Thursday, Feb. 16, Officer James Gillen was patrolling the area of 8 th St. and Hart Ave., when he observed a Chevrolet pickup stopped in the 800 block of Hart. The vehicle was occupied by a white male, a white female and a black female.

When Officer Gillen passed by the vehicle, he observed the occupants engaged in a disturbance. He stopped and made contact with the three individuals.

The black female immediately jumped from the vehicle and began yelling and moving about in an uncontrolled manner. The woman was detained restraints for police safety and secured in a patrol car. The woman, who was identified as 24 year old Lukeina Dominique Taylor, was found to have an active warrant for robbery.

The other occupants of the vehicle told police that they did not know Taylor, and that she had jumped into the pickup causing the disturbance. The white male, and white female were checked for warrants and cleared, as was another white male at the scene.

Upon conformation of the warrant for Taylor, she was transported to the Orange County Jail, and booked in.