Across the nation, the GOP establishment woke up Sunday morning to find out that Newt Gingrich had won the South Carolina primary and was now their new leading standard bearer. If it didn’t give the Republican purest heartburn, they got bad stomach cramps realizing what Newt’s nomination would do to down ballot candidates. They have only one choice and that is to field dress him. To do that, they must gut him. That will be interesting to watch. In Romney they have a very weak candidate and if he can’t get there, then what. Could it be a brokered convention? One thing my Republican friends tell me is that it can’t be Newt. Let the bloodletting began. Charles Krauthammer, one of the country’s most conservative columnist, wrote in his Sunday column, “The President is a very smart man but if he wins in November that won’t be the reason. It will be luck. He could not have chosen a more self destructive adversary.” After watching the debate on NBC Monday, I must agree. The presidential timber just isn’t there. Where’s Jeb? The primary election in Florida on CNN January, 31. If Newt wins there, the panic will really set in. Another debate will be held Thursday. *****Our guy Earl Thomas will be a starter in the Pro-Bowl Sunday. He does us proud. *****I can’t wait for high school baseball to start. For now though, politics is the only game going and we are enjoying it. I’ve got to move on. Hop on and come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.

10 Years Ago-2002

Andrew Hayes becomes the first African American to become superintendent of West Orange-Cove School district. Hayes is also the first person to have risen through the ranks, from teacher, coach, assistant principal and principal. *****Little Cypress-Mauriceville also selected its current superintendent from its ranks. Pauline Hargrave replaces Lamar Hebert, who retired last year. *****Robert Montagne was not only a teacher and principle before becoming superintendent; he also attended school in the district and is an Orangefield High grad. *****On a very sad note, 11-year-old Dustin Brack lost his life Saturday, Jan. 19, in a skiing accident, while on a church trip. Service was held Wed., Jan. 23. He was the son of Darla and Dan Brack Jr.*****Gene Rutledge, 81, also passed away Jan. 17. The former postmaster served in the Army Air Corp in WWII as a B-26 pilot. He leaves wife Lennie, children Calvin, David and Winnie and grandchildren. Service was held Sun., Jan. 20.*****On Feb. 3, Anabel and Arthur Anderson will be married 64 years. It will also be Arthur’s 89th birthday. (Editor’s note: Hard to believe he would be 99 years old today. The lovely Mrs. Anderson continues to live in the same home, on Cherry St., in Orange. She has been in failing health the last couple of years but is still a sweetheart. *****County Clerk Karen Jo Vance joined 400 county and district clerks at a seminar at Texas A&M. *****On Jan. 24, Jordan Humble turns five-years-old. (Editor’s note: Just think, today that boy is 15 years old.)*****Judge Carl Thibodeaux gives up the gavel as president of Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission. He passed it on to David Moore, Beaumont mayor. Commissioner John Dubose and West Orange Mayor, Roy McDonald, will represent Orange County.

35 Years Ago-1977

Jeff Fruge, Orangefield football star, is named to 2-A All State Team. *****Bobby Smitherman named Citizen of the Year by Bridge City Chamber. *****Former sheriff Chester Holt is hospitalized after suffering a massive heart attack. *****The Bridge City girl’s basketball team remains undefeated in district play. *****Don Campbell is appointed Go-Texas Ambassador for the 1977 Houston Livestock Show. Other members are Don Katchik, Elaine Meyers and Wayne Fredrick. *****Robert Nelson is installed as president of the Orange Noon Lions Club. Other officers are Victor Campbell, W.E. Pritchett, and Oscar Dominques Carlson.


Joe Paterno, 85, who won more games, 409 in 46 seasons, than any other major college football coach and became the face of Pennsylvania State University and a symbol of integrity, only to be fired during the 2011 season over a child sexual abuse scandal by an assistant coach died Sunday, Jan. 22, 2012. He died as he lived, he fought hard and stayed positive and reminded everyone of how blessed his life had been. I find it sad that such a good man as Joe Paterno, died with an awful scandal hanging over his head that was not of his doing. He now joins the great Bear Bryant. They can spend time making O’s and X’s and reliving the glory days.


Mark Walles, Amy Kidder, Garland Gresham, Jessica Hobbs, Judy Rogers, Malissie Bailey, Melanie Thevis, Tayler Thompson, Taylor Fraccastoro, Chelsea Anderson, Frank Richardson, Marie Howell, Noreen Cook, Haley Parish, Flip Flippen, Hayden Anderson, Mike Faulk, Nancy Vincent, Ollie Butler, Ginny Pelpier, Ron Huebel, Tommy Wolfford, Hazel Reedon, Jonathan Arnold, Kimberly Barclay, Melanie Prosperie, Mick Weidner, Tori Lummus, Virginia Pelitier, Bill Dixon, Cheryl Gonzales, Hollie Fregia, William Carpenter, Justin Gearhart, Chase Rendall, Colin Briggs, Jim Snider, Mary Ann Scofield, Rosalie Clark, Sheryl Richard, Sterling Werkheiser, Virginia Robinson, Kerstin Jewel, Wyman Ogden, Paula Perkins, Devra Cormier, Caitlyn Eubanks, Rachel Beaulieu, Ricky Miller, Traci Anderson, Amy Campbell, Lindsey Garrett, Shirley Whitley, Carolyn Martin, Brenda Dubose, Jason Myers, Jeanie Kreger, Shirley Jordan, Amy Campbell, Ted Blanchard, Chuck Rowley, Lily Fields, C.B. Burns, Marty Delano, Eric Mangham, Regina Gaspard, Ron Mason, Scott Free, Steven Kimbell and Telisha Kuykendall.


Last week the Wednesday Lunch Bunch, dinning at Robert’s, had the pleasure of having former county commissioner Marcelle Adams stop by. She never meets a stranger even though most of the crew were longtime friends. Also dining with Marcelle was former longtime Bridge City teacher and councilor and also principle at Deweyville, Joy Scarborough. She is a beautiful lady who admits to being 83 years old but could pass for 10 years younger. She always seems to be on the go. She also makes the world’s best candy, special fudge loaded down with nuts and secret ingredients. Mark Dunn just happened to be one of the many students she taught so they enjoyed a great visit. *****The Lunch Bunch will dine at Novrozsky’s this week then back to Robert’s next. Everyone is always welcome. *****We had several visitors this week. Among them were Johnny Montagne and Al Judice. Al reports his mother, Lois, is doing well. Ian, one of our interns, is a student of Al’s lovely wife Michelle, who teaches at Lamar Port Arthur. Johnny deer hunted all winter but never saw the trophy deer he wanted so he didn’t kill any. Grandson Blaze however brought us a nice deer that was processed at K-Dans. *****Quincy Procell, despite two bad knees, is out making the rounds, explaining how important voting is. *****Democratic chairman Mark Carter will be entering the hospital for another back surgery on Feb. 1. *****Our longtime friend, a beautiful gal in a small package, Mickey Litton, is recovering from a broken vertebrae sustained in an auto accident several weeks ago. She crawls along but like dad Moe, she’s tough. *****Our buddy King Dunn is still having some health issues but here’s betting you can’t hold this 93 years old down for long. Best wishes friend.******Our friend Doug Harrington is coming around slowly. He returns to the hospital for his progress reports Feb. 1. He and Regina have moved into their new home at Spring. Doug has officially retired after 50 years as a pharmacist. He gave up his license. *****State senator Robert Nichols, from Jacksonville, stopped by. He’s a personable guy. He will be our senator in the new line up. At least he’s not from, the Woodlands. Hopefully we will get to know and count on him. Ninety percent of Orange County couldn’t pick Sen. Williams out in a line up. *****Speaking of good and bad, a just released report says our present United States Congress is the most unpopular in history. Eighty-seven percent of Americans say they are lousy and have accomplished nothing. *****On the same subject, the one thing your congressman is not telling you about the Keystone Project is that it is a Nebraska Republican governor and legislator that have asked President Obama not to approve the project. They recommended that future environmental test and conclusions be made. Also when complete it won’t help our independency on foreign oil. Canada will ship it here, we refine it and it goes back to them for sale on the open market. It won’t create the permanent jobs spinners are claiming either. Finally Republicans killed the project for now by insisting on a Feb. 21 deadline. Putting Obama’s feet to the fire doesn’t work. Notice how Sen. Cornyn carefully chose his words in his speech because Keystone can go to California for $10 less a barrel than coming all the way to Texas. They have to be careful with their rhetoric. *****Now hear this. You are being told that restrictions are hurting drilling in the Gulf. The truth is that despite the B.P. oil spill, Obama has issued slightly more permits than in the previous two years. We’re overloaded with refined oil in our refineries. You and I both know the high gas prices at the pump are not justified, we’re overloaded with natural gas. It’s another spin for big oil by a do nothing congress. It’s blame the other guy, get the heat off of me. Just the facts folks. ******Special folks celebrating their special day this week: First a belated happy birthday to Judge Janice Menard, a nice, pretty, olive-skinned Cajun lady who celebrated her special day on Sunday, Jan. 22.*** Also belated wishes to Matthew “Ski” Korczynski of Deweyville who turned 89 on the 23rd.***Mike Faulk, a good man who gave back to his community, several years ago suffered a stroke. Today, he is in the same Orange nursing home as Ace Amadeo. Jan. 25 is Mike’s birthday and we wanted to recognize him and send best wishes. *****Also celebrating on Jan. 25 is Payton LaFleur and Mark Walles.*****Our neighbor on Henrietta St., historian Roy McDonald, turns 87 on Jan. 25.*****One of our favorite people, Nancy Vincent, who we don’t see often enough, celebrates on Jan. 26. Have a good one.***Firestone Chemical plant retiree Robert “Buddy” Stelter of Orange celebrates his 74th birthday Thursday, Jan. 26 with his wife Ann.***Leland Clay  “Scooter” Gros, turns a big three years old on Jan. 27. He’s Brittney and Garrett’s tornado and Ms. Phyl and Roy’s great-grandson. * **It’s another birthday for Rodrick LaFleur on Jan. 27. ***Celebrating on Jan. 28 is Bill Dixon. Just a great guy. *****The beautiful Italian lady, Mary Ottea, turns 81 on Jan. 28. What a great friend she is. *****The Tadora twins, Mary Ann Scofield and Rosalie Clark, celebrate their big day Jan. 28. They make Italians proud and Cajuns too. ***What a gal, down to earth, always sweet, always friendly and a pleasure to know is Devra Cormier, who turns a year older Jan. 29. The years have treated her well. *** Happy birthday Jan. 31 and best wishes to Ms. Lily Fields, who is sometimes a little headstrong but always intelligent and caring. *****Good friends Pat and H.D. Pate celebrate their anniversary this week. Congrats and may your partnership last a lifetime. *****On the pro-football scene, in the Super Bowl it’s New England’s Brady, against New York and Manning. The Patriots will be favored. It should be a good game. Again I’ll go against Eli. Someday I’ll learn better. He beats me every time. *****CREAUX’S TIP OF THE WEEK: To clean the caulking around bathtubs and showers fill a trigger spray bottle with vodka, that’s right, vodka. Spray the caulking, let set five minutes and wash clean. The alcohol in the vodka kills mold and mildew. Vodka has a lot of uses. Just think I used to drink the stuff. *****CAJUN DEFITION: Chicory (chick-ory) is an herb, the roots of which is dried, ground, roasted and used to flavor coffee. In my youth most coffee bought, Creole Bell, Mello Joy, etc., contained chicory. It was added in small pieces when coffee was home ground.


On Jan. 25, Alicia Keys will be 31. ***Eddie van Halen will be 57. Jan. 26; Ellen DeGeneres, 54 and Wayne Gretzky, 51. ***Jan. 27, Tracy Lawrence will be 44; James Cromwell, 72; Mimi Rogers, 56 and Bridget Fonda, 48. ***Alan Alda will be 76 on Jan. 28; Nick Carter, 32; Joey Fatone, 35 and Sarah McLachian, 44. ***Tom Selleck will be 67 on Jan. 29; Oprah Winfrey, 58; Greg Louganis, 52 and Edward Burns, 44. ***Christian Bale will be 38 on Jan. 30; Phil Collins, 61 and Gene Hackman, 82. ***On Jan. 31, Nolan Ryan will be 65; Portia de Rossi, 39; Minnie Driver, 41 and Justin Timberlake, 31.


Tee Cus Comeaux and Alfred Thibodeaux were in da local Wal-Mart wen dey decide to get in on da charity raffle. To help out dey bought five tickets, all a dollar each. Dey felt good about dere donation but wen da raffle was drawn, to dere surprise dey boat won.
Tee Cus him, won da turd place prize, a bag of coment rice, a bottle of Tobasco and a jar of Savoy Roux. Alfred him, he won da six place  prize, a toilet brush.
A few weeks pass wen dey met up for coffee. Alfred axe Tee Cuz how he like his prize. Tee Cuz say, “Me, I like all dem, and used dem.”
Den he axe Alfred, “How bout you and your toilet brush, Hannh?”
“I don’t like it so good me, I’m tinking bout switching back to paper me.”


Some final thoughts, the anointed candidates are gone now. God must have had a change of heart. Herman Cain said that God convinced him to run for president. Michele Bachman told the world God called on her to run and save the country. Anita Perry, wife of Rick Perry, said that God had called on Rick to run for the presidency. I see politicians who run as Jesus candidates as a sacrilegious bunch. It’s footballing the Lord and is disgusting. By the way, for the first time since Richard Nixon, a Quaker, Evangelicals won’t have a protestant to vote for in the GOP. Romney is Mormon; Gingrich is a recent converted Catholic. The only candidate who is a protestant is President Obama. *****Gov. Perry spent $15 million and received 14,000 votes. More than $1 million per thousand votes. He got two delegates, $7.5 million for each one, plus Texas citizens had to pitch in $2 million for Rick’s security and he also set the image of Texas back to the cowboy and Indian days. *****Well, I’ve come to the end of the trail. Please read us cover to cover and patronize our family of advertisers. Remember, the opinions expressed in this column are those of mine and Creaux’s alone. Have a nice week and God bless.