A 58 year old Orange man was transported to the hospital early Monday morning after police were dispatched to his home in the 200 block of Border.

Police were dispatched to the home in reference to a man being trapped inside as the house was burning. Officer Joshua Dempsey arrived on the scene and ran to the house while other officers who were already on the scene were trying to get the front door of the residence open.

While Officer M.T. Roush was trying to knock the door down, Officer Dempsey observed a large broken window that he could fit into, and went in through the window to search for the trapped man.

When Dempsey got inside the residence, he could hear the man screaming from about eight to ten feet from where he was standing. The man was in another room standing on the opposite side of a bed.

Officer Dempsey turned on his flashlight and called to the man to follow the light to his location so he could help him out of the home. The man came around the foot of the bed close enough for Officer Dempsey to reach him.

Dempsey was able to see the man’s hand, which was swinging back and forth as if the man were trying to find Officer Dempsey’s hand. Dempsey was able to briefly grab the man’s wrist before he pulled away from Dempsey.

Officer Dempsey was able to tell that the victim was an older male who appeared to not be in a correct state of mind by the way he was yelling.

During the incident, Officer Dempsey observed the residence to be filling with more smoke, and he was finding it difficult to breathe, and see his surroundings. Officer Dempsey unlocked the front door for other officers on the scene.

Once the door had been unlocked, Officer Dempsey backed out the door so the man could be pulled from the residence.

Officer J. Davis began to enter the front door and he noticed that the man was swinging a large knife. Police knew it would be difficult to remove the man without getting cut or stabbed in the process/ At this time, police tazed the man to gain control of the situation and pull him out of the residence.

Once the man had been removed from the residence, he was detained and checked by Acadian Ambulance and Fire Rescue. The man was then transported to the local hospital emergency room, then on to Beaumont Behavioral Center.