While on patrol at about 8:44Tuesday morning in the Riverside area of Orange, Officer Caleb Davis observed a while male walking on the wrong side of the roadway.

Officer Davis conducted a traffic stop on the man and asked the subject’s name. The man identified himself as John Rice. The man seemed hesitant, and he appeared unsure and his response was delayed, as if he had to think about his name. When asked if he had any identification on him, the man told police he didn’t have any.

Officer Davis asked the man if he could “pat him down”, and the man said that he could. During the pat-down, police discovered a wallet in the man’s back pocket. Officers asked permission to remove the wallet and the man agreed to allow him to remove it.

Police asked the man another time for his name and he again replied that it was John rice. Officer Davis opened the wallet and found a Texas driver’s license with the name Eric Paul Lucher. Lucher, 40, or Orange, then told police that this was his correct name.

When checking with communications, police were advised Lucher had a warrant for him out of Municipal Court in Orange.

Lucher was placed in custody for the warrant, and failure to identify a fugitive from justice, and transported to the Orange County Jail.