Bridge City High School has a long-standing tradition with Speech and Debate. Each year, students participate in competitions to strengthen their speaking skills, which not only builds confidence but also helps prepare them for life once they graduate from high school.

The 2011-2012 BCHS Speech and Debate team has a record number of students than previous years.

“It is my first year to take over but our student membership has grown from a pretty small club to 24 participating members and about 35 club members,” said Jennifer Clarke, English teacher and Speech and Debate coach.

Participation in competitions always costs a great deal of money, but the Speech and Debate competitions require the participants to pay the judges as well entry fees and travel expenses.
“With 24 students participating, that gets really expensive,” Clarke said. “You want all of the kids to have an opportunity to participate because this activity can make them eligible for significant scholarships for college.”

These kids give up their Saturdays for competitions, so their time is limited and it becomes difficult to plan and execute a fundraiser.

“Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City has been nice enough to offer to host the event for us so the funds will go to these kids so they can compete,” Clarke said.

Tiger Rock will host a Family Personal Protection Seminar on Saturday, Feb. 18 in the BCHS Competition Gym from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.

“Today’s world is kind of crazy,” Elyse Thibodeaux, owner and instructor of Tiger Rock Martial Arts, said. “We’re going teach them self-escape techniques, teach parents how to be bodyguard for their kids, how to subtly get their child out of a dangerous situation without freaking their child out.”

Thibodeaux and her husband are certified instructors in self defense classes, including family personal protection, women’s personal protect and bully guard.

“We’re going to teach how to strike somebody, how to use your voice and how to scan a room…basic things that might one day save your life,” Thibodeaux said. “Our [TaeKwondo] program helps build confidence and we have a significant spirit of competition.”

“This is something for everybody,” Clarke said. “I think it’s going to be great. We do have some students at the high school that are involved at Tiger Rock. I’m hoping this will draw them in and they will get involved.”

The seminar will cost $15 per person and $35 per family of four. The minimum participation age is six years old. A t-shirt will be included for participants who sign up by Jan. 27.

For more information, please contact Thibodeaux at 409-920-1462 or Clarke at 409-735-1600.

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