Special To The Record

One longtime Orange City Councilman is running for mayor in the May 12 election.

Jimmy Sims wrote with the support of family and many members of the community, he has filed the application to be placed on the general election ballot as mayor for the city of Orange.

“Although I have much excitement and anticipation, I am also aware of the responsibility and duties of this position,” Sims said. “ My love for this city, being born and raised in Orange, and my six years on the city council are helpful, however, it is my education and experience in running a successful business and being a visionary that I have gained the confidence and humility coupled with prayer that I have made this decision to serve you.”

Sims said Orange is truly the best small town with world-class culture and he looks forward to being a part of growth, future progress, and revitalization of the city.

“Many thanks to Mayor Brown Claybar for his 10-year legacy and leadership for this great city. I look forward to working once again with the city council and staff for the city of Orange. We are destined for continued success and great things to come,” he said.