Saturday afternoon, just after noon, Orange police were dispatched to the 1200 block of 3rd St. in reference to an assault.

Upon arrival, Officer Tim Pruitt and Capt. Stephenson met with the victim, Tasha Gaddis, who flagged them down on 3rd St.

Gaddis, 33, of Orange, told police that she had been living with her boyfriend, who is the suspect, for the past year. She advised officers that they got into an argument inside the residence, and Gaddis began gathering her things to move out.

While the victim was gathering her things together, the suspect began assaulting her, striking her in the face with his fist and throwing her on the bed. The suspect pulled her hair and struck her numerous times all over her body.

The victim was able to escape her attacker and meet with police when they arrived. She was complaining of pain to her face, but didn’t want an ambulance.

At about 12:15, police went to meet with the suspect. When they arrived on the scene, smoke was seen coming from the front porch, but because the smoke dissipated quickly, officers were uncertain of its origin.

Upon opening the screen door, police discovered a pile of clothing on top of a suitcase. Some of the clothing appeared to have been burned, and had the fresh odor of burned material and rubbing alcohol in the air. The items had already been distinguished or had smoldered out.

Police knocked on the door several times, but the suspect would not answer. While police were taking a statement from Gaddis, the suspect exited his residence and threw the burned items from the porch to the ground.

Several attempts were made to make contact with him, but he still wouldn’t come to the door.

Gaddis identified the items as hers. She took the items that were not damaged, and police took possession of the burned items. Gaddis also said she would file charges for assault and arson.