebackers: Joe Khoury, B.C. Stephen Hodge, Vidor, Matt McCain, B.C., and Blake Callier, LC-M.***Defensive Backs: Turquoy Riggs, WO-S., Vontearr Edwards, WO-S., Chad Smith, LC-M. and Punter, David Pelfrey, LC-M. (Editor’s Note: Over the past 40 years, we have been featuring an “All County Team.” I think this 2002 team was one of the best, not only on the gridiron but also all around kids.)

35 Years Ago-1977

James Earl Carter Jr., the Peanut Prince from Plains, Georgia, became president of the United States on Jan. 20. Jimmy is a true product of the old south. He defied all of the odds to become president. Walter Mondale, a Yankee, becomes vice-president.*****Attorney H.D. Pate is elected president of the Rotary Club. He will replace Roy Dunn in June. Others elected are Rev. Don Richey, first vice-president, Bill Wiesman and Rev. Ed Robinson, vice-presidents, J.R. Wilson, secretary/treasurer, William “Bill” Nacol, sergeant at arms. Directors are Bobby Cormier, Lynn Emerson, Jimmy Moss and Bubba Hubbard. Pate is a partner in the law firm of Pate and Burgess. He is also city attorney, water district attorney and past president of Orange County Bar and Bridge City Chamber.*****Hal Sanders has purchased Charlie Sprotts Bar-B-Que and will relocate on Fourth Street.*****Lester Barrett marries Annetta.*****Gene Goza picked to be the “Ugliest Man in the World” at a Canadian show similar to “What’s My Line.” Meanwhile, his daughter Traci, was named “Deb Queen” and “Miss Photogenic” in the LaJoli Belle contest. (Editor’s note: Gene passed away last week and Traci was murdered several years ago.*****The Horance Granger home, on Michelle Road, was totally destroyed by fire.*****Jackie Harmon is home from hospital.*****Orange Appliance outgrows location. Fain Holbrooks and Coy have moved to the former Hester Andrews location on MacArthur Circle. (Editor’s note: That place has been a lot of things. It’s now Orange Carpet and back in the 1950’s, it was Holly Motor Co., Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge dealer. Ted Wilkinson was general manager, Roy Dunn was sales manager.


Brenda Oliver, Laverne Walles, Bonny Sarver, Dylan Huckebay, Mary Louise McKee, Misti Jagoe, Tara Thompson, Virginia Sanford, James Crabtree, Candace Clark, Jimmy Whittle, John Michael Foote, Lisa Costilla, Michael Amsden, Brenna Manasco, Melissa Berry, Beth Fisher, Gloria Bertrand, Joy Gilliam, Steve Griffith, Beverly Delahoussaye, Chjarl;es Arceneaux, Sarah Bonds, Millagro Foster, David Doucet, Cris Anderson, Meloney Delano, Joseph Trantham, Julian Meadows, Don Collins, Gary Baker, Janice Westfall, Lyndon Robinson, Myra Sherwood, Nancy Sieck, Suzanne Pittard, Betty Stephenson, Sandra Peveto, Caitlyn Lindner, Cindy Cain, Eryn Leroux, Harold Collins, Jennifer Grizzaffi, Logan Mitchell, Lyndell Hodgkinson, Stephanie Smith, Sue Harris and Karen Anthony.


Deputy County Clerk, Brandy Robertson and Angelique Cook just returned from College Station where they had four intense days of County Clerk education put on by Texas A&M.**** Linda Steward, once a Wal Mart greeter at the Orange Super Wal Mart from 1995 to 2000 and moved to Vinton, is now back in Orange.*****Tevin Henson who is majoring in music at Lamar Beaumont just returned after visiting mom, Kim Fezia.*****Happy birthday to La’Quinthia Henson who turned 25 on Jan. 16.*****Donna Peterson and family had a great time in Hawaii. Ask her about the pro-golf tournament.*****Orange County Clerk Karen Jo Vance was part of a focus group at Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center in Liberty. She recommends we all visit the Center if ever in Liberty.*****Fort Worth native, Kelly Clarkson, will perform the National Anthem before the Super Bowl, Feb. 5. Miranda Lambert and husband, Blake Shelton, will sing America the Beautiful and Madonna will perform at halftime.*****Dick Van Dyke, 86, will marry 39-year-old Arlene Silver. She has a good knowledge of classic television trivia and a sense of humor. *****Halle Berry will marry 46-year-old Oliver Martinez. It’s his third trip to the alter.*****The Essence Music Festival will be held in New Orleans, July 6 to July 8. It’s the largest black artist festival in the country. Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, is the headliner, with Stephanie Mills, Charlie Wilson, Kayshia Cole and dozens of other artist to perform.*****CREAUX’S TIP OF THE WEEK: Alka Seltzer has many uses, here are just a few. Drop in two Alka Seltzer tablets to clean toilet, wait 20 minutes, brush and flush. Can be used for cleaning dentures also, put one tablet in a cup of water with dentures for at least 10 minutes or overnight, rinse with hot water. Another use for Alka Seltzer is to clean jewelry, just soak. *****CAJUN DICTIONARY: Coonass: I’m often asked where or what the word derived from. The word is a controversial term in the Cajun lexicon. To some Cajuns, it’s regarded as a supreme ethnic slur, meaning “ignorant or backward Cajuns.” To many others, the term is a badge of pride, much like the word Chicano is for Mexican Americans. In South Louisiana for example, one can often see bumper stickers reading, “Registered Louisiana Coonass.” The word originated in South Louisiana’s Cajun parishes and is derived from the belief that Cajuns frequently ate raccoons. It is proposed that the term contains a negative racial connotation, namely that Cajuns were beneath or under blacks or “Coons” as Blacks were often called. I recall Blacks took pride in the word Negro and weren’t bothered by the word “Nigger” and used it in their regular conversation but the word “Coon” was offensive. Now you know.*****Retired County Court at Law Judge Mike Shuff was seen visiting around the courthouse on Thursday. Everyone was shaking his hand and saying how much they missed having him around. He’s been doing a lot of fishing at his camp and absolutely loving not having time limits anymore. Wife Jennifer is still loving giving tours at the Stark House so he does have to come home every now and again.***** George Clooney won the Golden Globes “Best Actor” for the “Descendants” which also won “Best Motion Picture.”*****One of my favorites, Meryl Streep won “Best Actress” for her performance in “The Iron Lady.”***** Woody Allen is still around, he won the screenplay award with “Midnight in Paris.”*****Bridge City short stop, Zach Smith, signed to play baseball with Angelina Junior College. Zach is a three-year varsity player for Coach Chad Landry. His new coach will be Jeff Livins. It’s a great place for Zach to attend and advance his education *****There was a robbery in Mr. Cox’s Neighborhood. He’s falling down on his neighborhood protection program. A black man, with a big knife, robbed Quick Stop He got away and no one seems to know which direction he took. The Rainbow Bridge is four minutes away, it’s five minutes to IH-10 down Hwy. 62. That leaves only Roundbunch, east or west. Makes me wonder if he left Bridge City at all


Kevin Costner will be 57 on Jan. 18 and Jason Segel will be 32.***Dolly Parton will turn 66 on Jan. 19; Paula Dean, 65 and Shawn Wayans, 41.***Bill Maher will be 56 on Jan. 20’ Lorenzo Lamas turns 54 and John Michael Montgomery will be 47.***Gena David will be 55 on Jan. 21 and Hakeem Olajuwon, 49.***John Hurt turns 72 on Jan. 22; Linda Blair, 53; Mariska Hargitay, 48 and Princess Caroline of Monaco, 55.***Neil Diamond will be 71 on Jan. 24 and Mischa Barton, 26.


Tee-Boy took him a break from his Bar & Grill and ventured to New Orleans for sightseeing, making the French Market and killing time. At a busy bus stop, a beautiful woman was waiting for a bus her. She was wearing the shortest, tight, tight, mini skirt Tee-Boy had ever seen. Wen da bus stop, she realize her skirt was too tight to get her leg up on da step. A little embarrassed she gave da bus driver a little smile and reach behind her and unzip her skirt a little. Again, she couldn’t make it so she reach behind her again to unzip a little more. Still unable to make da step she reach around to unzip some more but was still unable to reach da step.
Tee-Boy, who was standing right behind her picked dat lady up by da waist and place her on dat step. Dat lady turn around and yell at Tee-Boy, “How dare you touch my body. I don’t even know you.”
“Well madam, normally I would agree wit you me, but after you unzip my fly two times, me, I kinda figured we was friends us.


We prepared real well for the NFL playoffs. The boys and I prepared a feast to cover the weekend. The only thing we enjoyed was the food and company. The Saints getting beat by the 49ers gave us indigestion. The Texans fell to the Ravens. Manning and the Giants upset Rogers and the Packers. The 49ers and Giants meet in San Francisco with the 49ers having the most awesome defense I’ve seen in years. I wouldn’t be surprised if they win it all. You have to bet on Tom Brady and the Pats being there for the big Super Bowl show. Brady put on a clinic against Tim Tebow and the Broncos. It was the master showing the student how it’s done. The NFL needs more good people like Tebow and Ray Lewis as examples to our youth. I’ll watch the games but I don’t have a horse in the race unless it the 49ers, they’re a class act. They have to score because for sure Manning will.***** The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week. Donna Scales often has a good story to tell about the latest happenings at the park so this week should be an interesting one. A spry 85-year-old guy was caught with his britches down and his younger, 82 year old partner, was enjoying herself. All I want to know is what pill he’s on that allows him to be a great outdoorsman.*****I watched the GOP debate and I think Newt won. The big loser was Ron Paul. I was pulling for the old man but then he shot himself in both feet. Romney will win Saturday but 65 percent will vote against him. *****I’m anxious to find out what happens to Gov. Scott Walker, Lt. Gov. and Senators in Wisconsin on recall. This could be big, a partition was turned in Tuesday. Walker busted out all unions in Wisconsin in a Republican takeover.*****Rick Perry keeps calling for a part time congress. I see why. Eighty-four percent of Americans disapprove of the U.S. Congress and blame them for doing nothing and causing our credit rating to fall. If they served part time, they could do just half the damage. The poll came out Monday and Rick grabbed it. It was his best debate to date. He’s not going anywhere but maybe he helped his brand.**********One more debate Thursday night.*****Well, I’ve gotta go. Thanks for your time. Read us cover to cover and check us out on our website, Take care and God bless.