Every time Orange County residents purchase merchandise outside the county, everyone loses out. That’s the message Brandy Slaughter, marketing director for David Self Ford and also a member of the Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce, the Bridge City-Orangefield Chamber of Commerce and the Vidor Chamber of Commerce is trying to relay to county residents.

“When you buy a vehicle, or anything, outside the county, it’s a loss of tax dollars for us,” she said. “Last year, $83 million was spent on vehicles and only $16 million was spent in Orange County. That means $67 million was spent in other places.”

That loss of revenue, furthermore, is less tax dollars to fix streets, highways, etc. in Orange County, she said.

“Some people may complain that things aren’t being done. Some people don’t give us an opportunity to sell them a car and never walk into their store. Some things can be bought here,” Slaughter said. “It’s a ripple effect like eating at our restaurants so businesses won’t shut down.”

Slaughter said her dealership and Granger Chevrolet are partners called the Car Crew and are urging county residents to give them a try before they shop elsewhere. She said they are dedicated to taking care of the customer through the purchase of the vehicle to the service of the vehicle.

“They think they’re getting a better deal somewhere else but it’s the same cost for vehicles for us as it is for a Houston dealer. Any dealerships here can do what anywhere else can,” she said.

Ross Smith, owner of Akrotex in Orange is now co-owner of David Self Ford. Slaughter said Smith and Self are making improvements at the dealership such as remodeling the showroom and increasing inventory at the dealership.

“Think if we had just half of that $67 million and how much more we could do here and not have our taxes go up,” Slaughter said. “Let’s work together to keep Orange County beautiful. Do it Orange!”


According to the office of the Texas State Comptroller, Susan Combs, motor vehicle sales and use tax is levied on all retail sales of motor vehicles in Texas and motor vehicles purchased at retail outside the state and used on Texas public highways by a Texas resident or an individual domiciled or doing business in the state. Orange County’s rate is 6.25 percent of sales tax, minus any trade-in allowance.