An employee at Orange Seafood and Steakhouse in Orange discovered money missing from her purse while she was at work.

The complainant told Officer Veronica Woodle that she and another employee at the restaurant share a cabinet to put their purses in during work hours.

The woman told police that she had $300 in her purse, and that she believed to have been stolen by a known suspect. The woman discovered the money missing when she went to place her tips in her purse at the end of her shift.

The victim then told police that she recalled a series of events that occurred during her shift that gave her reason to believe that the suspect took her money. She said that a few customers stated that they saw the suspect shove money down into her bra.

Immediately after the woman put the money in her bra, the suspect took a break and went to Wal Mart. A check of the security camera shows the suspect placing the money in her bra, however there was no footage of her taking the money.

The complainant also told police that the suspect owed money to their boss, and before the suspect left to go home, she paid the boss with a $50 bill, which was one of the bills missing from the victim’s purse.

The victim says she wishes to press charges.