On Wednesday, Jan. 25, at approximately 6:25 pm, Officer Jeffery Busby with the Orange Police Dept. responded to a call at Best Pawn, in the 1200 block of 16th St. Upon arrival, Officer Busby met with the business owner, who was holding a man at gunpoint.

Officer Busby recognized the man as Jerry Jeans, 39, of Orange. Jeans hands and clothing were black and dirty.

The victim told police that at approximately 6:00 pm, he and a witness were inside the business and heard unusual noises coming from the rear of the building. The victim and witness left the building and walked to the back to investigate.

Once there, the victim observed a white male standing small fenced area which only contains the air conditioning unit to the business. Jeans was seen to be standing on top of the unit, as if he were tearing it apart.

The victim also stated that he observed the unit to be damaged and copper tubing to be missing. The victim noticed that Jeans was very dirty, as if he had been “messing” with the a/c unit. It was this that made the victim believe that Jeans had damaged and stolen copper tubing from the unit.

It was at this point that the victim detained Jeans and called police.

While on the scene, police noticed a small stack of cut copper tubing, which appeared to be bent and broken, on the ground behind a dumpster. The insulation which covers the copper was found inside the dumpster.

Due to the fact that Jeans was found standing on top of the damaged a/c unit, was dirty as if handling the unit and copper tubing, he was placed into custody for theft of copper. He was transported to the Orange County Jail and released to jail staff.

The victim values the a/c unit at a minimum of $500, and stated he wishes to pursue charges.