It’s not that unusual to have a husband and wife going to college at the same time, but Lamar State College-Orange has a unique team that has the same major, same goals, same classes, make good grades and expect to get their associate’s degree on the same day and their bachelor’s degree at the same time. 

Amber and Jeremy Sarver are education majors who are both taking Introduction to the Teaching Profession from Dorraine Babcock. They make the 45-minute drive from Buna twice a week for their Tuesday and Thursday college classes. 

Amber is working toward her Associate of Arts in Teaching-1 degree and Jeremy is working towards his Associate of Arts in Teaching-2 degree. Amber began at LSC-O in the spring of 2011 and Jeremy in the fall of 2011. 

She has slowed down to only 12 hours this semester, while he went up to 15 hours this semester so they can graduate together in the spring of next year. They are also taking speech classes together this semester.

“We love coming to Lamar State College-Orange,” said Amber. “We have not had any problems with teachers, everyone is very helpful and there is no pressure. We like the small class sizes. The professor to student ratio is perfect. The professors don’t just lecture; they give you personalized attention and know your name.” Amber made the Dean’s Honor Roll List and Jeremy made the President’s Honor Roll List last semester. 

“It’s a lot easier to have classes together if you have the same interest and major,” said Amber. “We can double check our homework, throw ideas back and forth and discuss things that happened in class.”

Amber would like to eventually teach kindergarten through sixth grade and Jeremy, high school level history. 

“I’d like to do my classroom observation at junior high level this semester so I can see if I like that level or if I want to stick with younger children,” said Amber. 

“I may continue college after my bachelor’s and get a master’s degree in history to be able to teach at the college level,” said Jeremy. “The hardest thing right now is working a 40-hour week in retail, going to college full time, plus being involved with our two boys.” 

Amber says that “she works harder now trying to balance college, the kids, their homework and their activities and trying to be a part time substitute teacher.”

She was a corrections officer at Larry Gist Unit, and then took some time off as a stay-at-home mom before starting college, and Jeremy continues to work as a manager at a retail store. They both love to read and are currently writing a novel together. 

“It is fun working on a book together,” said Amber. “It just doesn’t have a name yet.”

Jeremy is involved with their sons’ football and baseball teams, while Amber takes care of their school activities such as assisting the homeroom mothers. They hope to join the Teachers of Tomorrow (TOT) Organization. The Sarvers are both high school graduates of Buna High School. They were married June 21, 2008 and have two sons, Brandon, 9, and Kestin, 6.