St, Mary Catholic School, along with all the schools in the Diocese of Beaumont are celebrating Catholic School Week this week. Monday morning, the students presented their 100th day work.

The following items were presented:

The Pre-K3 class made 100 homemade cookies for the Orange Fire Dept;

Pre-K4 presented Hot Wheels and Playdough for the MD Anderson pediatric ward;

The kindergarten class gave $100 for the St. Mary Soup Kitchen;

First grade, 100 jars of baby food to the Rainbow Room;

Second graders gave 100 items for the soup kitchen;

Third graders presented 100 baby items for the Rainbow Room;

From the fourth graders, 100 pounds of dog food goes to the Orange Animal Shelter;

Fifth grade, $100 towards the Heifer Foundation, which provides food for third world countries;

Sixth through eighth graders gave items for the Angela House;

National Junior Honor Society and student council, over 100 items for the Rainbow Room;

Library, over 100 books for the Adult Literacy Program of Orange.

Monday evening from 6:00 to 7:30, the school will host a Community Open House. All are welcome to attend.