Well, it’s come on a full moon. This morning at 3:30 a.m., the sky was as bright as day. The big bright moon hung high in the sky when five of the raccoons showed up for their morning treat. All but one of these coons is a different bunch than those who show up for evening meal. “Rocky” has been a friend for a long time and shows up for both feedings. He would come in the house if I would let him. He likes for me to feed him individually. Those coons go through 50 pounds of dog food in three weeks. *****Well, Eli beat me again. Just before the Super Bowl kickoff Neighbor Cox called and said, “Eli is going to beat you again.” “I don’t think so,” I replied. Millard went on to say, “The Giants are going to win 24-17.” I disagreed, no way Brady will be held to only 17 points. He might lose but he won’t be held to just two touchdowns and a field goal. Cox insisted that he would only get 17 points. When New England was leading 17-15 and all the Giants needed to win was a field goal, I realized that Cox had called the Patriots score of 17 points correctly. The Giants won 21-17. I had bet Millard a jar of Jalapeno jelly against a jar of his fig preserves. I lost and owe him a jar of jelly. Eli beats me every time. When I bet on him, he loses, four times now I bet against him and he beat me. The Super Bowl set a record as the most watched television event ever with 111.3 million viewers, 71 percent of TV’s in use at any one time Sunday night were tuned in to the Giants/Patriots game. The only negative was MIA’s one finger salute, along with the two Doritos ads and the M&M ad, Elton John’s spot for Pepsi, Volkswagen’s the dog strikes back and Jay Leno and spots for Fiat, Chevrolet, Camaro and Clint Eastwood’s Chrysler, “Halftime in America,” that has brought complaints from Karl Rove and other Republicans.*****Well, I’ve got to move on. I would appreciate if you come along. I promise it won’t do you no harm.


I was thinking about what a devastating effect there would have been on the U.S. if General Motors and Chrysler would have been allowed to go bankrupt. It would have pushed a bad recession into a depression and the domino effect would have been worse than Hoover’s Great Depression. Even right here at home we would have been hit extra hard. At least three companies on Chemical Row would have lost half their business if not more. Manufacturers of parts, rubber, batteries, etc. would have been forced to shut down. On a smaller but important scale, take the local Chevy dealer, the Granger brothers, who invested millions in the dealership, only to see GM fold. That would have been a financial blow to them but also the folks they employee, who would have been on the streets. Instead, today they have a successful dealership that would not have been possible without the auto $85 billion bailout. The ripple effect would have caused the collapse of other businesses. Failures would have been felt throughout our economy.*****In Nov., 2008, Mitt Romney predicted, in a New York Times column, “If General Motors, Ford and Chrysler get the bailout their chief executives are asking for, you can kiss the American automobile industry goodbye.” He was wrong. GM is again the world’s largest automaker, with sales of more than nine million cars worldwide and Chrysler is back in the black with a 44 percent sales increase. Today, Romney also believes there should not be a mortgage bailout. We should let home owners default and let other take-over artists buy the loans for a nickel on a dollar, clean up the properties and put them back on the market. Doing the same as corporate raiders, no doubt giving little thought to the families who once lived there. Romney wants voters to think Obama is in over his head when it come s to lifting this nation’s recovery from the deep economic hole that George W. Bush dug. He’s betting that despite Obama’s deft handling of the war on terror and killing Bin Laden, which was once a greater cause than the nation’s unemployment rate, the economy will still be issue number one in November. There never has been a businessman elected president of the United States. This may give you insight as to why.

10 Years Ago-2002

Judge Pat and Rosalie Clark have been visiting with their first grandson, David Kolbe Aven, born Dec. 22 in Florida. Daughter Mary Ann and her husband Bruce came home to Orange to baptize the little guy on Jan. 27, at St. Mary’s. Bruce, a free agent from the Dodgers baseball organization, has been invited by the Cleveland Indians to spring training. This will be his second time around with the Indians. *****Bridge City Judge Don Peters says he feels better than ever after having his heart repaired some time back. (Editor’s note: Don is still municipal judge at Bridge City and as far as I know, over the last 10-years, he hasn’t had any heart problems.)*****A good lawman, a good guy, lifetime Deweyville resident Fred Hryhorchuk, 83, died Jan. 30. He was a longtime deputy sheriff and later a special Texas Ranger for the cattleman’s association. He also owned a store in Deweyville. His two sons are Darrell and Larry. *****Wade Phillips will become defensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons, under Coach Dan Reeves. He had replaced Reeves as head coach at Denver and before that, Wade, an Orange native, was head coach at Buffalo. Wade started his coaching career as an assistant coach at Stark High School. (Editor’s note: Today, the son of Bum, is defensive coordinator of the Houston Texans after having been head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Wade and Bridge City’s Shane Dronett were at Atlanta after both being with Denver. Shane has since passed away.)*****St. Paul United Methodist will celebrate their new Family Life Center Feb. 10. The Rev. Martha Girling is the pastor. *****George Cruse marries Randi Rubendall Super Bowl Sunday at Echo Baptist Church. The Rev. Jeff Anderson preformed the service. *****Terry Landry is the new owner of the Orange Sears store. *****Special tribute to singer/song writer Bobby Charles will be held at Lamar Port Arthur on Feb. 8. The funds will benefit the Light House restoration. Johnny Preston, Jivin’ Gene and others will entertain. (Editor’s note: Bobby was a classmate of Roy Dunn’s at Abbeville High School. Bobby and Johnny Preston have both died in the last few years. *****Super Bowl XXXVI is now history. It was a nail biter. New England won 20-17 over the Rams with no time left on the clock. Announcers Pat Summerall and John Madden called their last game together after 21 years. Pat retired from FOX; Joe Buck is expected to take his place. *****George Washington was chosen our first president 213 years ago. We have had 42 since. (Editor’s note: It’s now been 223 years and we are now on president 44. George W. Bush was 43, Barack Obama , 44.)*****Former President Ronald Reagan will be 91 on Feb. 6, on the same day Tom Brokaw turns 62 and so does Ted Koppel. *****Former County Judge J.L. “Pete” Runnels and Judge Carl Thibodeaux are locked in a heated battle for the county judge seat. Thibodeaux’s slogan is “Do you remember the past – compare it to the present – vote for the future.”*****1959 Bridge City baseball players return to support the Boosters Club fundraising. They are John Harrington, Joe Parkhurst, Tom Howston, Wayne Brint, Bud Briggs, Freddie Guyote, Roger Bertrand, Freddie Hebert and Tommy Hoffpauir.

 35 Years Ago-1977

Wayne Cassels, longtime lawman, suffered a massive heart attack. *****Jerry Horton is in serious condition in Baylor Hospital in Dallas after being injured in a car wreck. He is the brother of Mrs. Clarence Kite. *****Last Tuesday night at B&B Auction the Rev. Bob LaGrone, pastor of McDonald Baptist Church, preformed the wedding ceremony of two auction employees, LaVera Hall and Tom Gibbons. *****Robert “Bobby” Cormier and Devra are the proud parents of a baby girl, their first born who arrived Jan. 31. *****Inez Hearne, who has been with Wards 27 years, returns as manager of the Orange store. Her assistant is Joe Barlow. *****Vera and Gerald Dolley will celebrate their 22nd wedding anniversary Feb. 12. *****Mr. And Mrs. Jessse Brooks celebrate their 33rd Feb. 6. *****The Smith brothers, Bill and Ron are now both employed at Conn’s Appliance. *****N.J. “Vic” Vicknair will run for the Bridge City council seat being vacated by his boss, Bubba Hubbard. *****Elaine White will celebrate her birthday on Valentine’s Day. *****Bill Clark, of radio fame, is now with KLVI radio, on air from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.*****Ray Price put on a big reunion show featuring Willie Nelson, Johnny Bush, Johnny Paycheck, Buddy Enmons, Darrell McCall and Roger Miller. All are former Price band members. Ray is a fishing buddy of Chief Wilson Roberts. *****Louis Dugas has written a song and his daughter has put music to it. Louis says the song will be a hit. (Editor’s note: I don’t remember the song he recorded. Do You? I wonder if a copy is available.)


Kaitlyn Ezell, Lois Powell, Dolores McQueen, Addison Geldard, Kezavien Roberts, Todd Landry, Barbara Fix, Doyce Sherman, Lisa Woods, Jivin’ Gene, Karen Fusiler, Leonard Bock, Sandy Sanford, Cynthia Fisher, Helen Dean, Peggy Albair, Shane Brister, Trevor Gunn, Tyler Gunn, Bobby Arnold, Kevin Bourque, Deric Prevost, Eric Prevost, Jody Connor, Stephen Allen, Tom Stephenson, Brittany Carpenter, Christy Reves, Delondra Cooper, Dola Rucker, Jordan Guererro, Marjorie Gandy, Michele Moore, Sara Childs, John Hall, Judy Ford, Lee Ann Jaarah, Liz Fontenot, Jeremy Delano, Fred Kennedy, Judy Harrison, Jordan Guidry and Dan Batchelor.


Tuesday, Feb. 7, the city of Pinehurst held the grand opening of their new city hall and police station. It’s a nice building that the administration is proud of. It’s a far cry from the old building. The fire department will also move into the new city hall within the next year.*****On Feb. 25, the Bridge City/Orangefield Chamber will present their second mystery dinner theatre, “Who Killed the Director.” Prizes for best-dressed movie character. For more information contact Eric at 409-313-0412. *****Because of bad weather, the annual Shangri La “Trash Off” was postponed until Saturday, Feb. 18. This will also make time for more people to hear about the event and participate. Join a team; have a fun day working for a good cause. *****The Don Shockley’s, who have been adamant Texas Longhorn supporters since Steve Worster was All-American at U.T., will now give up their burnt Orange wardrobe for the University of Houston red. Donnie’s daughter, Megan, and Judy and Don’s granddaughter has signed to attend U.H. on a track cross-country scholarship. Bree Fontenot has also received a scholarship at Louisiana Lafayette. Congrats to both these talented young ladies.*****We want to extend congratulations also to West Orange-Stark short stop Sarah Ragsdale, who signed to play softball at San Jacinto Junior College. *****We were sorry to hear about the death of Jarvis “Plunk” Plunkett, 89, who passed away Feb. 4. Services will be held Wednesday, Feb. 8 at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange. *****We were also saddened to learn about the death of J.B. Jones, 98, who died Feb. 1. Services were held Feb. 4. Our condolences to son Dr. Jimmie Jones, daughter Cynthia Hooks, and all of the family.*****Charlie Johnnie, 68, passed away Feb. 3. He was a good guy. Our deepest sympathies to wife Pam, son Chris and the entire family. *****The Lunch Bunch dined at Robert’s last week and an overflow crowd attended. The Bunch ran out of seats and Sprad had to sit in Corky’s lap. King Dunn, who has been under the weather, was accompanied by his daughter Nancy. Cedric and Cherry Stout attended with her son. Judge Carl Thibodeaux told about how much more demanding the job is than it was 17 years ago. Coach Dan Ray Hooks says he’s learning how to do nothing. The Bunch will be at Novrozsky’s this week and back to Robert’s next week. Everyone always welcome. *****Welcome to Mary Johnson, new county auditor. We haven’t met her yet but maybe we will soon. *****Also, we didn’t say goodbye to our friend of 30 years, Debbie Rawls, who is now retired. We have known Debbie since she was 20 years old. We wish her a great life ahead. *****Last Friday, Sally Vance celebrated her birthday. She’s Karen Jo’s mother-in-law and Karen and Robert saw that his mom had a great day, lunch, pedicure, manicure, and the works for a special lady. *****Exxon Mobil earned $9 billion last quarter yet gas at the pump has gone up 19 cents a gallon in the past month and is expected to go up 60 cents more in the next four months. Last week, the Entergy Department reported U.S. consumption at the lowest level since Sept. 2001, so oil companies make it up by raising prices. Nothing will hurt the U.S. economy more than $4 a gallon gasoline. That could stall a growing economy and you know who gets the blame. *****CREAUX’S TIP OF THE WEEK: Add a jigger of vodka to a 12-ounce bottle of shampoo; the alcohol cleans the scalp, removes toxins from the hair and stimulates the growth of healthy hair. Vodka can also be used as an astringent to cleanse the skin and tighten pores. Just put a little on a cotton ball and apply to your face. *****CAJUN DEFINITION: The word Cajun (cay-jun) is slang for Acadian, the French-speaking people who migrated to South Louisiana from Nova Scotia in the 18th century. Cajuns were happily removed from city life, preferring a rustic life along the bayous. The term Cajun now applies to the people, the culture and most of all the cooking. *****A few folks celebrating their special day. An old Abbeville boy, Doyce Sherman, raised way back in the bayou country in the early 1930’s, celebrates on Feb. 9. ***One of the nation’s best cooks, Karen Fuselier, celebrates on Feb. 9 as does Jivin’ Gene. He came along several years before she did but they are great friends. ***Our buddy, Peggy Albair, the captain of Peggy’s on the Bayou, a real ball of energy, celebrates her special day on Feb. 10. ***Also celebrating on Feb.10 are the Gunn twins, Trevor and Tyler. We started announcing their Feb. 10th birthday when they were about five-years-old. A couple of good guys.*****Former councilman Jimmy Sims is a candidate for Orange mayor. We’ve known Jimmy a long time. He truly is interested in the betterment of his city. Many may remember his mom and dad and brothers and sisters who were raised in the heart of the city and have always shown a love for it. All of us old timers know a lot of Bob Sims stories. He would be proud of Jimmy and all his youngsters.*****Dixie Glass, after many years in the same location, will be moving into a new building on MacArthur Dr., next to Sprads.


Nick Nolte will be 72 on Feb. 8; John Grisham, 57 and Seth Green, 38.***Travis Tritt will be 49 on Feb. 9; Joe Pesci, 69; Mia Farrow, 67.***Laura Dern will be 45 on Feb. 10; Elizabeth Banks, 37.***Burt Reynolds will be 76 on Feb. 11; Jeb Bush, 59; Sheryl Crow, 50 and Jennifer Aniston, 43.***Arsenio Hall will be 57 on Feb. 12; Josh Brolin, 44; Taylor Lautner, 20.***Kim Novak will be 79 on Feb. 13; Jerry Springer, 68; Peter Gabriel, 62; Robbie Williams, 38.***Michael Bloomberg, 70 on Feb. 14; Rob Thomas, 40.***Jane Seymour will be 61 on Feb. 15.


Alfred LeBlanc, wat lives next to da National Forest, near da Achafalya Basin, came home from work and found a black bear up on his roof. Not knowing wat to do he refers to da yellow pages. He finds an ad for Primeaux’s Animal Removing Service. He calls da number and tell Primeaux his problem. In bout an hour, Primeaux arrives from Morgan City in a van, wit a ladder, baseball bat, a shotgun and a pit bull dog.
Aflred him, axe, “Wat are dose for hanh?
Primeaux explains, “Da ladder is to get on da roof, da bat is to knock da bear off da roof and wen I do, da pit bull will grab da bear by da testicals and hold him till I get down to put him in da van.
As Primeaux is going up da ladder he hands Alfred da shotgun.
“Hey, wait a minute, wats dis for?” Alfred axe.
“Well,” says Primeux, “If dat bear knocks me off da roof first, you shoot dat damn dog.”


Redistricting as of this writing is still not settled in Texas. The state faces the possibility that the April 3 Primary would be delayed. A San Antonio Federal Court Monday said the plan did not have the support of all parties involved, a requirement. One thing that seems for sure is that we will have a different congressman. *****On the local front, Orange County Commissioner’s Court paid off their last indebtedness. The county has no outstanding debt, a strong reserve and a top of the heap credit rating. Many other counties envy us. Proof that you don’t have to be a radical to be a fiscal conservative and run a smooth operation.*****Next Tuesday, don’t forget your Valentine. Miss Pearl is publishing a valentine poem. At age 91, she still is a romantic.*****Notice to all business and professional people; if you are not using “The Record” to reach the consumer, you are missing a large portion of the population. We reach more people than the other publications combined. We give you more reach for your buck in our trade area. Also check us out on our website TheRecordLive.com., a great place to get your message across to the public. Read us cover to cover, shop our family of advertisers, take care and God bless.