Orange police were dispatched to Spanky’s Bar and Grill Saturday evening in reference to a report of a purse snatching incident. The woman had hung her purse on the back of her chair, and it was taken.

While en-route to the scene, dispatch advised police that the suspect was running across 16 th St., and had run behind Kroger’s. Officer Perry Byrun arrived in the area of Kroger’s and observed a man matching the description of the suspect near 14th and Burton Streets.

The suspect, who was identified as Perry Brackens, was observed to be out of breath, as if he had been running. Police asked Brackens why he was out of breath and Brackens, after he had been advised that he matched the suspect in a purse snatching, advised he was the suspect. At this point, Brackens was taken into custody.

Brackens stated that he took the purse from the female at the restaurant after he had seen the purse hanging on back of the woman’s chair. He said he decided to take the purse and run with it.

The purse was located in an alley near the street where Brackens had been standing when officers arrived and observed him to be in the area of 14th and Burton Streets.

Brackens was transported to the parking lot of Spanky’s so the victim could provide a positive identification of him. The victim’s purse and it’s contents were then released back to her.

Brackens was charged with Class A theft and transported to the Orange County Jail.